An Emotional Shift - The Beginning

My greetings to you as you join my energy, as we meet in love and Oneness.

It appears my previous teaching, speaking of your Twin Flame has created much discussion. I am pleased, for while you are discussing this subject you are igniting your own Soul Light. Further, this teaching did take your understanding of a Twin Flame to a higher level. In a previous teaching I spoke of Twin Souls.  This is recorded on my site also, dated I'm told in September 2005 in the 4th volume of my teachings. 

And so, let us now continue. As many are aware, this month of March, you are experiencing the energies of the Eclipses. Interestingly, the 33rd gateway, a very large gateway indeed, was opened successfully during the lunar (moon) eclipse on the 3rd. And I wish to thank the many who wrote and shared with this one their experience.
Many felt a 'lightness' a new energy around them. Some of you joined with the event, and experienced the actual opening. You see, as you become a higher vibration, you are able to experience and share great events happening in your universe.

On another level, many experienced a clearing. Often it was an issue that you had been holding onto for some time, and the eclipsal energies assisted in the release. Often with a release, as with the birth process, there is often some emotional pain, which always precedes the happiness, the peace, the new beginning. And now you experience the other part, the completion of the eclipse process and duality, the experience of the Solar eclipse. The Solar - the sun.

With this event, also comes the beginning. For your energies have already experienced a shift, often through upheaval. Now my friends, now you begin. For this shift does not just include the cellular vibration of the Eclipse, but also of your year 2007.

My friends this is the beginning of your final preparation to release your old paradigms, so deeply ingrained in your energy fields, to step into Light, love and Oneness. It is the beginning of mankind's birthing process into 5th dimensional energy. What joy. How we celebrate this wondrous time. Yes, we are full of joy for you.

This very time is a time to plan, to bring into existence your higher vibration of being. New thought patterns, opening and operating from your higher heart chakra, the thymus. The first steps of love, the first steps of the great shift of consciousness of mankind. I encourage all of you to use this solar eclipse energy, for this energy will sustain those in the Southern hemisphere for 2 years, and those in the Northern Hemisphere 3 years. This is due to this eclipses focus, which is the northern hemisphere. And remember my friends, this Solar eclipse is the completion, the beginning of the new Golden Age.

Further I wish to say to you, there has been a crystal grid placed around your planet to also assist in mankind's upliftment. This has also been activated to help all souls release their old paradigms, on all levels of the mental and emotional bodies.

You see, each of you have crystals in your structure of your cells. Yes, unable to be seen with the physical eye. Just as the very atoms of your cells, spin faster as you raise your vibration, and you greatly increase your levels of Light through this process, until you radiate glorious Light, you become Light - a Light Being - also contained in your cellular structure is crystalline essence. It is the crystalline essence which responds to the vibrating and magnetic pull of the crystalline grid around the Earth.

You see, my friends you are not alone, and not without assistance as you experience these evolutionary times on Earth. And further, you have incarnated with complete knowing of these times, complete knowledge of what is to be. Many sought to be of assistance in this great process. Many are answering their Soul call now, as the Soul holds all knowledge, of past, present and future.

You experience this as listlessness, as unfulfillment, as something missing in your life. For others their clairvoyance is activated. As I have said before - a great tapestry of spiritual gifts, weaving a wondrous blanket of Light to embrace mankind and Earth.

My love and peace to you.

Master Kuthumi



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