The Color Clear

From Steve

When the Group first began to present through me, they told me something that I will never forget. They told me that this information was about personal empowerment and even though that sounds really wonderful, they said it would not be readily accepted. They said that humans are so accustomed to giving their power away that this information would not be popular at first. I thought that this was something that I could easily overcome, but soon began to see that they were, in fact, correct. People came to me asking for me to ‘fix’ them, or just tell them which way to turn. They wanted to know who the Group was and what level of dimension they were from, all of which the Group intentionally left out of my channelers instruction packet. In fact, they have never once called themselves the Group. That was a default name that came as a result of one of the very early writings where I mentioned this “group of helpers” over my shoulder. A person responded and asked: “What does “the Group” say about this?” That is where the name came from and for a person who has a marketing background, I must say that it was more than a little frustrating. All of this was to make way for the Second Wave of empowerment and they wanted me to plant the seeds.

Although our travels have put us in contact with many wonderfully advanced souls, this last year I can honestly say that we really noticed a difference in the general understanding of this material. I guess it could just be that Barbara and I have gotten better at presenting it, but I think it goes much deeper to show the collective human advancement. Because of this advancement we are taking the messages from the Group to more of a mainstream audience. This is getting exciting as people from all walks of life are grasping the concepts of holding our power as creators in human form. The message that follows is a perfect example of how this can take form and how we can see ourselves more clearly when we see ourselves as spirit. We think of ourselves as humans searching for a spiritual awakening when in fact we are spirits attempting to cope with a human awakening.

This presentation was given live at the Re-membering Home seminar hosted by the wonderful people at The Soul Esteem Center in St. Louis, Mo. on May 19th 2002. I am pleased to offer it here in hopes that it will help you to see the color clear.

Greetings from Home

Welcome Home. As you look around the room you see each other for perhaps the very first time. Here you see a brother who finds a sister he has not seen in many lifetimes. And over here you see another, neighbors that have fought, and are now best friends. So many times you have played the Game attempting to put you right in the heart of your passion. So many times you have played the game trying only to re-member what your passion was. You hear our laughter and some times it confuses you. Dear ones, you have no idea how we see things from this side of the veil. We greet you with the memories of Home so that you too may re-member the wonderful humor that we share here. Humor is the only energy that passes unhampered between our side of the veil and yours. Yet, some times you feel like the joke is on you and that frustrates you. The Keeper has told us many times, when we sit here and laugh, that next time he will sit up here and laugh and we will come down and play the Game. We will see, will we not? Do you hear our laughter now? We tell you the laughter that we share with you is direct from the heart of what you call the family of Michael. The smile upon your face at this very moment is opening your being to a flow of energy that brings you Home again. Welcome Home. You are part of us and we are part of you, and when you share the energy one unto another, as we have just shared it with you, you create Home where you are at this very moment. You are the Human Angels.

It is so hard for you sometimes, where you have come here with the express intent of not being able to see yourself. You have come here with the greatest intent of joining the game on Planet Earth taking form in biology as confused beings. We tell you that you have certainly done well with that. You look to us for answers as you ask: “Where am I going? What is next? Where am I to be the highest use?” And our favorite: “Where is my passion?” Dear ones, we cannot see the future, for you have yet to write it. We can, however, see the direction you are traveling and what contracts you have placed in your own path. We tell you now that there is no grand plan in place, for you have surpassed even the highest potential. Please understand that every minute of every day, you are the ones in control. That is why your passion is now more important than ever for it is the road map to your highest purpose, and with that you are dong much better than you know.

Evolution of Sight

Dear ones, this day we wish to share with you part of your own evolution in the area of sight. We have spoken before about new colors that will be showing up on the first Planet of Free Choice. We tell you this day there is color that you have never understood. You see it often, and yet you have never understood what you have seen, nor, its greater meaning. Now it is time to start understanding what you are seeing. We have spoken of the Universal Energy as the energy that exists in all things. In fact it is the backdrop against which you play your game of hide and seek. In much the same fashion, there is a color that underlies each and every thing that you see. It taints all of your vision within the field of polarity. Becoming aware of this color and seeing it as the base against which all things are colored will help you in your next stage of evolution as you now move out of duality. It is the color clear. Many times during the Game you reach for an understanding that mysteriously eludes you. Mostly this is because you did not understand the base color of clear. The background against which you built your understanding was not clear; therefore, all things seen against it are tainted. If you can imagine what it is like for you to travel around all day with the most wonderful rose colored sunglasses. We think you humans are so imaginative how you attempt to shift your base perception. Here you are working with the color clear for you are changing your base perception with the colored glasses. Humans are so imaginative! With the glasses, the physical biology quickly adapts and considers the rose tint to be normal or “clear”. The challenge comes when you view a red rose and cannot perceive the true color because the color ‘clear’ has shifted.

