The Breath of GOD - Connecting the Infinite Self

From Steve:
We can all tell that something big is about to happen. There is something on a cosmic scale that has never before been equaled. About a year ago in Holland the Group talked for the first time about the fabric of the Gameboard. They talked about how this Gameboard is a stage on which we are all playing parts. They said in that message that there was a mathematical equation upon which the Game is based. They said it was the Golden Mean. This is the mathematical equation: f = (1+ Ö5)/2 or more simply stated: 1.618 (Actually 1.6180339887499). This equation is replicated throughout all of nature. It is the base of the Fibonacci series and the Fibonacci spiral that can be seen in all things. The Group says it is the base of everything in our reality. The Flower of Life, the Merkaba and most sacred geometry is based in this simple equation. The Parthenon and the Acropolis in ancient Greece are standing today as a result of the builders application of this simple equation.

In the days when Barbara and I first started doing seminars the Group had me make a Scepter. It was a full walking staff length with a huge crystal mounted on the end. Beneath the leather wrapping they suggested that I coil a copper winding from the crystal to the tip that hit the ground. It was coiled in seven segments all different widths apart, and all according to the Golden Mean. As many of you know who have attended a Scepter of Self Love seminar, the crystal started off completely cloudy. After the first two seminars the crystal cleared completely. Today it is still clear. Is this 'magic' or applied science?

The Group says this goes much deeper than we know. It might just be time to pull the veil aside and take a look.

Greetings from Home

We are honored to be in the presence of the masters of the Gameboard of Free Choice. Yes, we know you do not always feel like masters. Yet, when you begin to see yourselves as you really are you will see why we call you that. The advances you have made through the power of your own free choice have made possible a grand cosmic event.

In Search of Universal Answers.

In your own understanding of the cosmos you see that the Universe is ever expanding. You can see from your study of the stars that this can be proven from your own sciences. From this you have deduced that there was a cosmic event that you call the Big Bang. We love your human expressions so! Please understand that you are in fact the finite expression of the infinite. Therefore you have no real comprehension of what it is like to be infinite, even through your spirit carries those exact attributes. As an infinite being you would never ask questions that you feel would lead you to a better understanding of the true meaning of life. In finite form you have a predetermination to search for answers. This is a part of the human attributes that we love so much for this does not exist here in what you call Heaven. Here, in an infinite reality, we simply allow, and everything comes to us. As finite beings, you are under the influence of polarity and therefore do not see yourselves as a part of the whole. This is why you are constantly 'in search of'. As we discuss this point, please understand that the infinite reality is not better than a finite reality. They both serve as an important part of the whole. They are simply different expressions of Universal energy from which everything is made.

The Golden Mean

Your reality is changing as a result of your advancements. Your reality is now coming closer to Home and as a result we can tell you more about how the inter-dimensional realities interact with one another. You live in a reality of polarity. This was the needed component of the Game that allowed you to carry the attributes of being finite. In order to create the illusion of separateness, polarity consciousness was introduced. Now, as you move into higher vibrational status, you no longer need the same polarity. You are learning to see unity through glasses that are still tainted with polarity. As you do, watch for the keys and signals along the way. One of these is the factor known as the Golden Mean. The Golden Mean is the mathematical expression of the conversion of infinite to finite. Understand an important truth here, that the reverse is also true. It is this simple expression that makes up all of the fabric of the Grand Game you are playing. Like the props on the stage of life, everything you see beyond the curtain is fabricated from this simple expression. Even in our communications with you there are certain phrases that we intentionally use to stir memories deep within your soul. Here we use this same mathematical formula in the words that we send through the Keeper. These vibrations invoke the memories of Home deep within your being for they re-mind you of the time the Game was first created. This is similar to a person who smells freshly cut grass and re-members a special time in their childhood. They know that if they wish to re-member the people and the feelings of their childhood that they only have to find a freshly cut lawn. Similarly, we often use words or codes in the words that invoke memories for you to re-member Home. One of these is the word "Greetings". This word carries a pure vibration. Imagine the gates of Heaven swinging open when you hear that word for that is why we use it. You will also note that as we speak either in spoken or written words, through the Keeper, that we use a rhythm and syntax in our expressions that is very carefully chosen. This is all designed to help your stir your own memories of Home and gently awaken you from the dream.

The Big Bang?

It is your own need for searching, in finite form, that has created what you call the Big Bang theory. This theory explains the current condition of all that is in terms that fit within your finite reality. This allows you to contemplate the concept of all that is. If we told you that all that lies out there always was and will always be, you will not fully be able to comprehend the nature of the Universe. Your own conception and what you call scientific evidence lends itself to searching for a point of origin. We will not argue that fact with you but we will offer another perspective.

Imagine that what you call the Universe, and all Universes, exist in many dimensional realities simultaneously. Even your own existence can be said to have several concurrent dimensional realities. There are actually many of 'you' all existing side by side in slightly different dimensional realities. In each one you may make slightly different choices, therefore, each of your dimensional realities may lead you in a slightly different path. Up to this point all dimensional realities have been kept from crossing each other. This was necessary due to the strong influence that polarity has on a reality to create the illusion of being finite.

