Becoming A Channel Of Light

I greet you in Light, in love and in peace. Peace to every level and aspect of your Being. It is this I wish to speak to you of today. I have seen much worry and anxiety on Earth, in the atmosphere, yet most disturbingly, it is cloaking many advanced souls in dismay and darkness which pulls and tugs at their Light, their vibration. This is of concern to us as it is undoing the great work they have accomplished as their energy levels begin to dwindle. They then become not as effective in their healing and guidance abilities to others. They are feeling weary, at a very inner level. Some even become ill through this anxiety. This needs to be addressed, and this is why I come.

The level of anxious energy in the ethers is gathering, growing to a dense negative ‘clump’. You are all forgetting about the light, about trust. I say this because although we tell you frequently and guide you to clear with the healing energies, we notice many giving in to lower energies. We have tried to prepare you for these transitional times which you have now entered. We have also given you many ‘ropes’ to pull you through. My friends, I ask you to look at this with me. Perhaps this new way will help you see how misguided your energies have become. It is a simple exercise I give you to help you release the cloak of dark energy many of you carry. Walk with me now:

Close your eyes, sit comfortably

Breathe in deeply through your nose, very deeply

Release slowly through the mouth

Repeat once more

Repeat a final time, breathing in Light, see it, feel it,

Visualize the Light going down deep within you, down to your base chakra at the base of your spine

Circling, clearing all stale energy as it goes,

And breathe it out through the mouth slowly,

See above you beautiful white Light,

Watch as it surrounds you, encompassing you, lifting you higher and higher

Feel the peace, feel freedom

As you watch the Light intensifies – brighter, so bright

You think you can barely look at it, even at this level, but you can

As it intensifies it begins to cleanse your mental body of all dark thoughts

Any problems you have with anyone, place it in the intense Light

Ask it be transmuted to Light, to love, to peace.

At this point some of you will be shown a solution

Or you may feel a ‘shift’ in your energy field,

You feel so light now, free

You feel you could fly

Indeed you can if you choose

You can go anywhere you choose with integrity

You see how small, how insignificant your problem has become

Here there is no worry or anxiety with you

You are free in the Light

Time does not exist here, only space, freedom and love, great love

An angel comes to you now

Take her hand, allow her to lead you

To take you on a journey – where ever your higher Self desires

Be at peace

As you return to the Light where you began,

You feel so at peace, uplifted, you have absorbed your full quotient of Light energy

The angel has helped you release your burdens

Sit with her a while

Now as you return to your Earthly state of being,

remember the lightness and the peace you now feel

Remember also your problem is no longer as large

It may have been taken from you and transformed

It can only return to you if you choose to make it so

But if you do my friend, the Light is always there for you, waiting.

Waiting to help you, to uplift you.

Now shall I tell you why it feels so good to you?

Because it is the energy of the Soul Plane from whence you came.

So it is very familiar to you.

You may not remember, yet your Soul never forgets.

The Soul knows it’s way through the darkness if you will only set it free to lead you.

And so it is time to return to your earthly body

Gently connect back into your body

Becoming more aware

I give you my golden cloak to place around you.

To help you remember the protection, the love and higher wisdom.

Be at peace

It is your conscious mind which binds the Soul, keeps it held tight. Your Soul wants to be free. It wants to help you, to free you of the emotional burdens you hold on to so tightly.

You may say to me, “ it is my way.” I tell you “behold – there is a better way.” It is a way of peace and joy. I have shown you how. It is not difficult, it is there for all. All who choose to be free. Who choose to look at this situation, their problems from a higher perspective, not from an ego based lower vibration.

Light workers, all of mankind – be aware. The ego will pull you down to a place of misery and worry. Do not give it energy, do not give it your thoughts, your attention. Turn away. Those of you who work with us know what I say is truth. Yet you have forgotten. Today I remind you. I ask you to renew your faith, your trust in the Light.

It is your Light which helps many. You became like a beacon shining our for all to see. To share your energy with others, through teaching, healing or simply as an example to others. It is a time for all to be on guard also. To rise above the material plane and it’s many traps.

There may be many times you will need to do this simple exercise. It does not matter. What matters is the release. The release of your burden. I tell you, bring all of your cares and worries into the Light space. Let them go. Ask for solutions to your problems. Gain a new perspective. For here you will see through the illusions that man has created. You will see that which you gave great energy to, which you felt so important, is really not so important at all in the bigger scheme of the universe.

Perhaps to understand this, is all you need at this time. You may need to let go and forgive. Your angels can assist you with this also if you allow them to. Some of you do have difficulty with forgiveness. We can help you with this my friend.

Firstly I tell you, your intent must be one of forgiveness. A part of your conscious mind needs to align with your higher self. In this, higher guidance is available – the door is opened to forgive, to let go. This is the first step – to acknowledge this.

The second step is to let go. Let go and allow your higher self to guide you, to show you feelings of compassion. Allow my friend.

It is simply these two steps. Not so difficult you would agree. The correct intent opens your heart to see a new perspective, one which flows with compassion you see. The ego will of course try to prevent this from happening. It will place thoughts of blame, and will condemn and drag up outdated actions and feelings to justify why you should not forgive, why you should not move forward in peace. So which do you listen to? Which do you choose to give energy to? Thought precedes action. You desire peace in your life, in your world do you not? Then create it! Change your thinking my friend, and your desire will be realized.

Great Energy Shift

A great energy shift is about to provide uplifting energies for those who are open to their soul knowledge and understanding. It will create a great ending for many of you. You are already preparing for this. Many are looking at their entire financial and material creation, trying to recreate a better way forward. Realizing their inner truth. What is truly important.

The new energies in your month of September will filter through to your atmosphere and open more hearts to their soul purpose - a higher purpose. More illusion will be seen by many more of you. Yet the delight, the joy, the wonder of simply being will also awaken many channels to the Light energies. It will create a new awakening in your cellular structure through the reprogramming of your DNA. This will also enhance the Pineal Gland to open more readily in order to transport more Light particles to your Higher Heart, activating completely the Diamond Light residing there. This opens the higher pathways of your bodies to great healing energy.

HIgher Pathways

My friends, there will be more powerful energetic shifts in the coming years, igniting the higher portals within your own body. You are in the process of becoming bodies of Light, of higher consciousness. Many have wondered how, that which has been prophesied, can come to be.

My message today tell you how, explains briefly the process to you, to enhance your understanding and release all fear of what you call the unknown. Can I say to you, the future is only unknown to those who remain in darkness. For those who listen to our words of guidance, who open to their higher knowledge, the way forward is known, and there is no fear in that knowledge.

My Blessings of Light and peace to you

Master Kuthumi


sprague 6th September 2009 9:56 pm

Thank you for the continual leg up ,I do sence a knowing of something stiring nicely, light back to you my friend ty .

Lea2 7th September 2009 8:51 pm

Your message really resonated with me and I can relate to the dense energy as I'm feeling it. Despite being able to rise above it, I can feel it trying to crowd in. In response, I work towards strengthening my inner connection and sending out more healing.


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