Rose Colored Glasses

The color clear is not limited to your sense of sight. In human form you have many more senses than you are aware. Your sense of absorption is an area where this information will be most helpful. Absorption is the manner in which you absorb all forms of energy including emotional energy. It may be helpful for you to understand with your senses you do not perceive actual color, sound, fragrances or energy. In actuality you only perceive changes in those things. Your biology can easily adjust to shifting the base in all of these areas. Therefore the true color of clear is very important as a base for all that you experience. If you live next to a perfume factory, you will only smell the perfume when you first return home for that is when you perceive the change. Later that night you no longer smell it. Likewise, if you live in a busy city where there is noise outside your window all times of the day and night, you may find the silence of a week on a farm in the country deafening. Everything that you see through your glasses is slightly tainted, and therefore altered in some way. It is helpful to know that even when you put the sunglasses on, the color clear is underlying all that you perceive, including the rose tint of the glasses. Find the color clear and you will have a base for all that you experience as spirit masquerading in a human costume.

The Color Clear

Let us show you some areas that you can see the color clear, for it is becoming more important each day, not only in your evolution of sight, but also in the way you live your lives in the higher vibrations of the New Planet. Your lives can be confusing as the change starts taking place. As you make a decision to step into your passion, it may mean that you step out of something else to make room for that passion. As you become higher vibrational humans, you no longer have the tolerance that you had in the lower vibrations. It is no longer possible for you to be in a lower vibrational job that does not support your higher vibration. Many of you have intentionally lowered your vibration in order to go to work every day. You no longer have that luxury. Now it is about passion. It is about joy. This is not new, only more important in the new energy as the tolerance has now been removed. The shift toward living your life in search of passion and joy requires substantial energy. To make a shift of this nature, you will need a solid base. To gain that base, you must understand the color clear.

Each persons color clear may be slightly different. The color clear is what causes you to feel attraction or repulsion to another when you first meet them. Two people with the same color clear may meet one day and bond as if they had been friends for lifetimes. In fact, it may have been that having many life experiences together has given them both the same color clear. Most dramas are played because the color clear is slightly different for each other. As humans you are in the continuous motion of reconciling your color clear with everyone you meet.

Your whole experience on Earth is what we see as the Grand Game. This game is a grand play being staged with great detail. The game itself is a form of human drama and is a needed component of the game. Also understand that energy is always drawn to drama. This is as it should be, except when the drama feeds upon itself and forms a loop. Then, it is quite possible to be wrapped up in the endless loop, loosing sight of your base and what is truly important. Yet if you understand the color clear, you can play in the dramas of life and never loose sight of the true meaning.

With humanity moving at the speed of love toward the next evolutionary step, there will be many dramas playing out on the stage. As the painter begins a new canvas, his first step is to mix the colors on his pallet. What we are suggesting here is before you mix the colors for your next stage of life, that you closely examine the base color of the pallet itself, for it will modify every stoke of your brush from this point forward.

Seeing Your Color Clear

To find the color clear we ask you fearlessly examine your motivations in all actions of your life. Fear not your motivations for they are simply motivations. The field of polarity is growing thinner as you move closer to Home. Accordingly, the illusions of polarity are beginning to become more transparent. You are beginning to see that Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, Up and Down, Love and Fear and even Black and White are all illusions. In reality there is not black, nor white, only shades of grey. They are part of the Game that you are scripting for yourselves in each moment of each day. To find the color clear we ask that you to release the judgments you have of your own motivations. There are no correct ones, nor are there any bad ones. Throughout all of nature a simple rule applies:

For every action there is motivation.

Truthfully identify your motivations and take inventory of them without judgment. Then and only then will you begin to see the color clear. The funny part to us is that as hideous as all of you think that your motivations are, your base motivations are all very similar. The veil that you wear makes it very difficult to see yourself, yet, by setting your intent and allowing your vision to clear by releasing judgment, you will see yourself in a new light.

