"Be the fear"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of magnetic service.

It is an honour to be here on this wonderful night. Love surrounds us all. You are all love. You are all joy, freedom and ecstasy but you are formed as a human body taking on human experiences. Today, human consciousness is low - lower than it should be. I know you are all working on your inner selves, on that journey into love, freedom, joy and ecstasy. There is much love in this world but most of you have been taught not to love although your dream is to love. Your passion and desire is to experience love and the oneness and joy of the Divine.

There is a new energy with us and many shifts of energy coming your way. This energy will support and assist you to step into your dreams, to help you live your dreams. Fear holds you back, fear from living your dreams, from making them your reality. The greatest fear on this planet is the fear of love, the fear of truly opening your heart and stepping into that ecstatic space of bliss and joy and making a connection with another human being – that is the greatest fear. This planet is in duality and you are either masculine and male or feminine and female. But not all males are masculine or females, feminine… but you will find the greatest joy in being a man in your sacred masculine energy or a woman in your sacred feminine energy. These energies should be your choice for life. It may feel safer to experience life with the energy of the opposite gender but this is not so, it is merely an illusion.

There are many difficulties that human beings endure and the process of imprinting is highly complicated and very misunderstood. One of the main issues around imprinting concerns the time you are in the mother’s womb. Maybe the mother has a hatred of men or of herself or perhaps she wants a child of the opposite sex. This can be true too for the father. While the child is in the mother’s womb it is being imprinted – like a sponge soaks up water, the foetus soaks up the mother’s energy and feels as the mother does. Your karma is developed during these pre-birth months in your mother’s womb. You pick up all your families issues – mostly your mother’s but also some of your fathers.

There is so much misunderstanding around this and what exactly happens within the mother’s womb. If the mother is frightened of men she will not allow the sacred masculine energy to enter her body. All creativity happens when masculine and feminine energies merge and give birth to whatever creation is required. But in the case of a human child this is not always so. The child brings its own filters with it – its own perceptions of the world and the Universe.

So, close your eyes and look inwards. Your guides are at your feet in awe and in honour of the journey that you have already made. You do not realise that they are walking by your side holding your hand. Connect to your spirit guides for they are here to guide and support you through your life. They have foresight and understand this Universe on many different levels and one day their consciousness will be your consciousness. You will walk in this human body with the consciousness of your spirit guides and will begin to fully understand your life.

Everybody in this room and those reading this know each other from a place called Atlantis. You have all had a life experience in Atlantis and are dealing with exactly the same issues and emotions that you were dealing with then. Now, go back through space and time to Atlantis and experience your issues then. Do not be surprised to find that they are exactly the same as they are today. In Atlantis there was a great fall of consciousness. This fall is still affecting the planet today but there is much spiritual assistance coming from many quarters to support life here on earth and to upgrade the consciousness of this planet. One of the most difficult lessons is forgiveness and compassion. So, in this safe place, be soft and gentle and let your heart open very slowly so that love may flow from it to every member of this group and those who are reading this. In Atlantis you had a partner. You will also know this partner in this lifetime, so go to that partner and experience the hurt and pain that went with life in those days. The hurt and pain from Atlantis is the same that you carry with you in this lifetime.

Now, open your heart and let love flow into the hurt and pain of this lifetime and into that of your lifetime in Atlantis - where consciousness, sometimes dark, was not as it is today. Remember, if you cannot forgive or show compassion there is always the angelic realm available to you here on earth that can help your heart soften and be gentle, that can help your heart to release. Wherever there is no forgiveness or the hurt is too much, simply hand it over to Archangels Gabriel and Michael, be thankful for the lessons of the past and, in love, release. This planet is going into a new dimension, a new age, a world of wonder. You are all magical beings of this Universe, filled with power beyond even your wildest dreams. You are more powerful than you were in Atlantis.

So, let love flow and take a bold step into a new reality - the new reality of 2011. Let your energy match the energy of 2011 where everyone in this room will not only have a new consciousness but will operate on a completely new dimension. Just like a computer, you can leave the screen of Atlantis and the screen of today and step into the screen of 2011. Allow your bodies to energise and your hearts to soften and open wide. Where there is pain in your hearts, let the energy of the group release and dissolve this pain. As you become more soft and gentle you will also become strong and powerful. The softer and more gentle you are, the greater the spiritual gifts you can receive. You need to be strong in order to hold the space of gentleness and in this state you have a childlike innocence that can do God’s work with simplicity and ease.

