"Open your Heart to Love"

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

On this night, it is wonderful to be with you once again. A close-knit group of people who have worked with one another in many lifetimes, in difficult situations and in different universes beyond this.

Tonight the message is of love. It is about deepening your love and stepping into another level of intimacy within yourself. It is about being able to look at yourself from all angles, from all dimensions, to see the truth about yourself without inflicting pain and judgement. It is very important to be able to see and fully understand oneself, to know one's strengths and weaknesses. You all know how to behave in a good and loving manner - underneath the behaviour there are feelings not conducive to good behaviour, that is where there can be a split within the personality. This is also a place where you can lose much personal power, a place where love is difficult to access. In order to stay strong, alive and healthy you must be able to love. Love is everywhere, it surrounds you. Love is what the atoms, electrons and neutrons are made up of and love is the space between these atoms, electrons and neutrons. Love is the only energy really available to man.

Each individual must be open to love, to allow love to flow through their bodies. Often your behaviour will constitute a loving act and behind that loving act there is resentment. This kind of behaviour can almost kill you. It is for you to behave in a heartfelt manner, in a way that your heart speaks to you. Often, if you are too nice to people you will give away much energy and not retain what you need for yourself. You have to step into your own truth and into your own level of personal power and as love equals power, keep increasing this. Power is the ability to act. Without action you are powerless. Act with integrity. Act within yourself, where your heart desires as opposed to where your head desires. Your heart knows everything. Your heart is connected to the next step. Your heart is connected to the Universe and your heart is the centre of your being and is where your inner child resides.

Your heart is in the place that should be kept full and the more you open your heart the more loving you become. Often you have to do difficult things to maintain an open heart and be true to yourself. Being true to yourself is the most important gift that you can give to yourself and those around you. You will no longer be a liability if you are living with your heart and being true to yourself. You will become strong, powerful and unafraid, taking each step in a sure-footed manner and knowing exactly where you are going. You will be comfortable going where you are going – not necessarily knowing where you are going. When you arrive, you'll know you have been walking the right way. Your head on this dimension would be the masculine and your heart would be the feminine and for those of you who have been reading these channellings regularly, the masculine is all that is manifest here on this earth. The masculine is here to manifest the unknown. Your heart is the feminine and will take you where you want to be and your head will take you to where you think you want to be. There is a vast difference.

Guidance from the Divine flows directly through your heart and it is for your head to help you on the journey. Follow your heart's longing and step into your truth. Your heart will teach you who you really are and the truth of your own magnificence… you are all magnificent beings of this Universe.

We ask you now to close your eyes and to step into your heart and let your heart show you where you are going. Let your heart speak of your dreams. Be in your heart, feel it, caress it. Physically, your heart may be fully developed and on other levels it may not be. Let your heart be open to energy and strength. Create a strong paradigm where you can step into enormous truth. The greater your faith and trust, the more you will follow your heart. No matter how crazy the ideas that come from your heart are, as long as you keep walking towards those ideas you will realize they are where this earth plane is evolving to, where you are evolving to, in fact, to the state of consciousness that you are evolving to. Your heart holds within it, all levels of consciousness, and all levels of understanding.

Just like the seed of a flower that will grow to its magnificence and bloom and follow the sun on a summer's day. Your heart is no different - inside you have everything you need to bloom and blossom as a human being - to become exactly what you are meant to be. As you expand in consciousness, energetically and as your heart expands, you will become wiser, more powerful, loving and understanding. The hurt from your childhood will dissolve. The anger will release and sadness will melt away. Love will take the place of these three energies. When any of these - the anger, the sadness, or the fear, presents itself in your heart, you will know that this is direct guidance from the Divine and you will understand what these feelings are about.

The stronger you become the less and less fear there is in your body and the less anger or sadness there will be. Your inner child will become strong and playful and will make the Universe his or her domain and will make the earth plane their home. The child in you will have its feet firmly on the ground with great strength and understanding and clarity. The child will know at a glance the integral state of a person and will know whether to deal with them or let them go. Intuition will be absolutely clear in this type of person and the ability to act is paramount. In every state of manifesting your dreams, whatever they may be, the action might only take a fraction of the energy required to manifest it, yet it has to be there. Taking action is part of the human condition, especially for this level of consciousness. As time goes by, where a person stays strong and centred, action will happen in an easy, flowing, gentle manner… you must be absolutely clear, absolutely pure in intent and emotionally stable.

The emotion, energies and issues of the past must all be clear. Every human being is asked to expand and find happiness in this state, just as the Universe continually expands and grows. We are all a microcosm of the Universe and when expansion of the human being stands still, contraction begins. This is a form of death stemming from a lack of trust and faith and understanding. Once you are truly connected to the Universe you will have direct access to every single question that is asked. These questions may often be difficult and the answers even more so. If the heart is in the right place and is open and firm and you are resolute, you will find a way. Be assured that Spirit will stand by your side and even carry you, if necessary, to ensure that these questions become manifest and are resolved.