Step 1 Clear Ceremony

Before you step through the doors that will be opening soon, ceremony we suggest that you take time and co ceremony to locate the color clear. Sit in a quite time, breath to clear your field and center your own energy. If you choose, ask your guides, angels or higher self to help arrange the pictures that you are about to see. Set yourself in a theatre as the show is about to begin on the screen in front of you. Before the show begins, consciously suspend your judgment for a time and give yourself permission to just enjoy the show. Then begin as you watch the pictures that follow about random events in you life. As each one passes by, examine it to see if you can identify a single thread of motivation that runs through it. As you begin to see the motivations you will begin to see the color clear. These motivations are not right, they are not wrong, they just are.

Now s you become more comfortable with the process, we ask you to boldly label each of these motivations temporarily even though the labels themselves may repulse you at first. Continue to allow many more of these visions to enter your thoughts and fearlessly identify and label the motivations in each one. Once you have identified the color clear as seen through base motivation, you can begin to identify those motivations within the dramas that you play on the Gameboard. Now begin the flow of pictures that show the most life altering dramas that have played out in your life. Again watch as your base motivations are revealed to you. Here you may also find that by examining your own base motivations you will more clearly see the motivations of the other participants in these dramas. It is important to totally release judgment for this exercise as judgment itself is an exercise in polarity. As you identify base motivations you can understand your real needs as spirits masquerading in human bodies. All spirits have wants and desires in the human form. There are no wrong or selfish needs as all needs are real. The challenge comes when one hides those basic needs from themselves because of a belief system or judgment the carry. Look fearlessly at the base motivations that have shaped your life thus far and here you will begin to see your color clear.

Step 2 Stepping into Spirit

Once you have labeled several of these primary motivations in your life we ask you to now look at them in a different light. Now we ask you to step out of your physical bodies and examine each one of these as the spirits that you are. Find ways to relabel each of these motivations to reflect the basic needs of a spirit in human form. What may have been first labeled as jealousy may be now be relabeled as a need to be loved. The experience of Love is the greatest hope of all souls entering the Game. What may have first been labeled as a need to feed your ego may now be relabeled as a need for basic recognition. Spirits enter the Game for the intent of experience, and that is not possible if they are invisible and not recognized. What may have first been labeled as wanting more or a fear of not having enough, may be relabeled to simply a fear of dying. All souls are brought into the Game with an inborn fear of death. From the perspective of the spirit this is actually more a fear of dying before completing your primary life lesson. Those that no longer fear death have risen above that within this lifetime. What may have been labeled as laziness or sloth may be relabeled as a need to nurture oneself. All spirits in human form must learn to nurture themselves first before they can accept nurturing from others. What may have been labeled as competition or a need to reach the top, may be relabeled as a need to experience creation. You are an integral part of God with the same abilities of creation. Those abilities must be utilized or you will turn the energy of creation inward. That produces the useless human emotion of guilt. Although we tell you that the human emotion of guilt has served you very well in the lower vibrations from which you are evolving, in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth, it is the most useless thing that you carry with you. We will offer you instead, action. If there is something that you can do about something then do it. If not, release the guilt, for it will taint your color clear more than you know. Each time you find yourself dealing with the “G” word. We ask you to look up and laugh. Enjoy the humor of who you are, for that is the true perspective of the angels. The great laughter is what sets the energy right in an instance. And if ever you are struggling to see the color clear, or if you find yourself wrapped up in a drama and cannot quite get clear, stop and laugh at your situation. This simple action will bring the color clear in an instant, for clarity can only be gained when the energy is aligned. Once you begin working with this, offer it to others for that is the action of the Human Angels. Reach out, for you are not alone in your experience of playing human. It is also the reason that those of you who hear us also hear the divine laughter.

