Attributes of Reincarnation - Part 1

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Dear ones, one of the most profound processes or systems that Human Beings share together, all over the planet, is something you call reincarnation. This channelling begins a four-part lesson series on reincarnation, and this is the first of the four. The other three are available to everyone on my partner’s website where you can find them all together, eventually posted for all to see.

In these four lessons, we are going to give you some of the attributes of reincarnation. Some of you have heard some of these attributes, and some of you have not. Some of these attributes are controversial because you believe you know the way it works, but you don’t. We are going to say this yet again: In other lessons, we have told you this: Things change as you change. As this planet ascends in so many ways, and as there is more light in so many ways, it gives the Old Soul a new tool kit. This is a new tool for access to the beauty of your Soul.

Dear one, you have one Soul, and you have it for eternity. This one Soul has expressions that come and go from the Earth, which you call past lives or the process of reincarnation. We will say it yet again because we always give a review. The idea of reincarnation was within the first group belief system of the planet (religion) and was intuitive to those who participated. They saw it clearly: It’s a belief where you come, and you leave. It’s even present in many of the indigenous and their beliefs. Up to half of the planet believes in this system right now, just in case you wondered about that. Reincarnation is intuitive spiritual awareness, and it is found everywhere.

It is a beautiful system, and I’m even going to rename reincarnation a system of family. If you get nothing else from this discussion, I want you to understand that it’s done in love. This is not a random system. There are so many who would wonder: “What happens when you go to the other side and have some planning session and you come back? Is someone up there rolling the dice to figure out where you will be, or is there some kind of a system where what you didn’t experience, you must experience in the next life, or what you didn’t learn, you have to come back and relearn? In other words, is it a punishment and reward system?”

Dear ones, your very construction of those questions is a result of your modern religious systems today, where you have God punishing Humans because they didn’t do something correctly. In reality, it is NOT a punishing system, dear ones. It’s a LOVE system.

The Premise of Reincarnation

Here is the whole premise, dear ones: You are in a school of energy on this Earth – of light and dark. You come into the planet in the best way possible, in the most loving, comfortable way possible, in order to continue that school. On this planet, there is a reincarnation system that belongs to you and is unique to Humans on the Earth. Indeed, there are other systems from other planets that you have been part of, but the system that we talk about in these four lessons is for your experience on this planet. We will even tell you about the Cave of Creation – that comes later. We will tell you where your crystal is stored – that comes later. Everything we discuss now relates to attributes unique to this planet.

Your past-life energy is part of Earth. When you pass to the other side, your next incarnation, your next expression, is planned by you and others around you, for your comfort and learning. Sometimes, you will even come back and continue what you were doing in the last life. Listen, dear ones, the whole purpose of coming and going is so that, lesson after lesson and expression after expression, you will develop a higher consciousness, through lifetimes of experience.

Think of a big school where you come and go, and you move to different levels of awareness as you reincarnate, so that when you come back, you continue where you left off from the last lesson. If it’s a school, then you have learned many things in the first incarnations to a level where you are many grades higher than another Human who just arrived and has no past lives yet. Sometimes, you go to a culture that is more comfortable for you, and you learn from them. Then, you may go to a culture that knows very little, but you still learn many things from them.

I’m going to give you a couple of attributes, and both are controversial. I’m doing it because these attributes are the ones I have told many of you over the years who react and say, “What?” “Really?” Some will say, “I don’t believe it.” So, this is why we are going to start here.

The First Attribute

What would be the most comfortable thing that Spirit could give to you, or that you would plan for, when you reincarnate? Think: What’s the most comfortable thing you could ask for as you arrive back into this world? The answer, for most, is to be the same gender. Think about the difficulty of switching to another gender the next time around. Whatever gender you are now, I guarantee that, as you return, you don’t want to be the other one!

Dear ones, we understand that you are comfortable in your own body, thinking the way you think with the gender that you have. You are used to being who you are, especially those who have been here many, many times.

