Passing the Torch - - - The Year of Crystal Intent

This message was channeled at the Scepter of Self Love, Victoria, BC. Canada 11/28/1999. It was about the special time that we are now facing called the Year of Crystal Intent. The year 2000 carries with it, some special opportunities and some new responsibilities. This year will be setting the energy for the next twelve years and those twelve years will set the energy for all that is to come.

This marks the first time we have used a live channel as the Message from Home. When reading it please see yourself in the room sitting in a chair or curled up comfortably on the floor. Even though you may not have been there, we held a place for you. I am proud to present.

Greetings from Home.

We are so pleased to be with you. This moment is ours to share with you in the joy that you share amongst yourselves on the Gameboard. As you look each other in the eye, perhaps for the first time during this incarnation, you see yourselves through each other's eyes. This slight shift in perspective will allow you to see who you really are. It is such a special time for us to share in the joy of the Game. We thank you for your invitation for it validates who we are. We take a moment for we see that we have hugged the Keeper a little too tight. (I was overcome by tears here and needed a moment.)

The message we have for you today is one of great importance. In our last message we told you a little more about who we are. In this message we will reflect more of who you are, and the path that now lies before you on the Gameboard. We ask you to take into your own hearts the message we give today and filter it through your own higher selves. Take that part which resonates within you and act upon it for now is the time for a call of action. The things that we ask of you today have never been placed upon humanity before. And yet, you are now of a high enough vibration to accept them.

The Sixth Attempt

From the very beginning of your Game, you were entrusted with the care of your own planet and that which you call the Gaia energy. Gaia is the energetic name for what you call Mother Earth. We remind you here that she is very much a living breathing entity, and very much a part of your own energetic system. Even knowing that she is connected, you have treated this part of yourself with such disdain over the years and over your lifetimes. Therefore, it was necessary to appoint temporary guardians of this energy to ensure the survival of the Game. It was not until recently that you have begun to tread lightly upon the planet which supports your own energetic structure. Now the tide has turned and with it the opportunity to reclaim your power has come to you once again. You have been offered this opportunity five times throughout the history of your Game. Each time, you have not been able to hold your true power. Each time it was necessary for Gaia to fully cleanse herself, to relieve herself of the tension of the misdirected energy, which you created through your actions. These have been the global shifts that have happened five times thus far in the history of Planet Earth.

It has been difficult for us to watch you put yourself through so much turmoil and grief. But now, we stand with great pride as you are about to change the paradigm once and for all. For this time, you will hold your power. You have made choices within yourselves that will make all the difference in the outcome of the Grand Game of Hide and Seek. For this time, God searching for himself, looking for herself, will re-member, and will know who you really are.

Into "Overlight"

As you hold your true power, and purposefully raise your own individual vibrations, you carry a new breed of light to the planet. Such is the truth, and soon you see this for yourselves as you will have the opportunity to step into something that we have termed Overlight. It is a very special situation your choices have created for you. For as the return of the Children of Crystal Vibration begins on the planet, the seeds of the entirely shifted biology will now be available to all of you without re-incarnating. This has not been possible up to this point, for man's inhumanity to man has held you firmly to the lower vibrations. The Children of Crystal Vibration, being of such fragile orientation, were not able to be supported until recently. They are a sensitive and powerful race of humans that can not tolerate or exist in a field of lower vibration. Even as many scouts have come over time, to bring the messages of peace and love and to test the level of vibration, they have been cast out and persecuted as the lower vibrations fought to resist change. They are powerful yet vulnerable, and in that vulnerability lies the origin of their greatest strength. For as they balance that vulnerability with their strength, they bring a new dimension to the planet and to your Game. Make space for this new dimension, for this is what you have been calling the ascension, and it is fully in progress at this time.

You are returning to that which you once were, and the Children of Crystal Vibration will bring that forward in the form of the new biology. This has only been possible because of the tremendous work that you have done. Not only the work that you have done within yourselves, but the courage to rearrange your own paradigms and because of the work of the blessed Indigo Children. For as they stretch the paradigms, as they stretch your systems of governments and education and parenting skills, they have made space for the new breed of Children of Crystal Vibration to return to the planet. This has now begun and we are very proud of you for making it so! You have represented this great family well.

