The E-Factor

From a very early age, I always believed that if you locked two enemies in a room that they would eventually emerge as friends. I also believe that sometimes your success in life is determined by how you deal with difficult people. So often we run from relationships that are difficult because we find it easier to start over than to work through the lessons we set up for ourselves. We do this time and again, only to find that we keep attracting people who have the exact same attributes as the ones we leave. I do believe that we all have relationships that are appropriate to end. So how do we end a relationship without having to experience it again? Here in the live channel in Denver, Colorado on March 12th, 2000 they gave us a special tool to use. Here the Group talks about a way to easily create supportive relationships in your life, not just for difficult relationships but for all the people in your field.

If we become aware that everyone who enters our field alters us in some small way, then we will want to choose carefully who we allow around us. We have all been told that we can not change other people and I believe that is true. I also believe that if you change the way you react to someone then you can actually change their behavior to some extent. The Group says that we can either choose who is in our lives or we can empower those who are already there. Surrounding yourself with empowered people creates a very supportive environment in which to live.

The "E-Factor" is the first in the series on Becoming Human Angels. As we step into higher vibrations, we become more like the Angels that watch over us. So how do the Angels create their reality?

Greetings from Home.

Those words resonate with this gathering, for so many of you know the vibrations of Home. So many of you have spent countless times together in different roles as spiritual family. We are honored to be in your presence at this time to help bring through the re-membering process of who you are. We honor you so much for having the courage to walk behind the veils of forgetfulness that keeps you from seeing who you are. This same veil often keeps you from taking your full power. It is our honor to be here, even momentarily, to help you pull aside the veil so that you can see who you are. The magnificence within each one of your beings can be seen through the eyes of each other.

We tell you that the love we have for you is beyond words that would fit into your realm. We hold the energy for you often, yet there are times when all we are able to do is to raise the hair on your arms to let you feel us. For us to hug you would be beyond your comprehension, yet we do so often. We spread our wings often to reflect your magnificence. Sometimes we stand before you when you are in your greatest despair and we hold the energy for you when you feel you can not hold it yourself. And we love you when you can not love yourself and we re-mind you that you are the masters. You are the ones that have agreed to come here and play this Game. Not simply for the sake of playing the Game, but for the benefit of all that is.

Creating a New Reality

You are not alone in the outcome of this Game. We tell you there are so many watching your every move. In fact, the room is filling up as we speak and it is getting quite crowded in here. We make room for each and every being from many dimensions that wishes to watch as the great event unfolds. From their perspective, it is the opportunity to view the masters as they start to re-member who they are. The fulfillment of the Game itself is in the grandest of styles, for none imagined the outcome that now lies before you. None imagined that you would firmly take the Quill in your own hands and purposely script your next contracts, and yet here you are doing exactly that. All of humanity has the opportunity to script their own contracts. You have always had this ability yet very few have ever exercised this right. Now here you are scripting the next phase of the Game with your own hand. You have done well to reach this point. Creating a reality of your own choosing is the highest expression of the Universal energy within each of you.

The Second Wave of Empowerment

You have changed your paradigm. You have changed that which was you. You have opened the door to connect to your own higher self, while still in biology. And you have done so partly through your own pain. It was in 1945 that the Game took the final turn of events that opened the door for the steps you now take. This was a time of much pain on the Gameboard. There was one on the planet at that time who played a very important role, for he stood in direct opposition of the blending of Universal energy. At that time, you were playing the Game of follow-the-leader. You have no idea of the wondrous cheers that went up as you took your power and held it as a race of beings. In that moment you defined yourselves as the finite expression of the infinite creator. For in doing so, you held your sword high as a collective expression of God. You declared who you were and you changed the Game forever. This was the beginning of the Second Wave of Empowerment and it marked the time when the human part of God began to re-member. The entire nature of the Grand Game was for God to define itself in finite form. As you purposely choose your reality, you are expressing that power of creation, which is your birthright.