'All That Is' exists within a rhythm. The beat of your own physical heart determines your base vibration. All human hearts that beat within a complimentary range of vibration make up the humans that exist within a dimensional reality. The Earth, as a living, breathing being also exists within a vibrational range complimentary to yours. The ocean, as a microcosm of the Universe has ebb and flow that sets the base vibration for all that is contains. Everything that you see in your reality is actually a living being that is vibrating in a harmonic resonance to your own vibration. If anything were vibrating at a rate not complimentary to your own, it would simply exist in an inter-dimensional reality and would not be a part of your Game.

On a grander scale, 'All That Is' also has similar ebb and flow. From a cosmic perspective, what you see as a point of origin of the Universe is the point where that reality began as a finite expression. You, as finite beings, see this as a point of origin that you call the Big Bang. We tell you that there have been many Big Bangs for they are actually a part of the process of the ebb and flow of the Universe. See that each beginning is actually a new beat of the grand heart that sets the base vibration for 'All That Is'.

The Heart Beat and Breath of GOD

The Universe, as you know it, has been expanding as far back as you can see. Yet we tell you that this is only half the story. The Universe expands until it reaches the point where all realities intersect. As it reaches this zero point, then it continues with the same motion and collapses upon itself. It collapses until it reaches zero point again, then continuing with the same motion, it begins its expansion again on the other side. Please understand that astronomers will not discover this fact until well after the event. In reality, as you look to the stars with your telescopes, you are actually looking into a time machine. What you are seeing is long in the past. There will come a time when you will be able to look through this time machine in reverse as you discover the nature of Light. This will happen as you discover new applications for the Golden Mean.

The ebb and flow of the Universe expanding and collapsing is the base vibration of the Universal Energy. This is the heart beat of GOD which gives expression of the infinite in finite form. We tell you that this has happened many more times than even your own heart has beaten. Every time the heart of God beats and reaches this zero point, the realities blend together as one and for an instant the finite blends with the infinite once again.

Intersecting Realities into Unity

There have been times when alternate realities have crossed paths. When this happens they blend together for an instant and leave permanent impressions on both realities. These have been the origins of many of what you have called myths and stories that have been passed down unaltered from generation to generation. The story of Camelot is such an intersection of realities. These stories live as strongly today as the first day that they were channeled through the imagination of a single human mind. We tell you that other than these momentary intersections, alternate realities have never blended together permanently. Can you grasp the excitement that exists within all dimensions of reality as for the first time the blending of dimensional realities is about to happen? The best way in which we can describe what is about to happen is to say that as the heart beat of God breaths in and out all live begins anew. Never has a conscious manifestation of God in finite form made the transition from one breath to another. That is about to change.

Once again, we tell you that we can not predict the future, for you have yet to write it. Yet, there has always been a time loop based on the Golden Mean. If we told you that we, as the Angels in Heaven, were actually channeling your future selves, it would give you a glimpse of the different realities that exist within the same time and space. You could easily see the difference between the reality of your current selves and your future selves, and us as the intermediaries. Now if those realities were to blend, even slightly, you could see that each one of you would have the inner guidance of the future 'you'. We tell you that this is a good example of what is happening, as more divinely inspired information is coming through each one of you every day. Your job at this point in time is simply to learn to trust yourselves and your own inner guidance. How many times have you said to yourself: "If only I would have listened to myself!"

Channeling Your Future Self

This is a good example for it is one that you as finite beings can easily comprehend. Now we will take this a step further. If you will take that example and change it to see that the 'you' in finite form is actually connecting to the infinite 'you' the connection will be more completely understood. Again, we as the Angels in Heaven, are the intermediaries and here to re-mind you that there is an infinite 'you'. The infinite you also has full range of time so it is able to move both backward and forward in time. These are the realities that are about to blend together as one. As this happens, you will have guidance from your own infinite 'you" available at all times. Your own evolution as the finite expression of the infinite will now take you to a deeper contact with your infinite selves. This is what you have known as your own higher selves. The veils that you wear are crucial to the Game of Hide and Seek. They keep you separate from your infinite selves and are indispensable. At the same time, they are thinning more than ever before. This is the blending of the two realities that will open the door for the greatest event. The next breath of God is closer than you know. This is why all the eyes in the Universe are upon you at this time. You are the masters of the Gameboard. You are the honored ones throughout 'All That Is'.

What lies ahead is beyond description. Approach it with excited expectation. Expect a miracle! Please take your time and keep your balance, the times ahead are filled with wonderment and joy. Connect with others of like vibration in the days ahead for it amplifies and heightens the collective vibration. Know that you are never alone, and that we are one step behind you always wrapping you in our wings with each step that you take. We hold the energy for your infinite self until such time as you hold that energy on your own. We do this with the greatest of gratitude and love. We ask that you do not take life too seriously and learn to enjoy the ride. It is with the greatest honor that we remind you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another, and play well together.


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