So, the idea of many is that there is some random system of changing genders within the reincarnation scenario. This is not so. It isn’t so. Remember that reincarnation is designed for family and is given to you with love.

The design is that you come in with the same gender over and over and over until it’s time to change. In other words, you don’t just go from one to the other. This makes it not only more comfortable for you in your body, but it assists with your consciousness learning. You are not here to learn about another gender. Old Soul, you have been both genders. However, usually, the lifetimes that you lived, most of them, were one gender spanned over many expressions before the system changed that.

Here is the information you should hear that many don’t want to hear due to the stigmas of your culture, or misinformation that became your truth, or because of what you’ve been told.
When you make the switch from one gender to another, you still carry attributes of the other gender that you may have lived many times. So, you may go through fifteen lifetimes as one gender and then you change. Then there are two to three lifetimes coming and going where you have attributes of both genders. Doesn’t that make sense to you? It’s because your experience carries from lifetime to lifetime, and within those two or three lifetimes where you switched genders, there’s an expression people have: You’re gay (homosexual). How do you like it so far?
Dear ones, it is completely normal to have these qualities, and up to ten percent of this planet is always in that condition of gender shift. It’s beautiful, and it’s normal. This means that absolutely every Old Soul I’m talking to right now, who has been here many lifetimes, has had this experience. You’ve all been gay! There will be those who shake their heads because they are still in an old-energy concept of what they were told, or they just don’t like that, but that’s the way it works.

The Second Attribute

This next one is the most positive one I could ever give you about what’s going on on this planet, right now, that has everything to do with your next expression.

I have a question to ask Old Souls in particular, who are going through the SHIFT – something going on right now. Here is the question: “Would you like to come back?”

Most of you will say, “No. I’m not coming back. I’ve done my job. I’m not coming back.” Here is what I’d like to tell you, “Yes you are!”

Here is the reason why: The energy has shifted greatly on this planet since 2012. The Old Souls on this planet are gaining a kind of cosmic toolkit. We are channeling about these tools, but basically, they are tools that will create more light and understanding on this planet. Things will be different when you return, because the Earth is different. This is so difficult for many to understand because they are stuck in an old idea of what karma is, and what reincarnation truly is for. I have some information that may change your mind regarding coming back.

In this new energy, dear ones, when you return and start to grow up, you will carry in with you what you learned so far on this planet. Are you ready for that? You never have to go through the same problems again. The energy is so much higher, believe it or not, and light is starting to occur, believe it or not, so that when you return, young again, you never have to make the same mistakes. Whether it’s in love, relationships, jobs, whatever, you will not have to relearn anything. This is because you will be aware, and you will know.

Can you imagine the acceleration of your spiritual growth without having to go through these issues again? That’s a promise. Does that change your answer about wanting to come back? You will be become a Super Soul, if you want to call it that.

You are a Soul that hits the ground running. That is to say, you don’t have to relearn anything – it all sticks. That’s new. You needed to hear that today, and that, my dear ones, is a system of love and family.

I will be giving you more on the attributes of reincarnation for the next three weeks. This system is filled with love and some things you didn’t expect.

Blessed are those Human Beings who go through this system of expression, willingly and knowingly, and come back with so much to offer this planet.

And so it is.


Comments 20th October 2022 8:13 am

Lee: It appears as though you are displaying a raised frequency during the last few months - Excellent.
With regard to "Souls" partaking of being gay during a period of time - all good. However, you are leaving out the "why"
which is paramount to understanding Karma. As the readers understand, all thoughts, words and actions touch everything
within our universe and come back to us - whether in this body or the next. There are no judgments, it is merely reciprocity
of which we agreed upon entering our journey.
Secondarily Lee, it is truly the Soul's choice to come back or not. Many of us will come back to support humanity and many will Ascend
which will allow them to choose another form of existence or come back. Brother, that is not your decision and you have been
misguided. Please check your "Source" and ask them to show you their Energetic Signature. It is imperative that that you radiate light during these times as your readers will be confused with gray information.


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