Passing the Torch

As a result of your actions, your individual choices and your collective choices as humanity, you will now be taking the care of the planet back. You have earned the right to hold this energy. The parental races of humanity left caretakers on your Gameboard to hold the energy of the Mother Gaia. These have been the cetaceans that you call the whales and dolphins. As you have raised your vibration they have been turning this responsibility over to you in small increments for the past several years. Now, they are releasing the final remnants of this responsibility and turning it back over to you. This is a process that will begin now. The process itself will last one of your years and a great celebration will happen for the entire year as the cetaceans who have held the energy of your planet, once again pass the torch to humanity. For you can now hold that torch high. We ask that you hold it with the pride of the family of Michael for you have done well to receive it. We ask that you accept it and that you take care of the mother and nurture her as part of yourself, for you have now earned that right through your choices.

The Year of Crystal Intent

You have stepped through a door and now stand at the threshold of a very important time in your own history. This next year will set the energy and direction for the twelve years that will immediately follow. These twelve years are not only important to your Game, we tell you that they will also be important to all that is. The next year will be a year for you to accept responsibility for not only the planet, but also for your own future reality. This will be the most powerful time yet on the Gameboard. Setting your intent will be the action needed to set about your creation of Home on your side of the veil. For this reason we have called the year 2000 the Year of Crystal Intent. Do not fear this responsibility. You have been in training all of your lives for this moment. You will do well if you simply follow your heart. Look for the passion in all things and follow the pulls that you feel within. These are the gentle nudges from your own guidance system. These gentle tugs on the strings of your heart, are the way most of you communicate with your higher selves. Now is a time to listen and follow your heart. This next year on the Gameboard will allow each of you to easily set the energy and the direction of your own Game.

Spend time crystallizing your intent. Do not feel that you must move all at once. Rather, we ask you to set your intent clearly, and then watch as the doors begin to open. It is your responsibility now to walk through those doors as they open. It is yours to walk proudly in your own energy. It is your responsibility now to reflect that part of yourself which is divine. Begin in small increments if you wish, but do begin.

Angel Wings

We cannot tell you our connection to you, for there are no words, descriptions or paradigms within your own existence to explain our true connection to you. You hear the words that we speak through the Keeper and you feel the vibrations of Home that you easily recognize. At this moment you look to us and think that we are providing these vibrations of Home. As you feel this energy resonate within your own heart, know that it is your energy that we are reflecting, not ours, for that is our job. Your stories of the Angelic realm speak of wings that Angels earn to allow them to fly, yet all can easily fly on our side of the veil. The wings on Angels are spread only to reflect the energy of the humans they support and to create space for them to take their power. That is our highest purpose and we are deeply honored that you have allowed us to spread our wings in front of you. We are even more honored that you are now seeing your own reflection and holding your own energy.

(At this moment the Group changes energy and I find myself turning as if to look in the direction of someone in the room.)

There is one in the room that has asked for some very special guidance. Yes, it is you and you know who you are and you have received your guidance. You may ask for validation and it will be readily given to you that you have received your healing this day. It is not us who has created the healing, it is you. We have only spread our wings to reflect your magnificence, and that is who we are.

The Highest Game

So many times we have envisioned this day that now dawns on the Planet Earth. So many times, we have held the highest outcome of the Game. For us to imagine that one day you would be holding your power and purposely reaching for the higher truth that would lead you to your own magnificence, was our greatest dream. We cannot tell you of our great joy as you begin to reach for that power. We understand your confusion. We understand the difficulties you encounter as you incorporate the higher vibrations into the lower vibration bodies that you have had. Be patient with yourselves. Give yourselves time and look first for the answers within yourself. Nurture one another during the process. Emulate our actions, and spread your own wings to reflect the magnificence of one another. Hold the light for each other for that is the only way for you to find your way out of the dark room. As you come together in this fashion, as you re-unite spiritual family in the way you have done here today, you create higher vibrational space for yourself. Take that space within each of you and create your highest potential. For no matter how high you reach, your own true heritage will be slightly higher. So it is that we ask you to dare to reach for the highest and best. Set your intent to reach beyond your own boundaries and crystallize those intents with even the slightest of actions. Dare to script your next contracts with the Quill as it is now being handed to you.

A Request from the Group

We love you so. In this time we ask you to do something that has been difficult for you. We ask you to trust yourselves. Know that there are no wrong choices. Also know that if you fail to make a choice consciously it will be made for you. Look to the outside for validation if you wish, but trust first your own heart as the information comes through it, for all of Spirit will speak to you in that fashion.

