November 2011 Energy Forecast: Gateway to Solutions

The energies on earth continue to ramp up. This brings in more and more awakening energy to people's lives, feelings and perceptions. More people are beginning to open their hearts, their feelings, and see the importance of love. More people are opening to the truth of life through their feelings, and letting go of old anchors in their hearts or minds. It is a powerful time of shift within humans, and even if not obvious to the human eye, it is happening at great speed now.

The peaceful demonstrations taking place around the world are the evidence of our foretold rising in 'people power'. This group energy is strong and for many of you, will be affecting you in your daily personal lives. Silencing yourself will no longer be an option. Some of you will be burning with truths you need to express to people in your lives. Some of you will have done this and be adjusting to the aftermath of your 'truth speaking' in your life, for to speak the truth creates changes.

You are in tandem with the groups who are 'occupying' right now. This is a time for people to speak, and speak loudly. Remember that even if expression can sometimes seem daunting, suppression is painful and more damaging in the long run. So when you feel you are ready to express, take the chance and do it. This is not a time for compromise.

November has also brought in strong waves of mental/psychic confusion, and a feeling of disconnection/disorientation for many. This will not be constant, but can be very strong as and when it appears. If it comes for you, just accept this state without panic as best you can. Panic or concern over why you are feeling this way will only amplify the experience. Say or repeat to your mind 'all is well' and place one palm of your hand on your heart centre (centre of your chest) and the other over the centre of your stomach (navel). Just breathe for a while and let your hands calm you.

You, like all of us, are simply feeling the 'dislodge' in our planetary centre. Everything is changing on Earth because the core of the earth is heating and has also shifted from it's old axis. We are in constant adjustment to these changes and they affect everyone. We are a planet in faster change than ever before. It is only logical that this speed of external change would dislodge us internally, and take time for us all to adjust to.

So do not be hard on yourselves if you feel off-centre or a need to rest. This is a worldwide experience. So breathe, and support and love yourself back to wellness or centre when these moments arise. Remember, you are the constant guardian and parent of yourself, so be a loving one. Parent yourself the way you would parent your child. And if you find you are harsh with yourself, work on first noticing and then changing that. It takes awareness and self-love, and it is necessary to do this to become more loving to yourself and others.

In energy terms, it has been an intense beginning to November for many. This intensity will continue until around 15th November. The gateway of 11/11/11 will be felt more by the 14th onwards, as it is not just one day that is represented by this day. Instead the gateway represents a shift into a time of Earth and human solutions and more 'new-ways' coming through for our future.

After the 15th we will still see dissolution occurring in areas of life, and so will you in your personal life. But this has become more accepted as a 'norm' now, and so the solutions to our challenges as a world will start to appear faster and more steadily. The grief and shock being less apparent for people will allow this life-force wave of creation energy to return. This is why the second half of November will have a feeling of more 'future' momentum for many. Even if you live very much in the present, the future will feature heavily in the next few weeks in multiple ways for you.

We are living in fast times and they are only getting faster. So again, the need to remember your personal speed may not be the same speed as everyone else. And that the need to create peace and stillness amid the speed, will be vital for balance. More people are growing tired of the pace and the over-stimulation of our current world. This is beginning to take hold in the minds and hearts of many. There is a group consensus that is taking hold and supporting stillness and slowing down. The energy of December holds the promise of a very connected time with your loved ones, more so than in recent years. When I tune into that month, there is a glow around it.

So use this November 'gateway' as an intentional month for yourself. Take moments to simply accept where you are now in life, and where you have been recently, even if you are setting a very different intention for your future. It is all connected – past, present, future are simply one thread of life. The disconnection from this truth is the root of so much of our human mental and emotional suffering. So reconnecting and intending in your own ways, in your own time, will pay dividends for you.

In honour of the 11.11.11. gateway, I offer you below a 'Reconnection' affirmation. Feel free to say it aloud as many times as you feel to do so.

In love and in peace to all



Reconnection Affirmation

I am here. I am present. I am alive. I am passionate. I am free.
These experiences are mine to remember and experience.
I am everything and through living fully as myself, I will remember this connection, daily.

This world is mine to connect to as I choose.
This world is mine to experience.
This world is mine to love.

Nature is a force, and I invite myself to join with and receive of its power.
Nature is a force and I invite myself to love it and see it as my parent, in that it daily gives me life.

I breathe with nature, I breathe with humanity, I breathe with myself.
Never truly alone, never only human, honouring the spirit breath of life I am a part of.

I can be peace for myself and for this world.
I am growing in peace.
I am growing in love.



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