Challenge to the Human Angels

From Steve

Last week I received this channel from our transcription manager. I looked at it and thought this would be a great one to share for the next Beacons of Light. In editing I realized that there were references here to events that were taking place that very day. In the second paragraph of this channel you will see that the Group said to breathe in the energy as it was coming in from the sun at exactly that moment. I had to play the tape back to listen to it. This was the exact moment when the energy from the largest solar flares in recorded history began to infiltrate into the Earth. From here it was being stored in the tectonic plates for release gradually into our environment. Even though they have settled a bit to this day the sun is still spewing off energy at astounding rates. The latest X class solar flare was July 14th. See the story and movie here:
This energy is changing our globe very quietly. We are shifting to a new dimension as we speak. The Group says that this new dimension is the New Planet Earth. The Ascension is underway now.

As we move into a higher vibration we are redefining our roles. Some are awakening as healers, facilitators and educators. You may find that things are changing very rapidly for you as well. One of the new areas that the Group is speaking a lot of now is the Human Angels. This may be bigger than we first imagined. This message is part of the information that the Group have been revealing on the process of becoming a Human Angel. Try it on and see if it fits. If it does fit, take the challenge.


The Group:

Greetings from Home:

We love that sound. When we speak the words "Greetings from Home", you incorporate the vibrations as if they are your own. For that moment, for that time, and for this time we are together, you will be in the full vibrations of Home. The Word Greetings through the Keeper is a trigger that sets this into motion. Welcome Home dear ones. Here on the New Planet Earth are the true vibrations of Home. These are the deepest vibrations of joy and the greatest vibrations of laughter. It is highest when you are laughing, for in that vibration you are Home. Humans are so wonderful you think way too much, it clouds your own vibrations at times. Ahh, we are so honored to be in your presence. You are the chosen ones who chose yourself to be here at exactly this time in your own evolution. We tell you that there is much that is going on in your realm, much that is happening here on Planet Earth where the Game of Free Choice is now being re-arranged to accommodate your higher vibrations. You are doing so through your own choices. This is such a special time for you to be here, such a special time to be on Planet Earth. Watch now as your own powers of co-creation enhance. Watch now, as you start scripting your own contracts from your side of the veil. You have earned the right to hold your full power and now it is being handed to you.

Energy to form your own Vortex

You have placed yourself in a position that has never been experienced before. You have placed yourself in a collective vibration which is about to change once again. Ahh, it is not just you for we tell you all eyes of the Universe are upon you. Now we will shift the energy in the room. [Steve's hands raised and the energy in the room changed] We ask you to breathe in this energy for in this exact moment there was an influx of energy that you have received from the sun. It is part of the vortexes that are forming on Planet Earth that you are creating through your own intention. Oh, you are doing it so well. Yes, you are making mistakes; yes you are turning this way or that. Yes, you will seem to run into brick walls, yes you will trip, yes you may actually fall. But we tell you that you will never. . . be. . . hurt. Work with this energy for it is your birthright. You may forget for the veil is very thick and you may look in the mirror and say, "Who is that? What am I? Who am I? What am I to do?" And "Why did I come here?" It is in those moments that you create an opening in your own vortex of energy. As you do those beings in other dimensions will come and visit you and they will tap you on the shoulder and they will reach around and touch you with the touch of an angel. Feel your heart chakra for as you are being touched even now, your entire energetic structure changes. The energy from the sun will facilitate this change. These are the seeds of Light being planted.

Actions of the Human Angels

We see your question. No, we will not tell you who you are. No, we will not tell you which way to turn and what you came here to do. You love to give your power away do you not? Ahh, but we will plant the seeds of this knowledge in you and we will nurture those seeds and we will make sure they get enough sunlight and water and we will make sure they get enough love. But it is not those seeds that will make the difference for those seeds will bloom and you will become the teachers and you will become the healers and you will touch other people. You will make a difference not only in your own life, but in others. Those are the attributes and the actions of the Human Angel.

The magic lies when the fruit comes completely off the vine and within that fruit there are other seeds. That is where the magic is. That is what you came here to do. That is why you are so often confused at trying to find your passion, trying to find what you came here to do for you are the Human Angels. You did not come here to reap the fruit. You came here to plant the seeds. Feel the vibrations of Home. Feel the vibrations within your own heart and your truth will be known for you are the Human Angels that will be making a difference.

The Challenge of the Human Angel

The greatest work you can do as a Human Angel is to intentionally plant seeds of Light. We offer you a challenge even this day to help you see more clearly how you may find practical applications in your daily life.