Let the Kryon energy flow into your bodies and more love fill your hearts. Now, open your hearts wide and be aware as they soften and become gentle. At the same time let the sacred masculine/feminine energies fill your hearts and merge and as they intertwine they bring with it all creation. So, when you dream of love, who do you dream of loving? We all know that we must love ourselves but who do we truly dream of loving? Let your heart know your dream… and allow your dream to know your heart. Let the separation between your dream and your heart dissolve slowly and gently as more love flows into it. There will be fear between your dream and your heart but observe the fear, be with the fear, own the fear, acknowledge the fear, BE THE FEAR. Now, sit for a few moments and be aware of the fear that stops your heart and your dream becoming one. Then go deeper and deeper and deeper into your hearts and feel a loving connection between your dream and your heart. If they are not as one, your energy will not be strong and you will be sad and lonely. This is a planet of duality where men and women interact together. This is where the masculine and feminine merge. The lesson on this planet is to allow the masculine and feminine energies to merge but it can only be the energies of the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine that will take you into this new dimension.

So, let more and more of the sacred masculine/feminine energies flow into your heart and where this generates pain and hurt or you feel sadness and loneliness, allow these two energies to dissolve. Once more let your heart be filled with love and truth, and also let in integrity with this love and truth. The most important human experience on this planet is learning to love, to open your hearts and allow love to flow into them. Love surrounds you and is in every single element – earth, fire, water, and air. Love is in everything and the earth is love. The sacred masculine energies are from Father Sky and the sacred feminine from Mother Earth.

Let the energy of Mother Earth flow through your base chakra, spiral through your chakras and release through your crown chakra to connect with the heart of the Great Central Sun. Do this also with the masculine and feminine energies. Where you have issues with your mother you will block the sacred feminine energies. Similarly, where you have issues with your father you’ll block the sacred masculine energies.

Dear ones, we are in a sacred space this night. These issues are slowly but surely being lifted temporarily from your body so that you can experience the energies of 2011. Issues with your parents will be completely released and the energy of the sacred masculine/feminine will flow through all of your body, all of your hearts and all of the seven chakras. Your hearts will be open and you will be living in a new world! You will leave many behind and this is where the energy of love, compassion and forgiveness comes into play. You will leave those behind who cannot take these steps in their lives – you will leave behind those whose hearts cannot open to love. Of course, as you evolve you will also energise these people so that they will see you as a lighthouse, a catalyst for a new world and for their healing.

You will become like pebbles in a still pond but sometimes there are rocks jutting above the surface and it takes time for the ripples to wear the rocks smooth. As you begin to achieve enlightenment on the levels of consciousness you have been working towards, energies in others will be released, allowing them also to step into truth and into a new world, a new state of being. This earth plane will remain as it is. We hear your question “Where are we going?” This channel will show you where you are going and take you to the energy of 2011. You will also observe your planet the way it is, in the dimension that you are on. And so, by the year 2011 the level of consciousness will be back to where it was in Atlantis… and will not fall again.

There is a certain energy being released by humanity – that dark energy that you often see around anger, hatred. That energy is being dismantled and released on this planet. So, whatever you find within yourself of that energy, acknowledge it, thank it for the lessons of the past, release it with love… and let it go. You are the cutting edge of the new world, however it feels and looks. What you feel are growing pains. You are all stepping into a new world - the world of your dreams and of your choice. The key is imprinting. First of all the foetus carries all your karmic issues. As much as you have an inner child, you also have an inner mother and father. The relationship between your inner mother and father has to be brought into alignment. Where the issues are not released, the child cannot be healed. So, the inner mother and father must have their childhood pain and hurt. Only then will they become strong, powerful and all-loving. This in turn creates a very safe space for the child within you to grow and become an expansive life of love, joy and freedom.

