How are you doing?

It has been one wave after another of change, renewal, challenge, and opening recently.
The Earth is speaking to us right now and she is calling loudly. Via earthquakes and volcanoes, the events we are going through as a planet this past few months are still reverberating. When will it end, many are asking, but the truth is that we are at the beginning of a series of long predicted natural disasters. Between now and August of this year we can expect an ongoing series of these types of events to occur.

The recent plane crash of the Polish president and many of the members of cabinet was not a natural disaster but was another example of how we as a people are being asked to look at this world differently, and see the importance of living in the now and not relying on structures we thought were watertight. For nothing on earth is watertight around us. All is open to change at any moment. It is opening hearts and changing minds.What happens in us as a collective at these times is a stirring of many emotions around the base chakra. The Earth is shaking and thus so do we.

The stirring creates; fear of survival, anger and frustration, rising sexual energies/wounds, an energy of disappointment, a need to hurry, a sense of danger/anxiety, and disturbed or tense dreams in the night. Also, blocks and pauses around creativity, productivity, technology/communication and moving forward with 3D plans and activities. This is what many awakened and sensitive souls are feeling in themselves right now. It is the same for those in the mass consciousness also, but it may be playing itself out in more blunt ways there.
The aeroplanes currently being grounded due to the volcanic ash is one example of the message the Earth is giving to us right now;

Let it all go.

Change the way you are seeing and doing things.
Yet still, within all of this, there is light. Through the unity of this difficult experience and the pressure to change quickly on so many of us, we continue to experience extraordinary heart openings and new surrenderings to thenow. A great wave of letting go is taking place on Earth. That can be painful and difficult or joyous and euphoric depending on which part of your personal emotional scale you are in at any given moment. For most, this experience runs the whole gamut at different times.
So, how are you doing? Ask yourself that question daily right now to be sure you are keeping an eye on yourself amid the chaos.
And how do you cope if you are finding it challenging?

Firstly, this is not a time for rules. This is a time to just allow yourself to feel what you need to feel, do what you need to do, and be free in yourself of any judgements. Judgements on your behaviour, your ways, or on others around you. The cages are coming off. And that is a very good thing. But it will make you and others act in ways you didn't used to, or never previously allowed yourself to. So roll with it. Let that be your freedom right now and things will get easier. And take nothing personally while others are shaking off their 'stuff'.

The month of May will see many of you finding solutions and ways out of the circling that you have had to go round in April. Circling in and around yourself, and your circumstances. That will start to lift by around the end of April and May will be a month where the whirlwind that we have been in since early February will stabilise. Not for long (!) but for long enough for you to bed in the changes you made while your feet were off the ground and your base energy was being dragged here, there and everywhere.

The month of May is going to be the most powerful and life changing month of 2010 so far for most people. This will be as a result of all of the changes the Earth and the world have been through.So you do not need to prepare yourself as this is what you are already doing. Just be GOOD to yourselves as much as you can.

That is SO key to success right now.On a trip to Glastonbury last weekend, I saw a quote from a Tennyson Poem on a ring. It read 'Love is the Only Gold'. Such a simple quote and yet so very beautiful and true. It really touched me.It takes events like the recent disasters to hit truths like this one home to us as a people.So whoever and whatever you love, give yourself to it this month. Life is a gift that can be long, can be short, but to be fully enjoyed, must be fully lived. If you are in a quiet mode right now, then find the love in your quietness. If you are out and about in the world, open your eyes and ask love to be revealed to you and it shall be.
Because pure love is who you are. Yes, even on the days where it feels hard to reach that in yourself. Fellow souls, unique journeys, one shared planet.

One love.



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