The time that now lies before you is very important. You have earned the right to be here at exactly this moment, and it is difficult for you have never done it before. There are no books that point the way, for you have not written them yet. We tell you there are three in this room who will help to write the books that will point the way for many to follow.

Clarifying Vibration

The process of creating Home in your reality is what now lies before you. We wish this day to speak to you of exactly that process. We have told you time and again how powerful you are and how you create your own reality with every thought. For as each thought whisks through your being, your vibration changes. It is that vibration which precedes you all things. The vibration that emanates from your being in precedes all conversations, all relationships, and all interactions with each other. Clarifying your vibration enables you to retrieve from the Universe that which most effectively creates your reality. Clarifying your vibration is the first and foremost step to creating Home on your side of the veil.

The Year of Crystal Intent

The properties of the veil cause you to doubt yourselves. Yet we tell you the energy infusion will soon let you see that you are in the perfect time and place. You have placed yourself in the year 2000. This is the year that we have called the Year of Crystal Intent. For as each of you crystallize what it is you came here to do and what it is you wish to do, you set the energy purposefully for the planet and all of humanity for the next twelve years. The next twelve years will set the energy for the next millennium. In the seconds between our words, there are thoughts racing through your heads. Can you imagine the possibilities of those thoughts creating the purpose and the direction of the next millennia? We tell you this is an accurate story. We tell you that you have no idea how powerful you are, but you are about to find out.

In the times ahead, there will be many who feel lost. In the times ahead, even some of the greatest teachers may seem to lose their way. We ask you please, do not judge them for they accomplished their task well. Help them to see the great connections they have provided. During this time many will be leaving. The balancing of the planet will be an important part of the energy.

Choose Action instead of Re-action

We wish to tell you also that there is a very important energy that you can create as part of your own reality. It is said that you can not change another human being. And in many ways this is correct, for you can only co-create for yourself. You are only responsible to center your own energy and act in integrity with that centered energy. Yet we tell you there are ways in which you can change other people. For you can change the way you re-act to them. As you make this slight adjustment in attitude, you change your perception ever so slightly. This alters your reality and therefore changes the way people treat and re-act to you. In this manner you can change other people to create your own reality.

Creating Human Angels

We tell you now something that is of great importance to you. For you now have the opportunity to acquire your own wings. You have the opportunity to advance to the vibrations known to you as that of the Angels. You can be Angels walking upon the Earth. Our greatest joy is to reflect your energy, for in your magnificence is our reflection. In your magnificence is who we are. Now we tell you that the same is true for you. Those people that you have chosen to surround you are a direct reflection of you. Please do not judge them or yourselves for all interactions can be altered by the slightest shift in perception.

Fabricating Your Energy Field

Please understand that the people in your field reflect and create who you are. Everyone you encounter causes an exchange of vibration. This vibrational exchange forever alters your own vibration. Even the handshake you enjoy upon meeting another is an exchange of vibration that forever alters who you are. Everyone you encounter changes who you are. It is then easy to see that a most effective way to create a reality of your choosing is by carefully choosing who resides in your field. This we have identified as the tool of discernment and is the first of the tools for living in the higher vibrations. Now, we ask you not only to choose these people well, but also to create the highest potential with the people already in your field. Here we will introduce you to the Empowerment Factor.

The Empowerment Factor

In your daily activities you have choices about who will surround you. You always have the option to leave relationships that detract from you and attract others that support you. This is only one way in which you can create your reality. We tell you that you also have the opportunity to empower the people that are already in your field and therefore create a higher reality for yourself. And we tell you that it is this Empowerment Factor that will quickly change the equation to create Heaven on Earth. If those in your field change your vibration, why not place empowered people in your field? The easiest way to accomplish this is to empower those already in your field.

