The Out Breath Has Started

From Steve:

Last month the Group began speaking about the portals opening on our Earth and what that means to us. They said to watch for electrical storms which, at the time of this writing, have already spread across most of the areas of the globe. They spoke of the electrical adjustments needed to bring in the portal energy and that this was the reason for the major blackouts we have experienced. They specifically said to watch for two more major power blackouts, which have already occurred, as a huge power surge took out major parts of Denmark & Sweden only a week after the channel was published; then, last week, there was another major power outage in Italy.

I do believe these were the two major blackouts of which the Group spoke; still, they say we are in a time of further adjustment to our electrical equipment as it adjusts to the changing magnetics of the portal energy now on Earth. Now we can look forward to further adjustments to our computers and other more sensitive equipment. In most cases this will not mean that these items will need to be replaced; they will just need adjustment. We are going through a similar rewiring process in our own physical beings. Here, they say, these changes can be very challenging; yet there is one thing we can do to best ease this transition: connect with original spiritual family.

Greetings from Home

Lightworkers of Earth, gather and unite as spiritual family, as the next stage of evolution is upon you. You have earned the right to call yourselves “workers of the Light,” and we proudly dub you “Lightworkers of Earth.”

Discernment: the First Tool

You are seeing major changes in the energy field in which you play the Game at this time. We will now speak more of what is ahead and why, for we are here to help each of you re-member your true empowerment. As always, we remind you that your first expression of power is in your own choices. Choosing the thoughts and concepts that you allow to reside in your own head and heart is the first and foremost choice that you will make.

In the near future, you will see major changes on the Earth as these portals now open. You will soon see beings among you that you will admire greatly. Many will enter your reality quietly, offering help with your evolutionary steps. These will be the quiet masters, who will be the greatest addition to your world.

Although most of these newcomers will stay in the shadows, it is the game of Free Choice, and that applies to all who play. It will be most likely that some of those who will now enter through the opening portals will attempt to take your power from you in very discreet ways. Some will come who claim to have all the answers. It will be very easy for you to look at their advanced levels and freely give your power to them. Your natural love of drama can easily draw you into wanting something to be true so much that you actually create it. It is here that you are most likely to quietly give your power away.

This is the next major event of humanity that you have been in preparation for. It is the reason you have stepped into the “Age of E” (Empowerment). We ask you to please get comfortable with feeling the energy within and choosing only those thoughts and feelings that resonate within your heart. Even as you hear or read our message, please take only those thoughts that add to your being and resonate within your own heart. Leave the rest, without judgment, and you will quickly master the art of discernment.

Dynamics of a Vortex

You have become accustomed to the attributes of vortexes in your world. A vortex is simply energy moving in a circular motion. Many of you have been called to specific places to be guardians of the vortex. We have even given a special message to the guardians of the vortexes to let you know that these special contracts with the mother herself may be the reason you have been irresistibly drawn to live in a certain area. Vortexes are anchored to Earth only through the intervention of pure love. The guardians of each vortex have been entrusted with the care and feeding of each individual vortex. Some of you have felt so in love with the areas in which you reside as a direct result of these contracts.

Once the vortex is sufficiently anchored and the collective vibration of Earth reaches a level high enough to sustain the energy, the evolution begins. The natural evolutionary cycle of a vortex is to become a door through time and space, called a portal. Your new relationship to time and space has made it possible for you to observe and interact in this evolution. Portals have existed on Earth from the beginning. In fact, it was the early portals that spawned life on your planet. Some of these portals have magically drawn people to them as the high energy locations on Earth. Yet, now these portals are growing in size and number, and even some of the portals that have been in place for some time are changing.

Dynamics of a Portal

Portals are essentially a hole through time and space. The easiest way to identify a portal is through its effect on what would normally be a stationary object of time or space. Falling through a time hole will become common, as people will now accidentally fall through portals. It is here that one may find themselves driving down a road they have traveled many times, only to find themselves 40 km further down the road than they thought they were. This phenomenon has already begun to be commonplace among those leading the way vibrationaly. It has begun.

Another way in which you will learn to discern portals is through your advanced sense of smell. Your nose has been rapidly changing to accommodate higher evolution, and in most cases it will be able to discern portals through an odor. Previously, these same phenomena were experienced when spirits who had transitioned Home entered your world to visit the living. They would open their own portal, and you would often smell a familiar scent when the spirit was near you. Pay attention to your nose; it will lead you well.

