Your Higher Mission

I am Kuthumi. I stand before you with the Arch Angel Gabriel – the voice of God. We come to bring you great news. We come in celebration of this wondrous and Light filled time on Earth. Man has reached a pivotal point in his evolutionary process. This is what I have been preparing you for in my previous transmissions. Now we raise our hands in glory, in joy. Let the trumpets sounds and the angels sing. For now on your date of 10-10-10 the Gateway of Unity is resurrected.

This is a magnificent occasion. The Light from God, the Source has merged with the Light of those on the planet and together through the intent of love and joy, and the opening of the Higher Heart – all have merged to open this gateway to unite all in Oneness.

Now your soul reflects in your conscious mind. It does this not only by the Light you carry, but that Light has merged your left and right brains into one of super - consciousness.

This in turn unites with your crown chakra and the Pineal gland. So all flow as one, in Light, in unity. The energies from the Gateway of Unity empower this process, linking through to the Diamond Light contained in your Higher Heart. A wondrous flow of Soul Light, a direct link to God through the Gateway of Unity now surrounds you, is birthed within you.

The Equinox energies further enhance this process. In the South you are prepared for new birth, the new beginnings of Spring. Ready to forge a new path out of drudgery, out of despair as new hope rises deep within you from your Soul. In the North you experience the Fall equinox. A time of rest, of review, of planning a great renewal. That is where man is now. At the gateway of a great renewal. I have spoken of the Second Birth and the Epiphany of Self in previous transmissions.. I have given you an easy four step Survival Kit. All in preparation of this time. This wonderful time in your evolution. The vibratory rate of your cells has now increased to be attuned with your Soul Light and super- consciousness.

The White Fire Body of pure Light surrounds you. This is the source of Divine love and wisdom.

I say to each of those who have prepared – arise! Arise in Soul Light. Walk in Soul Light. Speak through your Soul Light. To those who wish to attain once again their Soul Light while embodied in human form, I ask you to read my previous transmissions. Prepare and strengthen your energy field, awaken your spirit within through the meditations on my website. All have been given. All are channelled transmissions. They have been given in readiness for this time.

The Resurrection through Gabriel

I, Gabriel now come forward. I bring thee wondrous news. The news of your mission on Earth. Your mission is to resurrect the Light. In yourselves and for every living creature on Earth, including the Earth itself. Your planet Earth is also a great living energy in service. In service to you. To provide the food to nourish you through the fauna and plants which feed you, and the air you breathe which gives you life. In resurrecting the Light you help the Earth to heal, to replenish, and to cleanse herself from years of abuse. Earth must now be born again of Light, just as you must rise again to live in, to experience Soul Light incarnate. This is your mission. When you flow in Soul Light your entire being will seem to be reborn. Even your cells will feel the Light. Your DNA will grow another strand. This assists your cells with the higher vibration you now radiate. Your thoughts will also change.

Judgments and anger will cease by your choice. For both of these emotions will so disturb your energy field, you will desire not to enter into those emotions.

From your thoughts, your speech will alter. What you think – you speak of. So pleasant words will be uttered. The higher emotional and mental bodies are now activated and the old falls away. So you experience your true mission. You join others of similar Light and vibration. The nervous system begins to flow in peace as the Light sparkles through the meridians of the body.

This is the process you are entering. For some this will occur in a short period of your time. For others it may take longer. There is no judgment, no comparisons. There simply IS and the Light energy is every where.

I am here. I came through the invitation of the Master Kuthumi. To tell you this Gateway of Unity opens a time of remembrance. Remembrance of who you truly are. Remembrance of your higher mission, thereby living your truth. Join us now. I will lead you through the Gateway of Unity to remember, in a meditative state.

We depart in unity

Master Kuthumi
Archangel Gabriel




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Kuthumi School of Wisdom

This school is channeled from the Ascended Master Kuthumi through his chosen channel Lynette, in order that many souls are able to obtain the knowledge and wisdom required to enable them to reach higher awareness and enlightenment.

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