The Second Birth

Question: I am confused about one issue as I am rather newly awakening. If we choose our pathway for the tests for improving our souls in this 3D physical body, designed for this incarnation, how come that we may also change our life issues by awakening and learning to call out the God in ourselves, by calling our Higher Self for guidance? If I or anyone may hopefully learn to reach to the inner light and wish other paths in this life, will we not be completing the very tests of learning that we had chosen? I cry with every new piece of light information I learn but my question may sound silly as yet I have a long way to go.

Love you all, Nilgun.

I Kuthumi come forward to answer this important question. Once again I tell you I come through the Light and wisdom of God, the great One. I come in service, as does my scribe (Lynette.)

This is an important question for many who are seeking the door of Light, seeking a new way forward. The flow and pause of the planets in your Universe, your Sun, the new Gateways opening to your Universe, therefore your planet Earth, all assist you in this great transformation you are experiencing. And yes, you are experiencing that now in your linear time.

You call out to God within, the home of your Higher Self, for guidance. How wonderful. I tell you this is true transformation and the correct pathway. For this is the Golden Key to your survival, your Golden Future. As you practice this more and more, it will become a normal re-action of your thought imprint in your conscious mind.

Further, this practice will unite your left and right brain automatically. You will begin functioning from your Higher Mind, through which the Light energy ebbs and flows. So you begin to understand how important this higher connection process is to your whole being as you move forward through this year of 2010.

The Year Of Christ Consciousness

Through continually connecting in your daily life to your Higher Self you will stand at a Golden Door – the doorway of the Christ Consciousness. It this not a magnificent and wondrous experience? It is what all of your previous lifetimes of experience, of duality, have led you back to. Tears of joy may fill your eyes as you understand the profound love and compassion and completeness of you a sacred being of Light, returning to the Light of Source through developing Christ Consciousness. What wondrous joy. What bliss is yours to behold.

Life Issues

In this you do indeed change your life issues. For you now begin to see through your Third Eye – your intuitive link to your Higher Self which is part of the higher realm of Christ Consciousness. Which in turn is part of God Consciousness.

All is linked. Nothing is separate. That is an illusion man has held on to for many lifetimes.

You believed you were separate. You were not. You never have been. It was a man-created illusion. Just as the illusion that God required you to be poor, to live in poverty, and to labor long hours. All an illusion.

Now new eyes open to see you are loved beyond your imagination. New understanding gives clarity that it is how you choose to handle wealth, work, relationships, daily life – this is the learning, the soul growth. It is your thinking process, your re-action, your compassion in that new understanding. This is your Golden Key.

Zero Point

Once you reach the zero point of understanding you have overcome any ‘lessons’ – I prefer the word experiences – set before you in this lifetime. Even if you choose another path your soul will gently guide you back to your correct pathway for this life. And those with a strong will who choose not to listen will be watched over, and yes, loved until they return to us. Once here, they will be shown, healed, rested, before deciding their next journey of experience.

You see dear soul, you have answered your own question.

I have said repeatedly there is no right or wrong, there is only experience. Your experience will lead you to the Light.

The way of the Light is to experience being as Christ Consciousness. There are many writings of this, the various aspects, guidance. I tell you truth, this one has given you the key in his question. That key is – connect to your Higher Self. Seek guidance always from your Higher Self – every day.

Second Birth

My brother Jesus said, “ Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the Kingdom of God without being born of water and spirit. You must be born from above.” John 3: 3-8

That which I have said this day, guides you to your second birth – a birth from above, through Christ Consciousness, to Light.

I have always said, “Spirituality is not complicated. It is man who has chosen to make it so.” This soul, who humbly writes his “question may sound silly as yet I have a long way to go.” My friend, dance in joy, celebrate your soul wisdom. Know that your question will indeed feed thousands and lead them through the Golden Door. Such a gift you have given your fellow man this day. We Bless you and join you in great celebration, and give you this meditation to lead you through White Fire Flame to the transference energy of Jesus.

Master Kuthumi



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