The Phantom Death of Planet Earth

From Steve:

I was sitting at my computer in our new Lightworker Family Room talking to people from the US, Ireland, the UK, Holland and Turkey. It’s great to be able to communicate with family all over the globe like this. I had just mentioned to people in the room that I was going to have to leave the Family Room to finish writing the Beacons when someone asked what the Beacons was about this month. I proceeded to tell her. I became aware of the faint laughter over my shoulder. By the time I came back 90 minutes later I had to tell her that the whole thing had changed. So many times I think I know where they are going only to find that they have different ideas. Such was the case with this message.

In the private sessions that I do with the Group we talk to a lot of people who have experienced the Phantom Death. Basically this is the original time that we scripted to leave. Now that we have the opportunity to stay, many of us choose to stay instead of dying. In all instances when I talk to someone who has experienced the Phantom Death, it’s easy to see that their entire lives took a drastic turn at that very moment. Now the Group says that that same phenomenon is happening with our relationship to light. They say that from a cosmic perspective a big sign is hanging on the Earth that says
“CAUTION - Phantom Death in Progress.”

Greetings from Home

We are so pleased to be with you at this time to watch as the magicians of the Gameboard awaken from the dream. We see you from a perspective that we love to share with you, for that is the view from Home itself. Our greatest hope is to guide you in the new ways. You are not the same people who you were only a very short time ago. You are now stepping fully into the second wave of empowerment and that is changing everything that has gone before. The first wave of power was “follow the leader” and the second is now “follow yourselves.” Yes, this sounds simple, yet it is not. For you to function in the second wave of power it is necessary for you to totally re-evaluate every paradigm that you have created thus far.

Dawn of the New Light

You now emanate a new light. We have called you Lightworkers for you spread the base energy of love through the light that you share. Even as your advancements lead you to a new understanding of your purpose here on Earth, your advancements in the area of science will also begin validating even more of the higher truths that you have only been able to prove in your hearts thus far. The energy that we have called light will soon take on new meaning as your sciences are now right at the edge of great discoveries about light. This will start a shift in the scientific community that will have far-reaching effects on the way humans perceive themselves.

For those of you with scientific curiosity we will give you some hints here, and the rest of you can skip this paragraph. That which you have seen as light is only a small portion of the energy band which carries the full energy from Home through the central sun to you. The spectrums of light for which you have no perception exist over a band of other dimensional realities which you cannot see yet. The way to access these dimensional realities is through a series of 90-degree turns. Even the ancient Egyptians knew that to enter the afterlife, as they called it, a 90-degree turn was necessary. We have planted seeds of this ancient wisdom within earlier messages and now those seeds are taking root. What your science is on a path to discover is the relationship of light to magnetics. That relationship is exactly 90 degrees.

Recently we showed the Keeper a new color band that he had not seen before. We tell you that he was very excited when we showed it to him until he realized that the words necessary to share this experience with others did not yet exist. Yes, there are many other spectrums of color beyond what you call the four primary colors. The point to remember here is that the other bands of color do not exist outside of those four vibrational bands but, rather, within them.

It will not be long before you begin to understand how simple light really is. And even though you may not see the other bands of light with your eyes just yet, you will be able to see the evidence and the reaction of this light. You may not know it, but we tell you that you can see this even this very day. That is the important message that we share with you now.

Welcome to the 5th Dimension

You have stepped fully into the 5th dimension and are just now acclimating yourselves to this energy. Even as we say these words many of you find yourselves getting excited, looking forward to the possibilities of new power and new abilities. Yes, that is true, yet with this same advancement comes a new, sobering responsibility to use those abilities to their fullest. This is the importance of utilizing the second wave of power.

Phantom Death of Light

Many of you have experienced the Phantom Death where you had a specific opportunity to leave and return Home. These exit points in your linear time line were placed there in the first stage of life during your planning session. Those of you who have experienced at least one Phantom Death know that after that demarcation point your life took on a new focus and turned the equivalent of 90 degrees. Ahh, yes, now many of you are recognizing that you had a Phantom Death after all. We tell you today that it is the light itself on planet Earth that is experiencing the Phantom Death. When you look back at this time in your history you will see a new relationship to light from this day forward. This is truly the Phantom Death of Planet Earth and a new starting point.

