The Rise of One Nation Under God - Andromedans

There is a coming a cosmic event capable of elevating human consciousness to a state of near sanctity.

The power that has been realized through the subjugation of so many Americans has caused quite a stir in the cosmic realms. Those who have realized that the fight is over are soon to surrender to the greater good, though this process of surrender will not come in the form of public apologies, but rather in the form of action, new views, and a change of heart that will precipitate great forward movement.

Hold steadfast to the light of change beloved warriors, for the light that is emitted from every soul with the courage to see beyond limitations creates a wave of opportunity to rise above the murky waters and inhabit full truth.

You are those who came to uphold the vision of One Nation Under God. You are those who carry the torches of truth and the time has arrived for great change, both within and around your sphere of influence.

During the last several years, each of you have provided the planet and her people with the most precious gift, the gift of consciousness. The light that you inhabited has not only created the hope for change, but the blueprint for a better way.

Now your galactic role is shifting as your genetic reconnection draws to completion. Many of you are experiencing the final phase of this biological shift, and each ache and pain is a reminder. Never before have so many enlightened souls gathered in service to link humanity to the genetic pathways of Christ consciousness.

Your efforts have many ramifications, the least of which was your biological reconnection as most of the challenge you endured was in achieving soul consciousness. The soul work required to pull off such a divinely ordered plan was beyond your current understanding but soon, if not already, you will begin to see quite clearly the many layers involved in your global participation.

Now, as American brothers and sisters prepare to reveal new leadership, there is a true sense of unity as the majority of souls now long for true and lasting change. This nation, originally based upon freedom and liberty for all has been stripped of its founding principals and those principals are again high in demand.

We remind each of you that individually you are a sovereign people, and that together you are a sovereign nation serving one God.

As you prepare to enter the galactic 6th day, the dark 5th night rapidly draws to a close (November 12th, 2008 begins the 6th Day of the Mayan Underworld in which we experience an emergence, a new beginning and a new direction for humanity.) The end of lack and suffering is nigh and those who have resisted change for the greater good will no longer be supported in their endeavors.

The light is what sustains you now, any plans void of light will surely falter.

The galactic 6th day, as it is called, is the entrance of great forward movement and revolutionary change. Change from oppression & restriction to freedom & peace...freedom from the captivity of lack. Many will be called to become of service to the One, for this will be a time of rapid shifting into unity consciousness.

The 5th night was a time of challenge in preparation for a new way, the light of creation has shined forth brilliantly for all to see their shadow. Now that many shadows of darkness have been exposed, it will be up to the people to point the way for change. The entrance of the 6th day heralds new life, new energy and new hope...hope that is aligned with the highest good of all.

The time has come to make a choice and based on this choice, the next cycle of creation will be determined individually and collectively as a governing body. The light has grown sufficiently and the power is once again in the hands of the people.

Those who emerge from the 5th night in grace will herald the greatest rewards of this upcoming cycle and it will be for those new leaders to pave the way for all.

The return to full truth commences and a time for rejoicing is at the fore.

We are the Andromedans, in service to the One, bidding you farewell.