Love is coming

Greetings Dear Ones, for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It is wonderful to be in Vienna this evening, the weather is warm and the energy is changing for there is a new world coming, a completely new point of view a completely new stand point. There is much love in the air and this is the change, the love is coming. The energy of love will flow. By the end of the year there will be a completely different perspective on life, a whole new point of view, there’s a new world coming. For those of you that have been working on yourselves you will be able to see the changes in your life. The challenges you are facing become completely different and they are non-the-less challenges. Once again we speak of love for love is the answer, it is always the answer where ever there is a problem there is an absence of love.

So allow your hearts to open even more than they are open now and allow yourselves to connect with everybody in this circle this night. Allow the love to flow from your heart to everybody in the circle and receive the love from everybody in the circle and where there is any resistance in your heart allow the love to dissolve the resistance for love is the answer. The question is what is love? What is love? First of all love is the answer to every problem. Wherever love goes into a problem or a situation where there is a problem, there will be a completely different outcome than if you just use your intelligence and logic, to allow the love to flow and to know that is okay, it is safe. Tonight the energy will change.

A day or two ago it was the 9th of the 9th of the 9th and that is the end of many old energies and there will be a period of transition between the 9, 9, 9, and the 11, 11, 09, the eleventh of the eleventh 2009. Two and nine makes eleven for there will be even more shifts on this eleventh day of November 2009, bringing you into an even more different world than the one you are living in now. There are many, many changes happening on this planet. The energies of ethics have to flow into business; no business will work without ethics or love. Taking you on a journey, into a new world, a world that you have dreamed of lifetime after lifetime and you dream of it in this lifetime. The energies of the sun will shine on this earth once again, the sun being the masculine, bringing sunshine into your hearts. There will be a great healing of the masculine energies between now and the 11th November and these new energies will continue into the next decade.

The masculine is very important. The love is not being held by the masculine. If we can use the analogy of the river banks being masculine and the water in the river being feminine, the banks must be strong enough to hold the flow of water otherwise the banks break and the water flows all over the place. This is no different to the psyche of man for if the masculine is weak within a human being it is not possible to hold and to guide the feminine. This will be a period in time where the masculine gets stronger and stronger allowing a greater and greater flow of the feminine energies and the masculine will be able to hold more and more of the feminine.

Dear Ones, there is a new world coming and you have to know that inside a woman there is masculine and feminine, and inside a man there is also the masculine and feminine. A man would normally find his joy in the masculine and woman would normally fine her joy in the feminine energies. So this is going to be a new period of fun, joy and excitement as the masculine becomes stronger and stronger and as we said earlier holding the feminine much more strongly. This will enable you to manifest more easily, as the love begins to flow the more you will manifest. Just allow the love to flow and allow into the room more and more of your spirit guides and your spiritual helpers for they are here to work with you this night this very night; where you have issues with your masculinity to resolve some of these issues. Your life is a journey and things do not all happen at once especially in 2009. In the coming years manifestation will almost be like magic, instantaneous.

So allow the love to flow and close your eyes dropping deeper and deeper into your bodies, connecting to Mother Earth through the soles of your feet imagine a beautiful pink heart at the heart of Mother Earth, allowing the mother to support you and hold you and to love you. Allow this energy to move through your base chakra and moving through all your chakras and out of the crown chakra and connecting to the heart of the Great Central Sun. Feel the flow of the mother and be in this flow. Allow the energy in the room to build dropping deeper and deeper and deeper into your bodies. Now allow a connection from the heart of the Great Central Sun to the crown chakra and allow the energies of Mother Earth to flow through the other chakras and allow the energies of Father Sky to flow through the crown chakra and out of the base and connecting with the heart of Mother Earth. Allow these two energies to merge and observe this merging. Allow these two energies to flow and mix, allowing for a deeper and deeper connection with the heart of Mother Earth and the heart of the Great central sun.

Allow yourselves to feel your spirit guides at your feet and feel your energy being washed with love and allow yourselves to become this energy, the energy of love. Let it flow between yourselves and your DNA. As it flows through your DNA it will awaken the love strands and let the love ebb and flow just like the sea and the seashore… Allow your energies to go higher and higher and higher and allow the love to flow into your masculinity and your relationships with all men, your father, your son, your male friends, your brothers, uncles, allow the love to flow and allow the family constellation to heal… Feel the healing, feel the love and feel the flow through your heart to your family’s heart. Wherever the masculine will receive love allow the love to flow and where the masculine doesn’t want to receive love allow it to be in the presence of love.

As the masculine gets stronger and stronger this will create a greater flow of feminine energy through your entire body. The masculine’s role is to manifest the feminine, so the stronger your masculine the easier it is for it to manifest the feminine. For a woman what this means is that you will also be able to create your own reality and you will find it much easier to live your life in your feminine energies and be held by a stronger man in relationship. For the men this means the same, your masculine will be strong enough to hold a stronger feminine flow, and will take you into a pure form of masculinity making you strong and soft at the same time. You will be able to hold the space for your dreams to come true you will create a new world for yourself. If you have a wife and family they will feel safer and more secure the stronger and softer your masculinity is.

So in this process this night this very night we are plugging the holes of your inner masculine where there is a leak of the feminine we are stopping the leaks… Be with your bodies and feel your bodies for healing is happening much quicker these days and it is much softer and much easier and observe your relationships, first of all with your father and allow love to flow from your heart to your father’s heart. Wherever there is weakness in the relationship with your father will create weakness or wherever there is difficulties with your relationship with your father this will create weakness. So allow the love to flow through the difficulties you have with your father and allow this love to flow from your father’s heart to the heart of his father heart and into the heart of all your father’s fathers… Let’s do the same with your mother’s father, allow the love to flow from your heart through your mothers heart into her father’s heart into all the fathers in your mother’s line. Healing and restoring the masculine with love…

Wherever there are any aches and or pains in your body allow the love to flow there and allow these aches and pains to release… allowing yourselves to become more and more love, allowing yourselves to expand, as your masculinity heals you can allow yourself to expand… It is as if the love is washing away all the obstacles to your dream… allow yourselves to get in touch with your dream… and let the love flow into the dream… This is the feminine aspect of love so allow your dream to be energized by the feminine love… and observe your dream… let the love flow, just like a mountain stream. We are in Austria now and you know how these mountain streams flow. Let the love flow like a mountain stream flows in springtime. The cold snow dripping into the rivers and the water flows where it knows where to flow and love is just like that it flows just where it knows it must flow. It is just that the human condition stops the flow but the love is always there, let it come and let it go, let it come and let it go… You can’t let it come and hang onto it because it is taking up the space of the next piece of love so you’ve got to let it come and let it go. Continue to observe your dream, be with your dream, this is your dream it belongs to you. The masculine side of the dream is to let it speak in how it must manifest, let it tell you the next actions you must take in your life for your dream to come true… if you are afraid to take those actions allow the love to flow into the fear.

Dear Ones, there is a new world coming, this is one dream, you have a myriad of dreams, each dream you manifest leads you into a new level of love and consciousness. So let the love come and let the love go…

For Dear Ones, this is Kryon signing out. Go Well, God Bless and take care.


mifasolasi 31st October 2009 5:02 am

Welcome Beloved Kryon :angel: once again!! Your Love lessons are always treasure on path .. Thank you for all your assistance/guidance since I was reborn in conciousess..
Thank you so much David for being here !
Be blessed
Love :smitten:
M. :)

Anantha 31st October 2009 5:17 pm



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