Meditation of Union for the Solstice

Step gently into a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.
Close your eyes.......quieten  your mind, feel at peace,
Ask the Arch Angels to be with you, showering you with particles of cleansing Light,
You feel at peace, such peace, there is only you and the Light,
I, Master Kuthumi, Master Lady Mary and Master Jesus come before you,
You feel the change of energy, there is joy, much joy, and glorious Light, bright Light,
You let go of your old dark cloak, the one you've clung to from habit for many years,
You feel a freedom, a release. You feel lighter, so light you seem to simply float in a glow of golden Light.
You open yourself - in joy, the joy of Oneness -
It is time now to integrate and become one with your mind, to integrate the right and left sides of your brain, merge as one, flowing together -
Integrate the masculine and feminine parts of your being. For you contain male and female aspects in the totality you are....merge... become one in balance of wise judgment and compassion,
merge..... there is nothing to fear. Call all fragments of your being back to you, to your awareness,....remember. Remember the hidden parts of you, yes you, your totality of Soul, of Light,
Of Oneness, of experience, all fragments of you now one....
Master Jesus raises his hand above your head, in total love and healing, assisting you in this merging, this healing, and release of the old experiences you no longer wish to carry forward with you on your journey to ascension.
Feel his love,  feel the Light, the forgiveness freely given..... and now the release...... as you receive, so you give,
Give to yourself now, release in total love, total oneness...... let yourself.
Open your heart,   feel the love, immerse yourself in the love ..... as you do see the white Doves as they flutter and fly around you, bringing you ever deeper into soul Light, soul peace, merging in God's Light.
You are now asked to go higher than perhaps you have been before.... have no fear...there is only love...
Now open your Higher Heart to merge with the Divine Light and Oneness. Such Light, so bright, such joy...
You are surrounded in liquid golden Light, interspersed with  rays of soft lilac, pink, blue, silver and aqua colors.
They seem to swirl and dance in the joyfulness of the golden Light.  You feel the joy, the laughter, the love...
The energies are more powerful now, this day....
Now see the golden Light as it pours down through your crown chakra, activating  first the Pituitary gland, activating your Thalamus and visual cortex, following through to the Pituitary gland. You feel even lighter, and seem to simply be as the golden Light merges completely with you.
Now see the golden ray as it moves down to your heart chakra, merging, clearing. You now release all fear, all thoughts of lack, old pains, old hurts, let go as Master Lady Mary comes closer, cradling you in her arms, encompassing you in her love and compassion, all hurts melt into the golden Light to be released now.
It is time to release all old emotional clutter from your mind, from your heart. It is time to fling open the doors of your heart to receive.
You must be truly ready to receive.   Are you now ready to receive?
Cleanse, release and open your self, to the higher energies, to God, to total Oneness.
Join in this Oneness, in mass consciousness, in love...for that is all there really is.

I extend you my Light in peace.
Master Kuthumi


Peacekat 21st December 2008 9:30 pm

Please accept my deepest gratitude for this beautiful message on this special day.
To receive a blessing from three Masters at one time feels like i have been lifted
beyond the Earth plane.....thank you for such up-lift-ment on this eve when tomorrow
the Sun returns to us with longer reaches... something all of us everywhere feel
stronger because of..........Namaste and Peace


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