Everyone of you playing the Game is actually a part of each other. You are energetically connected in ways you can not see. Find that connection and you will empower each other. Find one attribute that you love or respect in a person and build on that. Find one area where you can nurture them. No matter how embattled you may be with them, no matter how much they may be pulling your energy strings, if you wish to change the energy - empower them. Do this not by giving away your power, but by helping them see their own true power. Practice looking for ways to empower others and incorporate this action into daily life. Suddenly you will find yourself in the company of masters. Encourage and help these people to become who they wish to be and you will be in your passion. Empower them to find their own passion and to do the work that they came to do. And in doing so, it will no longer be necessary for them to pull your energy strings or to steal and manipulate your energy.

Find one thing to give to them freely without condition or attachment to outcome. Then we ask you to hold them responsible for accepting the gift and do not attempt to create their reality for them. Rather, help them to see themselves through your eyes and help them to see the empowered person they are. Focus those eyes on the positive attributes of a person and watch those attributes blossom. This is the work of Angels. In the moment you give the gift of empowerment you have changed the Game. If they choose not to accept and stay in their old embattled energy, they will find themselves alone for you will no longer be there to re-act in the same manner that you had prior. Even if you do not leave the relationship the energy has forever changed. This is the time when you can make your choice as to whether you wish to have then stay in your field. But first, give them the gift of their own empowerment. Give them the gift of their re-flection through your wings. Be the Angelic presence that you so often seek. You have no idea of the Angelic presence that walks within each of you. Treat yourself as the Angel that you are becoming and the Angelic vibration will quickly be added to you. You are becoming Human Angels.

Using the E-Factor

You will find this very helpful with everyone who enters your field. Use it first with those who are difficult for they draw much of your energy. Then spread this technique to everyone you encounter. Can you imagine a child who grows up in an environment where he or she is encouraged at every point? Can you imagine a work place where everyone is looking for the highest and best in all things? We have spread our wings before you often to re-mind you of your magnificence, and now we tell you that it is your turn to help others re-member the vibrations of Home.

We bring you glimpses of Home each time you connect with us. This is our highest purpose and our passion and joy. For every time you encounter someone who helped you remember Home, every time you read a book, every time you hear messages from Home, every time you hear anyone who reminds you of Home, you are changed. In those moments you become more like us. We ask you to please re-member you have wings of your own and to claim those wings. For we wish you to spread those wings at every opportunity. Those around you have no idea who they are and you can help them see their highest potential. And in that action you will find your greatest joy. In that action you will become the highest expression of the God that is within each one of you. We ask you to have the dignity and respect of yourself to carry that energy. We know it is difficult, for the veil keeps you from seeing who you are. Still, we ask you to have the courage to look in the mirror and see your magnificence, for in doing so it will allow you to spread the Empowerment Factor to others.

The Endangered Species - The Human Ego

As each one becomes empowered, as each one starts to claim their own magnificence, the ego will gently fall away. Does that surprise you? Does it surprise you to see that as more people become empowered, it is not necessary for you to think that you are the only one that is empowered? Our passion is to spread our wings for you, so that you may see your own magnificence. But we tell you that we are only here to hold the energy until you can hold the energy of each other. For that is the true creation of Heaven on Earth. The first part of creating Heaven is to bring in the Angels. You are the Angels we are referring to, and you have heard the call or you would not be hearing these words. That is why you are feeling the tug to move into action even though you may be unaware of the direction to take. You are on your path or you would not be at this juncture. You have toiled long and hard to get here and we applaud your journey. Now we ask you to step into your role of becoming the Angelic presence in the creation of Home that now lies before you.

Spreading your Wings

Those people in your field that have caused you pain, those people that have pulled on your energy chords inappropriately, those people for which you hold the resentment are the people who present you with your first opportunity to spread your wings. We charge you to find one way to empower them and step into that action this day. That is the Empowerment Factor that will change your energy matrix. That is the Empowerment Factor that will allow you to most readily change who you are and be fully in your joy. For in your passion and joy is the love of who you are. In that love is the vibration of Home. That is how you create Heaven on Earth.
Welcome Home.
[Here I was overcome with tears and needed a moment.]
We apologize to the Keeper. We have been doing so well not hugging him too tight.