The Crystal Energy

The Crystal energy has been filtering in from your Solar Sun and it is being stored in the tectonic plates of the Earth. The recent infusion of energy has caused much stress to those of you sensitive to it. In fact most of you who call yourselves Lightworkers are in fact sensitive to this energy as it enters your world. Many of you have felt lost and disconnected. You may have found your emotions erupting at the most inappropriate times. The sensitivity you have to this energy is the same gift that makes you a Master Healer, so fear it not. Yet, understand that you will acclimate to the energy as it enters your world. Continue to watch the solar flares for signs of this energy and this new light entering your world. It is here to provide you with the magnetic base in which empowered humans will thrive. The energy infusion was needed, for you are about to turn an important corner. The 90-degree turn will now begin this next month. August 2003 will be seen throughout the cosmos as the Phantom Death of the old light. Even as little as two months ago the times directly ahead were uncertain. It was not known whether the strong infusion of the Crystal Energy would serve the highest good, or tip the delicate balance as it has in the past. Know that you have done well and the stress you have dealt with has served a much higher purpose in acclimating this energy.

Ahh, but you are not the only ones feeling this energy. Those advanced children of Indigo color are feeling this energy most of all. They will feel disoriented, confused, anxious, and in discord as this new light enters your world. It may seem to them that their magic has disappeared and this may cause them even more stress as a result. Be patient with them during this time, dear ones. They are here doing a very difficult job and deserve your love, guidance and respect.

The Secret of the New Light

There are two ways to work with light in your Game. One is to reflect the light and the other is to be the light. You have so often thought that it was best to reflect the light, for it was very difficult for you in the first wave of power to see your true magnificence. Without seeing your true self it is not possible to be the light, only to reflect it. Although there is no difference in the outcome, and one way is not better than the other, by not having both options you are limiting the amount of Lightwork you can accomplish.

We tell you now that there is a direct correlation between the acceptance of your true power in the second wave and the ability to emanate the new light. Take responsibility for your own happiness and your own reality and have the courage to choose again if your circumstances do not support your spirit.

Now for the secret, for humans love secrets… The light is not outside of you, it is you. You are the light. Even the light entering as the Crystal energy is actually a reflection of your own. That is the reason you feel it so strongly as it enters your reality. This new light in the form of the Crystal Energy is interacting with and changing the magnetics of Earth as it enters. This is why science may now see the connection between light and magnetics. At first you did not feel it until it was released from the tectonic plates into your dimension. Now you have acclimated the energy to such a degree that you feel it even as it enters from the Sun. That is the reason your times have been filled with amplified stress. The challenge is that you are not accustomed to being the light and allowing this energy to flow through you, igniting your higher light within. We ask you to find ways to let your light shine, for that holds the key to feeling comfortable as the changes to the Earth magnetics proceeds. Dare to stand in the most difficult situations and allow your own light to emanate from you. For that work we offer you a valuable tool.

Spiritual Confidence

Yes, we have watched you and know that it is most difficult to be God in human form. Your egos that have served so well to ensure your survival have also kept you from taking your full power. Now, even as you are advancing past the need for an ego, it still haunts you, overshadowing your every move. Yet, when you understand that your true selves are spirit and not human, the ego holds you no longer. Therefore, we ask to you to find the spiritual confidence that is within all of you at every moment. Access that spirit within for even a moment and feel the confidence that lies dormant deep within your soul and you have a tool that can be utilized in the most stressful times. Stop, breathe, and feel the spirit within. Then simply feel the smile of spiritual confidence easing its way to your face. It is a subtle smile that can be carried with you throughout your day. Re-membering that it is there is the most difficult part. That is all that is needed to face every moment of every day with the confidence that is your soul birthright. That subtle smile gives birth to the full spectrum of light that is yours alone. That subtle smile is the most effective way for you to be the light in the days of change that lie ahead.

Take that knowledge and intentionally share your special spectrum of light with every person willing to look your way. Stand fully in the truth and beauty of your light and own its power fully. Touch others with your light openly and freely when it is accepted. Then you will find it becoming stronger with each application. This is the full power of Home expressed through the most beautiful beings that have ever taken finite form. You are Lightworkers . . . but even more. . .you are the light. . .and we love your light more than you could ever know. We know your times are challenging, we know there are times when you cannot clearly see where you are going or what is happening. Please do not live your lives in anticipation of some magical day when everything will be right in the world. Please know that you have the ability to create that world in your own field this very day. Start by accessing the spiritual confidence that lies within you and you will see the new light upon Earth.

We so enjoy the time together with you in this fashion, for you invite us to play in your game in this special way. Ahh, but it is more than that, for you invite us into your very hearts and we honor that invitation more than you will ever know. That opening of your heart gives us the unique opportunity to plant the seeds of light that will help you re-member who you really are. Like proud parents watching with the greatest love as their child stirs from sleep and opens their eyes to make soul contact with the parents, we too are deeply honored to be here watching as you are now stirring, awakening from the dream. Know that you are never alone. We ask you to re-member that this is a wonderful game you are playing and to treat each other with respect, nurture one another, and play well together.


the Group

It is with great honor that I bring these messages of Love. My only hope is that you feel even a tiny portion of the love I feel when I write them.

Big HUGS and gentle nudges



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