The Butterfly of Freedom

My greetings of love and unity to each of you as I come into your presence to speak with you once more. Some have asked " with what authority do you come to speak and teach?"

My friend, I come with the authority of God. For I am part of God, as indeed you are part of God. I work in His service. My love for each of you is great. So great that I pause my on my path of soul evolution to help you understand the true Light of God, to understand you all carry a spark of that one great Light. To prepare you on your journey back home to that great Light. This is my authority to speak.

For so long you felt God as a separate being. You have been taught as young children that God's love is conditional upon you doing His will. My friends, this was distorted by many leaders among you. Those whom you looked for guidance and trusted. These leaders spoke of conditional love used for their own greed and power. I tell you truth, God's love for each of you is totally unconditional. For He loves you, each of you in totality, in Oneness, no matter what actions you choose to do each day. His love is unconditional. His forgiveness is there for all.

"Ask and it shall be given unto you." Do you not see? His spark, His love resides in your heart, in your soul. To ask for forgiveness is to acknowledge you have not chosen well. You have acted incorrectly. By asking for forgiveness you acknowledge this to yourself, and to God. I tell you truth, His forgiveness is always given. God's love is unconditional.

Now my friend, now is the time to come together - in your mind, in your consciousness, in your inner belief. Come together in unconditional love.


It is time now to put aside the old belief that God's love is conditional upon your actions. Remember that God sees all - even your inner thoughts and feelings. You can hide nothing, no. For many, your Higher Self is calling you. You are questioning. You are being faced with another mirroring your negative behaviors. We are aware you do not enjoy this experience. But so many are not listening. So many are still only looking at what they see with their physical eyes each day. And so, another person teaches you by mirroring to you your behavior, your actions. I say to you, and you know if I speak personally to you, stop and look closely at yourself. For the other person is showing you what and where adjustments in your behavior are required.

It is time now to release, to let go. You have been told this. The answer of what you need to do at any time is always within your heart. If you are not certain of your next step, pause for a moment, and ask yourself how you feel, what would you like to feel? Then ask, how do I achieve that feeling.? This is your answer.

Treat others as you would choose to be treated. And you see, when you begin to do this, you see your love is unconditional. You are fueling the spark in your heart. It will now begin to grow brighter and longer. You will feel happier and more content in your self. You truly begin to experience God's love. And further, those of you who have risen in deep meditation or deep prayer, none can say they have not felt the energy and presence of God.

On your planet there is much chaos on the material level. You ask why? I say to you that those who have chosen to experience great luxury on borrowed money will awaken to the illusion. The illusion of living falsely. Of living in the lower ego. And further, the greater the illusion you have created, the more you will feel financial reality.

Temptation will still be presented to you on your television screens and in your mailbox. Offers to borrow more money, to tempt you deeper into debt, deeper into the financial institutions control. I say to you, look at these offers as a test. A test of what you have learnt about money, possessions and lower ego. What will come out of this chaos? You ask, how will I survive? For some, the path will be difficult as they unravel a life of debt and financial illusion. The lesson and strength is in correcting the situation. There will be loss. I say to you learn from this. Learn to come back to the inner spark in your heart. Let it give you the strength to move forward in your choices, and in your life. Many have been feeding the ego through possessions, wanting more and more. Now it is time to come home to inner peace. To leave behind the anguish of feeding a financial debt which has ruled your daily life.

As the butterfly emerges from the confines of it's cocoon - to freedom - so now must you.

It is time to come back to basics. It is time to simplify your lives. It is time to reconnect to all in Oneness. To live in peace, in a simple, loving manner. To live within your means is I think the term. Yet I say to you, do not forget the lesson, the learning you are experiencing.

All is experience. There is no separation. You choose how you will react to every experience each day. Do not fear. Simplify your lives - step by step. You have the choice.

Master Kuthumi



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