Step 3 Adjusting the Color Clear

Understand that as you play the game you can change or adjust your color clear. Even as a collective of humanity, your primary motivation is shifting as you raise that collective vibration. Primary motivation of all of humankind up to this point has been the simple motivation of survival. In the lower levels from which you came, all actions and dramas could be traced back to the primary motivation of survival. As you continue to evolve that no longer is your primary motivation. You are not afraid of dying. Is that not wonderful? When the collective belief was that you only had ‘now’, you felt like you were under pressure to use every moment, and time was a precious commodity to be squeezed. Yet because of this advancement, your color clear, and therefore, the very base of who you are, has been altered. The cosmic wink is that this allows you to make the highest use of every moment and now you have time to just be. It is only when you know the color clear that you have the freedom to make the greatest choices within every second of every day. Your color clear can be adjusted to match your higher vibration as you evolve in human form. Now we will show you how to incorporate those adjustments.

Now we ask you to take a moment to have an inner dialog with your own higher self. See the connection with your higher self and then ask your lower conscious self to join in the inner dialog. With both the higher and lower self present, examine each of these labels that you have now adjusted. If both higher and lower self agree then take these labels as your new color clear. If you have discord between the two then please return to the theatre and watch these pictures again and place new labels on base motivations. Once the labels have been found to clearly define base motivations in your life then you can move forward with a base understanding of the color clear. Now that you have identified, without judgment, your wants and needs as a spirit in human form, you will find that the feelings of being stuck or restricted will dissolve and your forward movement will gain speed. Then you are a clear slate ready for a new script. We ask you then to focus on your highest and best attainment of your base motivations. Dance with your passion, play with your joy. Search out that which makes your heartstrings vibrate the highest. Enjoy the ride and understand your own primary motivations, for some of you will be motivated by attainment, some of you will be motivated by a higher vibration. Some of you will be motivated by incorporating higher truths into a higher reality. They are all yours for the choosing for you are the creators. Choose well, dear ones, and if at any time you are not happy with your choices have the courage to choose again.

All choice is honored always. It is your birthright. Until recently, you have been playing your Game on the only Planet of Free Choice. You have had no predetermination. For God to see God you took these drastic measures. And now you step to the next level as the Children of the New Earth enter and take their place. You have evolved as spirit over eons of lifetimes after lifetimes. Your intent was to evolve as a spiritual being just so you could experience the Game in human form, to reach out and touch another hand also in human form. That is the greatest evolution of spirit. Yet you do not understand its magic. Every time you reach out and you touch another soul in physical form, we applaud you.

Holding Your Power

Please do not give us your power, asking us which way to turn. Please do not look to us for your answers, for that is not why we are here. The second wave of empowerment is moving from follow the leader to follow yourselves. This is not an easy transition, for you have not been taught to trust your own heart. You look to us and you wish to make the best and highest choice. You say: “If only you will show me which road to take at this juncture for me to reach my goal. Then I will find my passion and experience my joy. Then I will be at the highest use of the Universe.” And we say, dear ones, if you ask that question you have already missed the turn off, for the road is not a destination, it is a journey. If you wish to see the color clear, you must see it and hear it where you are at this very moment. If you wish to see the color clear you must understand there is no right or wrong choice. If you wish to see the color clear, you must be here, now. For it is not a destination. It is about enjoying the Game and enjoying the ride. Our work as angels is to reflect your magnificence and help you to re-member who you really are. We are here only to help you see yourselves from a perspective of Home, then, you will find those answers within you. For as each one of you takes your power, you pull the entire Game closer to Home in the re-union that is now underway.

You have no idea who you are. You have no idea what you have done. You have no idea that you are sons and daughters of the King. You are heirs to the throne of forever. Dear ones, you are the chosen ones. You could not be alone if you tried. It is about finding a way to enjoy each day even if you find that you have to go to work and lower your vibrations for one more day. We dare you to find the one minute of that job that you love. Do that and you will see the color clear.

With your help we have created sacred space this day. We tell you the entire day you have been in the energy of Home. This entire day you have not aged. This day you have rejuvenated your energy. You have chosen to sit at the front of the class. You have chosen to be here—to be the beacons of light for those who will follow as humanity evolves. We are honored to be in your presence. We are honored to help show you the color clear. In those moments when you lose yourself, in those moments when you cannot find your way, in those moments when you look in the mirror and you cannot see your reflection, let your spiritual family reflect you. Know that you are not alone. As you step into the next stages of evolution that are now in front of you, re-member the color clear. It is the most beautiful color of all. It is with the greatest of love that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another. Find ways of making space for the empowered human and play well together.




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The Group first came to Steve Rother in 1996 and since then has given information for a evolving planet that has filled several books now translated into 18 languages.

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