Find one person in the next seven days. Find one person and do something special. Reach them in some way. Find a way to hold the space for them to change. Make a real difference in another life. Do something specific or just send them energy so that they may find their highest and best. The amount of trust that you are able to establish with them will determine how much action you may take. Step only within your own boundaries of comfort. If they ask. . answer. If they accept. . . give. If they fear. . . educate. Reflect their energy in such a way as to show them their own power. This is the great balancing act of the Human Angel. Do not take responsibility for them, do not try to lead them, do not show them what they are there to do but instead show them their own power and hold the energy for them to step into that power. Find ways of empowering without talking power from them. The next step is yours. Human Angels must now step into their training. This is the first step. Find one person in need in the next seven days and dedicate yourself to helping them see their power. We tell you without fail you will set into motion your Plan B contract and find your own passion. No, it may not come from that one person and it may not come from that one experience of planting those seeds but we tell you, set it into motion through your own intent to make a difference in one life. If you are not sure where to find this person ask for their path to cross yours and it will be so. Set your intent to be of service and wait for the opportunity. Make a commitment to find this person in the next seven days. Then, for as long as it takes to plant the seeds, adopt the role of the Human Angel. It may be a gift. It may be a phone call or a letter. What ever means it is make a commitment to be there to planet seeds of light in another human in the next seven days. Do not judge yourself on whether those seeds were successful for that is not your responsibility. Your responsibility is to plant the seeds. It is their responsibility to find their own fertile ground. It is their responsibility at that point to make sure that those seeds get enough light, water and love.

One person in the next seven days. . . Let the miracle now begin.

You are not alone.

If each one of you takes the challenge and touches one heart with the gift of light in the next seven days you will change the world in the blink of an eye. Sounds grandiose, does it not? Yes we know. You cannot see past the veil; you cannot see who you are and even though we touch you often with the touch of the angels, there are times you do not feel it. There are times you do not know we are even here. There are times when you think you are so alone and we are here holding the space for you just the way we are asking you to hold the space for another. Yes, now you will know a little bit of how frustrating it can be.

The Chosen Ones

We tell you it is our greatest honor to be in your presence for you are the chosen ones. You are the anointed ones. You are the ones who scripted the longest contracts to be here at exactly this time. You have chosen your own scripts as Human Angels and that is the reason we refer to you as the chosen ones. You are the ones that dare to say. "If we are able to make a difference, we will be there ready to jump into action. I want to be there if ever the time is right for all of humanity to move forward.. I want to be one to make a difference." Here you are, dear ones. We tell you that now is the time for action of the Human Angel. Begin with the simple challenge of finding one person in the next seven days.

Yes, we know there will be confusion, for we will not know what to do. And now you look around and say, "Where is my guidance?" We tell you that there are no books to read to become the Human Angel as you have yet to write them. Trust yourselves for that is the source of your true guidance. Your own discernment is the base of your power.

This is a special time for you. It is a wonderful space that you are in. You have created it through your own choices. You have created a very special time to be on Planet Earth for the Gameboard of Free Choice is now shifting to the next dimensional level and now you are scripting those choices and those plans every time you move. Each choice you make now takes you to a new vibrational level. Choose well, but chose. For as in all things if you do not choose, a default answer is given to you. Make it your choice. Fear not the wrong choice for there are no wrong choices and if at anytime you are not happy with your reality, have the courage to choose again. Mistakes will be made as you move forward, fear them not, rather set your mind to learn from them and they will not be in vane.

Creating Home

The divine energy in human form. That is the basis of who you are. That is the seed of your true power and that is what you will teach and those are the seeds you will plant. Take this challenge. Find one person in the next seven days. Make a difference, give them a gift, empower them, whatever it takes. You will know for you are the chosen ones. You are the gifted angels that know in your heart what to do. Trust it, dear ones. It will work. And if each one of you makes only the difference in one life and touches one life, and plants one seed, in the next seven days, within the next six months the world will be a different place.

Ahh, you cannot imagine the power that you hold in your own heart and as much as we tell you that you are the chosen ones, that you are the powerful beings that you are the masters that have agreed to walk upon the Gameboard of Free Choice with these veils in place to where you cannot see who you are. As much as we try to tell you that, you cannot see it for that is the nature of the veil. But you can see it by touching others. Take the challenge. Would you like to improve your own life? Would you like to improve the quality, the happiness, the joy, the passion in your own life? Take the challenge. One person in the next seven days. Make a difference.

Take that challenge to be the Human Angel and make a difference in someone's life in the next seven days and watch your own life change. For those will be the energies that align you with the grandest reality. That is what you came here to do. You are the chosen ones. You are the ones who stepped forward and said, "Let me be there at that time. I promise I will awaken just in time to do my work." And here you are. As you are wiping the sleep from your eyes, we are here waiting for you, hoping to show you brief glimpses of the vibrations from Home so that you will re-member your true heritage. That is why we are so in awe of you. You have had the courage to do it; you have had the courage to trip, to fall, to pick yourselves up from the ground and make a difference and we cannot thank you enough. You are the human angels that are changing All That Is. Fear not. Hold the title of Human Angel proudly and have the courage to walk in your own light. Hold your torch high and there will be no more shadows.

It is with the greatest of respect and honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, to nurture one another with the empowerment factor. Please re-member that it is a wonderful Game. And play well together.

the Group




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