Transform Your Reactions to Quantum Reactions

Yes, what an interesting title is it not? As you read it do you – can you- see the great significance of these words? The implication can transform your very existence. Not just your life as you live it today, no, your very existence.

I humbly ask for your attention with these words I, Kuthumi, now share with you. This teaching flows on from my previous teaching on Weaving Your Aspects into Enlightenment. This teaching was to encourage you to look, to understand and to allow yourself to accept and integrate the many aspects of your personality. To understand that all previous experiences of this life and previous life times have helped to create your consciousness right now, in this moment of reading my words. They have created expectations and decisions made each moment, through your emotions.

All of these experiences move forward to create your reaction to any event or experience in your daily life. Repeatedly you have been urged to clear any pain and resentment from past events held within the sub-conscious mind and on your emotional and mental bodies. Some of you are still working through this. I encourage you to continue. In doing so you create not only growth of soul, but also freedom from the negative energies you still attach to any past event, person or experience.

You know that this is part of your evolutionary process. It has been spoken of many, many times. Yet some of you remain stubborn and hold onto victim mentality of anguish and pain. My friend, I tell you there is no need, no reason to do this. It is you choosing to punish yourself in this manner. Further, I tell you your soul weeps. I say again, it is you who chooses to hold on, who chooses not to heal, chooses not to seek healing assistance, chooses to stay locked in a self made prison of pain and bitterness.

This is one aspect I wish to help you understand today. The matter of choice at a deeper level. So I do not speak of your choice concerning your clothes or entertainment, no. I speak of the choices you make concerning events in your daily life where you interact with another. It is your choice how you choose to reply – to react. When you listen to controlled daily news how do you choose to react? When you read articles about planetary fly-by's to Earth or about rises in weather temperatures, how do you choose to react to those statements? How do you react to another’s opinions?

You have been told you are on a planet of free will. You are free to choose. Indeed this is true, particularly during the next 18 months. Each of you will assist either knowingly or unknowingly in creating the future of mankind and the planet. Read this sentence again, please. Truly take in the meaning, the significance, the power.

All over the planet many are awakening to the Light within their soul. They have chosen to react in a positive manner, to a path that also tests each one, through their loved ones reaction to their decision, through developing and living in a new way. A way of personal truth and integrity. This is not always easy, especially during the first steps when patience and trust of the process of soul and of spirit are required. Your soul pushes forward your own determination and self discipline. Yet with each interaction with spirit energies, often during a meditation, you are encouraged to push forward with a renewed determination. There is nothing in your material existence that can compare with the feeling of soul interacting with spirit and igniting the God Self within you. Nothing.

I address now the Light worker who has already awoken from a long slumber of darkness to teach others, who has shown others a new path many times. However now you find yourself experiencing the old emotion of your past – fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of changes in the Earth’s crust, fear of losing material possessions, fear of your very survival in future times, even fear of the year 2012. So you sway between the Light and darkness of fear. The ego revives itself, whispering in your mind with continued doubts and possible loss. You begin to feed the reactions of your past. Your vibration begins to lower as the fear destroys your determination, your truth, your very Light energy. We see this. It saddens us greatly.

Yet all is not lost –no. I say to you- arise! Go to a healer, clear your auric field. Go to a mediation group and lift your energy to a higher vibration once more. Clear your doubt, clear your mental and emotional bodies. Use positive affirmations to open and renew your thought pathways. I give you this affirmation to repeat any time you need throughout your day, particularly as the ego seeks to spread doubt and fear in your mind. Say to yourself -

I have no fear

I am Light

I am loved

I am at peace within

I ignite my God Self now

With saying these words, pause for a moment to visualize and breathe in white Light. Feel it filling you, surrounding you. Now visualize placing around your shoulders my golden cloak of protection.

And so it shall be.

Many times I have called all Light workers to unite, to work together with no fear of another ‘taking your work.’ This is old thinking. Know this type of thinking will hold you back in lower dimensional energy. So I say again. Join together. Help one another. Choose a positive reaction to events in your life. Both the inner and outer events. Stand true to your soul. Dwell in the Light each and every day. Rejoice my friend. Yes, for in this way your renewed strength creates a magnificent new way of living, of being, activating your DNA into a quantum state.

The old ways of 3 rd dimensional living will pass into history. Do not hold onto this dimension. Do not revisit it through fear. Release it entirely now. It no longer serves you. It merely holds you back. You are in a time now to boldly step forward. Send healing and Light to the many who have crossed en-mass for this has been their choice. Yes, they decided before incarnating on Earth when and how they would return home. Their experience of this life is completed.

Land mass will move and change as it has done since the Earth was birthed. This is not new my friend. There have always been cycles – and always will be. It is the way of Earth. Understand this, accept this.

A new wave of consciousness is upon mankind, indeed of all living things on Earth. Because of your technology many more are aware of the Earth changes, yet also of spirit, soul and higher energies. It is a renewed cycle you are experiencing. Now you must decide.

You would do well to choose your reactions with care, using the Light of Source.

I give my Blessings of Light to each of you

Master Kuthumi


COBALT 2nd September 2011 11:36 am

Awesome. Thanks, I needed that! :smitten:


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