The Divine Constellation

Greeting dear ones, for I am Kryon of magnetic service.

It's wonderful to be here this night in Rosario. There are many many changes coming to this planet. A whole new world is coming, there will be big big changes here in Latin America; Latin America can be best described as a bottle of champagne and the silver paper around the top of the bottle has not been opened yet and the cork has not been popped yet.

There are many many changes; a brand new consciousness is coming to this planet. A whole new world, nobody to tell you ”no" or say that you are only dreaming. You are entering into the last stages of human of development and into a totally new state of being. Up until now the strongest men got what they wanted, the stronger, the more powerful, the masculine, the more that you could get form this earth; and slowly but surely this is changing.

The new energy is bringing healing to your masculinity, it will bring you belief systems and a new structure and a new state of being; a new way of feeling about yourself. The love will flow, so allow yourself to connect to each other through your hearts and allow love to flow through the room, allow your bodies to relax, allow your eyes to close and drop into your bodies. Drop deeper and deeper and deeper. And allow your hearts to open a little more than they already are sending love to everybody in the room and receiving love from everybody in the room. You are beginning this journey to enter a new world, a world of love, a world where the negativities are completely resolved; once again, a world of love, of freedom, of joy; for your consciousness in these next few months will expand at an even faster rate than it has already been expanding. Allow yourselves to come closer and deeper into your bodies, deeper and deeper and deeper. Allow yourselves to feel whatever you are feeling. Healing comes through the feeling realms; in fact all of life comes through the realms of feeling. Life is a feeling, its not just an intellectual process, for emotions create thoughts which create your reality and thoughts create emotions which create your reality.

Your inner world is by far the more important world for whatever happens on the inside you create on the outside. Your outer world is a mirror of your inner self. Whatever is happening in your inner world it will be replicated in your outer world; this can be a very difficult concept to understand. Your emotions and your energies create a projector, projecting into your outer world. Everybody is on a journey to emulate the solar system, we are here to become just like the solar system, depending on your family system and your social conditioning. It depends how close your inner world is to that of the solar system; your father represents the Sun, your mother represents the earth and your inner child is represented by the moon.

The easier and more loving your childhood the greater the likelihood is that you will create your reality out of love. The stronger and more enlightened your father, the easier it would have been for your mother to step into her feminine/mother reality. You have to remember that what we speak of this night is about your imprinting, so the stronger your father was the more likely the Sun is going to shine in your life.

It's time for the sun to shine dear ones. We are here to enter a whole new world, a whole new point of view, a completely new way of living, and this has been available for the last two thousand years. There has been much information suppressed and what you are hearing here tonight has been kept a secret for two thousand years. It can be very difficult to understand; allow these energies into your bodies, these are energies of love, the new world is about love and about creating a loving reality. Internally you become just like a family unit, the more that your father loved your mother the more that your father could hold your mother the more feminine energy would flow for your inner child who in turn would copy exactly, to the atom, how your inner family unit works.

The family unit is represented by the universe and in particular the solar system; the more that your father is like the Sun the more the Sun will shine in your life. Allow your bodies to relax and let the feelings in your body come and go; let the feelings come and let the feelings go. Love comes and goes; love is like a river, it is always there to flow and where there has been hurt in your life the hurt will stop the river of love flowing.

The more inner work you do will allow that river of love to flow; the water in the river is your feminine and the banks are your masculine. The stronger the banks of your river the more the love of the river can flow between those banks. Due to the history of the world the banks of your river will be naturally weakened. We are here this night to strengthen the banks of your river and allow those river banks to become much stronger so you can allow more and more love to flow through you.

Allow yourselves to connect to Mother Earth through the soles of your feet and your base chakras. Imagine there is a beautiful pink heart at the centre of Mother Earth and see that pink heart beating, let the feelings in your body come and go in true Latin style. Let the feelings come and go. Allow yourselves to descend into this beautiful pink heart at the middle of mother earth. Allow yourselves to soak up this beautiful pink light in the middle of this beautiful pink heart, for the pink is the energy of the mother. Allow yourselves to soak up this pink light becoming like a sponge just soaking up the beautiful pink light and handing over to Mother Earth any issues you may have with your own mother, any issue that you know about and any that you don't know about. Allow the love of Mother Earth to flow.

Allow your hearts to cleanse and to purify, where there is any pain or resistance in your heart, any blockage, allow the energy of love in the room to dissolve it. Your spirit guides are here in attendance, they are at your feet in awe and in love of the journey you have been on and they are here to connect you more deeply to Mother Earth. Let the love dissolve whatever is in your heart, allowing your heart to fill with love, letting go of all those old hurts and upsets. Let the love flow.

Now allow for a connection to the heart of the Great Central Sun. See the beautiful green heart at the centre of the Sun and allow the energies of the Great Central Sun to flow through your crown chakra, your third eye, through your throat, through your heart, through your solar plexus, your second chakra and your base chakra and remain connected to the heart of Mother Earth. Allow yourselves to become these energies. Feel these energies and be with these energies and once again allow these energies to dissolve any blockage in your bodies; allow the love to flow, for this is the love of the mother and the father loving the child. Wherever you experience your inner child allow this love to flow, allow it to hold the child and allow yourselves to be held in this energy, for this is the way it is meant to be; you are meant to have a full connection to Father Sky and a full connection the Mother Earth.