Most questions are questions of the heart, questions of opening your heart and stepping into truth. There is no con in this. The con is that you are making yourself smaller than you actually are. The truth is that you are magnificent beings of this Universe and can create whatever reality you choose for yourself. The more powerful you are, the greater your manifestations will be. Of course this will require a level of personal power and the Universe will always stretch and challenge you. You will feel emotionally threatened in one way or another and it is the essence of trust and faith that will keep you clear and centred. It is this faith that will have you walking a path to a beautiful thing around the corner that you cannot see. The Universe is dreaming magnificent dreams for each human being on this planet, dreams far beyond your expectations. Live these dreams. Keep stepping forward into these dreams and into the love and expansion of the heart. You will experience feelings of ecstasy and bliss as you begin to live your dreams around love, partnership and relationships.

There is a new energy entering the earth plane - the energy of two people being able to connect at the deepest level. Male and female depending on one another at the deepest levels of intimacy - connecting on energetic levels so deep, transient and intrinsic. These energies have never been known on the earth plane before. They are new energies and states of being - new ways which circumvent and overcome problematic ways of living of both Atlantis and Lemuria.

To access these energies your heart must be open. Live and follow your dreams. Continue to step into your dreams. There are many cities in the world and each is either masculine of feminine - operating out of either masculine or feminine energy. Cape Town operates out of feminine energy and is known as the ‘Mother City.’ It is the place where South Africa was born and is the oldest city in South Africa. To the north, in Italy, there is the city of Milan which is a masculine city, based in masculine energy, a very subtle and gentle masculine energy, where there is another Kryon channel living and operating. There is a connection between Milan and Cape Town - the masculine and feminine - and a merging of the two energies of these cities. This merging will create a completely different energy through the stratosphere of the earth plane. An energy of love and abundance will be created on the axis between these two cities down through the heart of Africa where there is great poverty, famine, disease and war. The blending of energies of these two cities will begin to create a new state of being for the whole of Africa. There will be a new reason for being in Africa. There will be a major cleansing in Africa - south, central and north and where this continent has been raped of its natural resources by its neighbours to the north, there will come a new influx of energy, money, and technology and a new way of living. This new technology will leapfrog the old technology. New ways of generating energy and clean power will be realized and a new truth, a new state of being and a great awakening among the African people will take place. There will be a new understanding for these people who have suffered so long in sickness and poverty.

What this means on a microcosmic level is that people both in Cape Town and in Milan will connect on a heart level. It will advance a new relationship for those who are looking for things deeper and more intimate than they have experienced in the past. We will see a new level of love, a new level of understanding between the masculine and the feminine and a new level of understanding between men and women. A completely new type of relationship. We have spoken of this relationship in past channellings. When two people see this deep love and this deep sense of intimacy, problems or issues will easily be resolved between them. Issues such as loving, caring, creating, be it a family, be it a special life or a business. Whatever creation is that couple's dream, it will become easier to manifest with this new energy… love will always find a way. The feminine will always merge with the masculine and be manifest.

On this earth plane there are many problems and challenges to face and the answers are out there. We have answered the question of global warming - a reflection of mass consciousness, the people of the world being angry and in denial of their anger, not getting the love and the support that they really want in their lives. This new energy will allow a spiritual healing at a more rapid pace than at any other time in the past.

Humanity is at a crossroad and this new energy is available and will awaken not millions but billions to a new way of living. The dreams that are in your heart, if you manifest them, will create a world of love and wonder for each individual on this planet. Children from a tender age should be taught about love, about communication, about their hearts, about their dreams and how to manifest them. Children should be taught how to solve problems through the art of meditation and processing. The world’s religions should release their quest for power and open their hearts to new answers and new ways of being. We need to have a new understanding of the different energies available on this earth plane. There are many, many new answers to your questions. For you to create a world of love and of joy and of freedom for all, you have to learn to operate from the heart. Vast sums of money are spent on educating the head and those great scientists over past generations were all mystics following their hearts and pursuing their dreams to make things happen.

It is for each individual on this planet to search his or her heart and to follow their dreams and manifest their gifts so that all on this earth may benefit. Every single idea is Divine inspiration and the Divine belongs first, to no-one and second, to everyone. Look into your hearts and seek inspiration. Find the love, search for the dream and listen for the answers that will always come. The Universe, God and the Divine want you to win and will do everything in their power to see that you do. So stay here for a few moments longer searching your heart for the dreams and answers to the way forward - love will always find a way.

Go well and God Bless for this is Kryon signing out.



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Kryon (South Africa)

Kryon (South Africa)

Planet Earth has been through a special experience is the last few thousand years: - the separation from God. Kryon is here to take you on the journey home, and to connect you with your inner divinity, for you are all magical beings of this universe, magnificent beyond your comprehension.


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