The Magic Within You

Our words in this gathering must now come to a close. You will carry this vibration with you. You will carry this message with you. But more importantly, they are only words that we have put into the air through the Keeper's voice. These words find their way to you and the vibrations of Home are received only because you are asking for them. You are ready for the next step or you would not be attracting these words. It is wonderful to feel the vibrations of Home and it is wonderful to play in this energy, and yet nothing happens until you take this information and apply it in your daily lives. That is the magic that you hold. That is the part of the puzzle that we can not accomplish. That is the magnificence that you have earned through your willingness to play the Game. That is the greatness that you hold and that is the reason that you have placed yourself in a world of duality. For you to experience the expression of the infinite creator in finite form, it was necessary to place you in a field of duality. You have put yourself here to do this. And it is difficult for us to say thank you, for the feelings that we have for you go well beyond words that you would understand. So let us send you the energy of our love, for that you readily feel, and it needs no further interpretation.

We are with You

Know that we are standing in front of you often, spreading our wings. Know that we feed you energy in the times when you feel you can not go any further. Know that we are there in the times when you find yourself in your most difficult situations. Know that we are there in the times when you can not re-member who you are. Know that we are with you always and we are in this together. All we ask you to do is breathe and allow us to reflect your energy and give you the Empowerment Factor. We have shared with you that this tool of the Empowerment Factor is a powerful tool for creating your highest reality. Now we also share with you that we have used this same tool as this is how we have created the reality that you call Heaven. We ask you first receive, then turn around and reflect the energy of those around you in a similar manner, for that is the greatest gift that you can give yourself. The Empowerment Factor will spread like the spider web, and you will touch one life and it will touch two and from there that will touch four. And soon we see you at the very center of this beautiful web of energy that spreads through the entire Universe. As you affect many through your creation of Home on your side of the veil, we thank you for your willingness to step into your power.

There are many of you who did not have ample time to rest in between incarnations. Some of you almost left. Two of you almost left within the last five days. We ask you to have the courage to look one more time before you make the choice of whether to stay or to leave. And if you choose to come Home you will be welcomed. You will be honored for the colors you will carry as the result of your Game on the Gameboard of Free Choice will be beyond your description and you will never lose them. All will see these colors and know who you are and honor you for your work. We also tell you there will be many that will have jobs to do on this side of the veil. But before you leave, spread your wings and experience the Angelic vibration inside of you. Let those around you see themselves as the empowered beings that only you can help them see. Help them find their empowerment first. And then make a choice as to whether to stay or to come home.

We could sit in this energy forever for it fills us. And we raise the hair on your arms at every opportunity and we play with the lights in the room. We love the things that we do and yet we ask you to re-member that you hold the power. Do not let the mystical take control, for the power you hold is not mystical. We honor you for being and playing the roles that you play.

At this time we will take questions.
(After the Questions)

We share this with all of you. For the greatness that you are, is about to be seen, even by yourselves. Won't that be a joyful mess? [laughter] And we can't wait to see how this unfolds. It is such an exciting time that you have created for yourselves. For you are extending your contracts. You are changing the Game. You are balancing the energy of the planet as you balance your own energy. We sit at your feet and we are honored to watch as you unfold this Game and now purposely take the quill in your own hands and script your own contracts. We are honored that you have asked us to join you for even these brief interludes. For we love you so and you are so much a part of us and we of you. And we thank you for that.

We wish to offer you our greatest re-minder to please treat each other with respect and re-member the Empowerment Factor. Nurture one another in everything that you do and play well together. We are complete. . . The Group.

Since receiving this message, I have had a chance to put some of this into use. We all have difficult people in our lives. It is really interesting to see the change in these mirrors when you empower them in some way. We do have choices about the reality in which we live. Dare to create your highest reality for this is when you are in the highest service to the planet. The Angels know the way. They create only the very best for their reality and we deserve nothing less. Welcome Home.

Big Hugs and gentle nudges



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