This is the way it is going to be, for you are here to be that magical being that walks between heaven and earth. There are two important relationships between your mother and your father; the first is as parents to the child and the second is as husband and wife; the way they love each other is the way you love in the world. There is nothing more important to human beings than love; love is your nature, love is the answer to all your problems. All problems are an absence of love.

What is going on on the inside of you creates all the problems in your life, so when you find the problem on the inside, then you can fill that problem with love and the problem in your outer world releases. One of the main things is to understand that your energy system in the perfect state is exactly the same as our solar system. The sun contains s 95% of the energies in the solar system, so the gateway energy to healing is through your father.

Allow yourselves to remember your father and let spirit bring to you any picture that you need to see and observe the way that he is. Allow the love to flow. Let the love flow through you and into your father just the way that you see him. The stronger and more powerfully you can imagine your father, the stronger and more powerful you will be, the deeper and more powerful your connection to the Great Central Sun will be and the more energy will flow through your bodies.

The Sun holds the earth always, always, always; and it is for your father to hold your mother like the sun holds the earth. The safer and more secure your mother feels the more and more deeply she can settle into her feminine and allow your inner child to feel the softness and gentleness of its inner mother. You have to remember all this is inner work, all this happens on the inside, whatever happens on your inside, you create love with on the outside. If you have a loving and caring father on the inside you will create love and care with your masculine and feminine energies which will merge and flow. You need that flow to create your reality. Rosario is on the banks of a very big river, you never see that river dry up, that river is always flowing and this is the way that love is. If you damn the river the flow stops.

If there is hurt inside your body that is what stops the flow of love. Allow the love to dissolve any blockages that there may be. Allow the love to flow into any childhood hurts that you father may have received. You are just like a mirror, your energy is exactly the same as your father's, your energy is exactly the same as your mother's. Your father's energy is the sum total of his mother and father's energy. Some things never change and this is the way that your Karma is driven. This is the way your lessons appear to you in your life. Your family contains your lessons. Whatever is unconscious will through learning and understanding and loving become conscious. You will learn and understand that lesson and you will never forget it once it is properly learned, for all your lessons are in the emotional realm.

Once again whatever you are thinking and feeling you will create. So when you are feeling good, your reality is good. When you are feeling bad, then your reality does not seem so good. This is even though it is the same reality as when you were feeling good! So always observe the way that you feel and be in the feeling space. If somebody makes you angry just know that the anger is inside of you. If you are to get angry with them in the outer world you will energise that aspect of yourself that is angry, whereas if you remove yourself from that position and find that aspect of yourself that is angry and use your energy to heal this anger instead of changing the person who has made you angry you will never again be angry for the same reason. You would have used all your energy to resolve the anger and to heal yourself. The angry aspect of yourself will otherwise gain more and more power in your inner world.

Learning about feelings is very important; observe them in relation to your outside world and what you are creating. The gateway to healing is through your inner father and it is for you to turn your inner father into the powerful Sun part of yourself that radiates love and sunshine throughout your life.

Allow your bodies to relax and let the feelings come and let the feelings go. Speaking this way we bring a lot of emotion into your bodies and that emotion is for release and for transformation. Let the blockages go so that in the next space you will create more and more out of your life with love. Dear ones this world belongs to you, this is your world. Feel as you release these blockages, feel the love that begins to fill your bodies. We are here to create a loving world, a loving society, a society that belongs to all, a society where every human being brings their divine being, a society that is based in love and not money. Love is totally universal, love is the true energy of this world. Very soon dear ones love will become the lingua franca; the way of the world. That is the new energy. That is the new world.

There is an old human expression that says love conquers all, and love has every intention of flowing through the financial systems of the world; the financial systems are created by everyone and love will no longer be manipulated. You are stepping into a very different world and change is often painful and often frightening. Letting go is not easy, letting go of what you know and are familiar with is not easy. Letting go can only happen in a state of relaxation, so allow thoughts of whatever you think is funny, let it come into your minds and whether those thoughts are true or false let them come and let them go. Like a river, allow the flow of thoughts, whatever you think about money in particular, let them come and let them go. Whatever you feel about money let the feelings come and let the feelings go.

This is your world, your energies belong to you; you are this world, and the world is the sum total of everybody's dreams. So dream your dream. Live your dreams. Become your dreams. Let the feelings come and let the feelings go. You are all on your way to a new world, a world that you create, but this new world you will create through love.

Allow yourselves to enter the new world and allow your energies to go higher and higher, allowing for that deep deep connection with the divine and letting go of whatever does not serve you. Letting your new world come to you, letting your dreams come to you, and letting go of whatever stops your dreams, allowing yourself to become one with the universe. Feeling the oneness, just letting the feelings come and letting the feelings go.

Dear ones, this is Kryon signing out. Go well, God bless thank you all.


casimir1 20th May 2010 6:12 am

Love is always the answer and Love always wins,
Treat, feel, look, forgive and receive everything with Unconditional Love


Anne333 21st May 2010 11:12 pm

I found this message affected my energy and emotional body very significantly.

I felt a continuous opening, more and more, of my heart as I experienced the message.

This is a beautiful way to understand how we form our basic sense of ourselves. I resonated with much of this strongly. Much love to you. Thank you.


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Kryon (South Africa)

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