Portal Attributes

These portals actually connect all dimensions together. When the collective vibration of humanity is high enough to support it, these portals will be used to travel into other dimensions of time and space. In the meantime, they will be used by visitors, who will travel to watch the Grand Show as the first Planet of Free Choice moves into ascension status. Planets have previously graduated into this higher realm, but never before has it happened without major guidance from a hierarchy of overseers orchestrating the moves. The Grand Game of Free Choice has no such infrastructure, as your overseers (we, the Group) from the angelic realm never violate the prime directive of free choice. Now, the greatest potential of God becoming self-aware is underway on Earth, to the total surprise of many of those in the hierarchy, as well as observers.

Portals Move

Your familiarity with vortexes would have you believe that they are stationary, yet we tell you that once a vortex evolves into a portal, it is no longer bound to be stationary. Even many of the vortexes that have created the high-energy spots on your planet are now beginning to turn into portals and move. Much the way that magnetic poles of your planet can shift as much as 80 km per day and permanently drift an average of 40 km per year, so can the energy form known as “portals.” This movement may create confusion for some of the migrating animals as the portals interact with the magnetic field from which they gain their sense of direction. The confusion of some of the whales in recent years is due largely to the increase of vortexes and portals on Earth.

At this time more portals will open on a steady basis and you will become accustomed to the new attributes of living in the higher vibrations of the new Planet Earth. Much the way that the Crystal Energy can create an environment for humans to live in higher energy and reach ascension status, the portals will work with the Earth to help her reach the same higher status. You must move together or no one moves at all.

The Out Breath has Begun

Recently we spoke of “the Breath of God,” where we explained that the universe expands until it reaches a point where it speeds up and enters another dimension. Here it continues the same motion, yet is now collapsing upon itself. When it reaches the center, or zero point, it again continues the same motion and once again begins expanding. This is called “the Breath of God” and is the natural motion of the universe. What we tell you now is that the Out Breath has begun. As this Out Breath gains momentum, more and more portals will open. Believe us when we say you are just at the very beginning of this energy shift and things will get very interesting soon.

As the portals continue to increase in number and size, eventually they will reach a critical mass and envelop the earth. At that point, the earth itself will be a portal through all dimensional realities. That is the conclusion of the energetic shift now underway. That is the point at which you will become the angels to those brave souls who agree to put on the veil and play the game on the second Planet of Free Choice. Can you see why there is so much excitement in the universe about what you are now doing? It has begun.

Activation Teams

The portal activations are now growing. This is a time for each of you to open portals when you hear the call. This can easily be done through ceremony and intent. Earth does hear when you talk to her, and she is waiting for your actions now. Many of you will find clear direction to open portals with ceremony and even form sacred teams that will travel to accomplish this exact task. Please follow your heart here, dear ones, for many of you came in with the highest hope of doing this work. Know that you are honored beyond your understanding.


The dear people who have been holding the energy of the portals will now find that many of their roles are changing. Some that were drawn to areas to live may now find themselves returning to where they began as their relationship to the land and the vortexes they guarded changes. These are also the people who will most feel the energy shift within their own physical being.

On the other hand, many people may suddenly find themselves being drawn to new areas, as there is work to do within each opening portal. Some portals will attract many, yet others will only need a few. Some entire cities will drastically change energy due to those suddenly feeling drawn to move there. This is a way in which the earth herself can draw together original spiritual family. Many people from an area may also be drawn to new areas very suddenly. It may seem like an exodus from one location to another. It has begun.

Finding Original Spiritual Family

Above all, there is one simple action that can help each of you find your balance more than any other: reuniting with your original spiritual family. When you first came in, to play the game in your first incarnation, you came with family and those you trusted implicitly. Time and again you incarnated with these souls, and they became your family and soul group. Over periods of time and many incarnations, you completed karma with your soul group and drifted into other groups, forming new soul groups. Now that Earth is reaching ascension status, it is most helpful to reunite with your original spiritual family. You will find them whenever you place yourself around others of like mind. These are the special people that you recognize the moment you connect with them. Find them, connect with them, and let them into your heart, and your adjustments will be much easier. Help them, and allow them to help you.

Electrical Rewiring

As these portals begin to open, many things will acclimate. You have seen major adjustments to your electrical power equipment, and now you will see further adjustments to many levels of electrical equipment, including further power outages. Much the way that crystal children must adjust to electricity, we must also adjust to the new Crystal Energy.   The portals create an opportunity for the Crystal Energy to enter our world completely. The Crystal Energy now shifts the base magnetic structure in which you live. This has been seen as the magnetic grid blending with the crystalline grids of Earth.

These are unique times indeed, dear ones. You have set into motion events that have never before played out in “All That Is”. We ask you to reach out to each other, find your original spiritual family, and gain your own balance first. Then, when you are feeling centered, reach out to touch others who will be searching for answers as they experience this change. You are the workers of the Light, and we are proud to call you “the Lightworkers of Earth.” It is with the greatest honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another, and play well together.

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