Love Speed and the Seeds of Light

We are so very thrilled to be here! It is such a wonderful time on the planet. The evolution of humankind is at hand. From our perspective, this is happening in the blink of an eye. We see your toil, we see your struggles as you work with the dichotomies that face you. We understand that you feel that it is taking forever. Please know that from our higher perspective, you are moving at light speed or even faster at that which we call the Speed of Love. The step into Overlight is only a brief step from the threshold at which you now stand. You will carry parts of us with you if you choose, for that love is available to each and every one of you. As you leave this place, and step back into your daily worlds, and as you go back and visit the spouse you left behind, as you return to the office tomorrow, smile and carry that spark of light within your eyes, for you plant seeds within all upon whom you gaze. Everyone who looks into your eyes has the opportunity to take those seeds of love. We care not what labels they place upon it, for labels are only necessary in your human existence. We do not use them on this side of the veil.

Follow the lead of the Dolphins and Whales

Your individual vibration is incredibly important now as you continue to purposefully raise your vibration to accept the gifts that are now being handed to you. The gift of returning the care of the planet has come from the cetaceans, which you call the dolphins and the whales. They have faithfully held the energy on your planet. They will remain with you for a time to assist in this passing of the torch. They will remain not as guardians, but as helpers. You would be wise to connect with them for they can teach you much about holding this gentle, vulnerable energy. They know how to tread lightly upon the planet. Do not place your human values upon them for they do not fit. Take from them the higher energies of unconditional love and working together for a united purpose. Take from them the greatest of the strength. Take from them the humor they so readily offer. We have spoken of the Crystal Children returning and being vulnerable, and also of the tremendous strength they hold. We will now equate that to the grand whales. For as you see such manner of beings, such massive strength, such massive energy within these mammals, we also tell you that they are vulnerable. And yes, you have harmed them in the past. We ask you to hold them in the highest regard, to let them play out the remainder of their time here in joy and love, for they have earned it.

Creating Heaven on Earth

You have done well. The energy that you are now beginning to see reflected in your own eyes with each other, is the grand energy that is beginning to bring Home to your side of the veil. For the ascension process is not about leaving; it is about staying. It is about staying and creating Heaven on Earth. As above, so below. But we also tell you, and more importantly; As below, so above. As you reunite with each other, as you reunite in this fashion to bring spiritual family back together, we tell you it not only affects you, it affects us. For we too are in the process of reuniting with our higher selves and our greater spiritual family. And for that, we are so ever thankful to you. We hope you feel within each one of you the love we have for you for we invite you to open your heart as we touch you on many levels. There are many individual questions in this room that we will get to momentarily, but first we ask you to take a moment and breathe in our energy if you so choose. For we are here for you always, in many ways, including through your own heart. As we spread our wings to reflect your energy, allow yourself to take it in and that will be the re-union of Heaven and Earth. There have been times we have touched you when you sleep. There have been times we have hugged you when you are awake. Know that we are never far away. We are always with you and we love you so. We thank you for being.

And so it is - - -

All Live Channels include a Q & A to the Group from the audience. If you wish to read the questions and answers from the Group from this channel, the Q & A Section is available here.

After I wiped my eyes from this flood of love from the Group, I opened my eyes and was almost startled to see everyone looking so intently at me, almost as if they were looking past me at something directly behind me. I looked over at the host of the event, Shala Mata, and she seemed stunned. Later, over dinner, she got to tell me the connection the Group was making for her. I knew Shala to be a healer and EMF balancing teacher. What I did not know was the rest of the story. Shala had studied in Hawaii under Joan Ocean to swim and communicate with the dolphins. She has had a nudge to do this work for a long time. In fact Shala and Rob, her partner, will soon be heading down to the Dominican Republic in February 2000 to be on one of only three boats allowed to be in the bay where the migrations of the whales culminate. Here they will swim with the whales and make a documentary of the adventure. Prior to the channel I did not know of their plans and did not know of the passion they both feel towards this work.

We are proud to announce that in May of 2000 we will present a "Week to Re-member" in Cancun, Mexico. Here, Shala and Rob will present the documentary film to all of us as well as offer a dolphin swim for all who would like to experience this in the open ocean.

Talk about being nudged into their contracts!

Also next year, on New Years 2001, at the beginning of the new millennium, Barbara and I will host an event that will include being on the beach at sunrise to accept the final passing of the torch in ceremony from the whales and dolphins.

This will be an exciting year! Thanks for being here with us!

Steve & Barbara Rother



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