Where there is no expansion, look to the inner child. The child is fragmented – it is like a vase dropped on the floor leaving fragments everywhere. To reassemble that vase you have to pick up all the pieces and glue them together. To heal the inner child is no different, for the child is also fragmented like the broken vase. Each piece demands the right to be heard and the right of expression. Before the pieces can be put into their proper place, they must be allowed expression – expression of anger, hatred, sadness, loneliness and pain – whatever has caused the issue. Remember, the Universe energises the fragment so that it can project what it is feeling.

If you are creating an angry reality in your life, then you have a fragment of an angry child that is ready to be healed, to be put into a magical sphere. Inside every one of us is a magician who knows exactly how to do this. The magician will handle whatever fears there are. Beyond the grid of Christ consciousness is a grid created by the magician of this planet.

So, go beyond the grid of Christ consciousness and connect with to the magician. Feel your energy rise into a new dimension. Magicians like Merlin or St Germaine will hold your energies around fear. The child within you also needs to release its fear and be given the right of expression. If you have found such a child within you then give full permission for this child to express whatever it is feeling.

In this moment, take time to notice the way your heart is feeling. Allow the vibrations to rise in your heart. This is an act of love and will give your child a voice. Allow it to speak and let it become who it is meant to be. The second part of the process is to let the child express whatever it needs to express. Let it feel love and allow the energies of Mother Mary or Christ to fill the child with love. You will find that once this happens they automatically leap into your heart. If the child will not go to the heart it is simply because your parents are unresolved in exactly the same issue and area. Now, imagine your mother and father standing together. Put them in a magical bubble and observe their relationship. Allow Christ to go to your mother and Mother Mary to your father. Allow these two to heal your childhood wounds. Let love flow into your parents where love has not flowed before. Love will always find where it is meant to be.

Just like a raindrop will one day join the ocean by flowing through the mountain streams and rivers down to the ocean, so too you will find your way back to the Divine. Love always finds a way, love is the only way. Let your inner parents experience love and whatever issues they need to work with – perhaps their sexuality or their open heart and let these areas of your parents be healed. This will happen very quickly as your parents see their relationship getting better and better. You may even wish to seem them making wild passionate love or just embracing gently with their heart centres open, soft and receptive, totally accepting of one another.

Permit this to happen inside yourselves. You will find there is a special place in your heart for your parents to go. If they find it difficult to enter your hearts, it is obviously a karmic wound. So, go back and find yourself in your mother’s womb. See yourself as a foetus with the same issue and let Merlin the magician put your foetus in that magical bubble. Permit Mother Mary to heal the foetus and the mother by allowing love to flow. So too, let Christ to go to your father and let love flow gently and softly into these aspects of your psyche. If you can’t see, then just feel – feel the love flowing. By using this method of healing, you are going to the very centre of where things started for you – let love flow. Open your heart deeply and the mother and the foetus will receive all the love they need. Merlin will take away the fear of mother and foetus and allow them to soften and expand and become like a sponge soaking up love.

When mother and foetus are filled with love they too will leap into that special place in your heart and those aspects of your psyche will no longer create a reality in your life. As the mother and foetus and the father are ready to enter your heart, let them all in. At the same time, bestow the energy of forgiveness and compassion on those involved in this incident or in this issue. Emotion and issue are almost the same thing - emotion is the inner feeling and issue is the external manifestation of an emotion.

So, thank God for the miracle of releasing this emotion and healing this issue. When you feel you are ready, you will hold almost all of the energy of 2011. Let your energy slowly climb in vibration going higher and higher and becoming softer and softer and more authentic. Look around in the year 2011 and see where you are and what you are doing. Acknowledge your feelings and whatever sensation you feel shouldn’t be there. Accept them and be thankful for the lessons of the past then release them with love. The issue of loving on this planet is very deep and you will feel the pain releasing at the very core or your heart. Go into that soft space where in 2011 this issue is completely released.

When you are prepared, bring back the energy of 2011 through space and time into the present and anchor it here in this house in Marina da Gama in Cape Town. Let this energy move through your body into your feet and into the ground.

Dear ones, this is Kryon signing out. Go well, God Bless and take care. Have a very Happy Christmas and YOU WILL have a fantastic New Year.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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