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We are very proud to be here for the fourth anniversary of the Beacons of Light Meditations and Re-minders from Home. If you would have told me this would happen four years ago I would have called you crazy. Well. . . here we are and what a ride it has been! I can't wait to see what's next!

Many years ago I attempted to keep a journal. I guess it was my first attempt to write. I got one of those blank books and began to write occasionally. I called the book "Rules of Life." I never got very far in that book because everything I was writing kept changing. It seemed that as soon as I got used to the way things worked - - - they changed the rules. After crossing out lines and ripping out many of the pages I finally gave up the project and threw the book away. I just assumed at the time that I was not much of a writer. Here the Group explains it from a different perspective.

Greetings from Home.

The call from the Gameboard to feel the vibrations from Home has grown even stronger in recent days. This is a very exciting time in the Universe. The Game of Free Choice is now evolving. Those of you reaching for higher truths are calling the vibrations of Home to your daily life. The vibrations from Home are now being pulled through many vehicles on your Gameboard. We are very honored to tell you that it is no longer necessary to pass from physical form to experience the feelings and vibrations of Home. You have called this to you, for it was your greatest outcome to re-member your own power of creation and create Home on your side of the veil. This has begun and we are so very proud to call you our family of Light. You have done well and now you are pulling these vibrations through many conduits. We are not the only path to Home. But we tell you it is our greatest honor to bring you these brief re-minders of your own power. It is our deepest honor to spread our wings to reflect your true magnificence.

There has been much written in your past about the rules that apply to all things and what you have termed Universal law. From our perspective this appears quite differently than in many of your writings and teachings. The difference in perspective comes from the need to complicate the information enough for you to comprehend. From our perspective there is only one truth, as you would know it. We will share with you now the one truth as it is in all of its simplistic magnificence. It is a simple vibration. It is the original vibration from which all harmonics have begun. This is what you call the om vibration and is the original tone from which all other vibrations begin. This is expressed most easily on the Gameboard as "I Am." We honor your game and your humanness, and it is with the greatest of love for you that we will now complicate this just enough for you to comprehend.

Truth - - - an Evolution

The Universal truth is much too simple for you to fully grasp in your current form. Be patient with yourselves as you are moving rapidly and it will not be long before you fully understand. In the interim we ask you to see the truth as evolution. The truth you held so dearly even a few months ago, is not the same truth you now hold. The truth that your ancestors held to be such an important part of their lives may not be the same truth that you now see. This enigma you call truth is actually a reflection of your own evolutionary process. Therefore holding one truth too tight can actually have the effect of keeping you from moving forward in your own evolutionary process. We tell you that there is one place where all truth is held firmly and never changes. That is within your own heart. The feelings that you hold deep within your being will define your truth in areas where words cannot. Trust these feelings and develop them. The feelings of truth and the "knowing" deep within your own heart, is the connection you have to your higher self. These feelings are the base of your guidance and your strength. So often you have turned away from them stating that they are just feelings, citing that the heart can be easily fooled.

On the Gameboard of Free Choice you have searched hard and long for a set of rules that will apply in all situations that you encounter. When you find these rules you measure them against all of your experiences thus far, and if they hold true they are labeled as a Truth. This is the nature of the Game in your search to re-member who you really are through the definition of these rules. We tell you that these rules do not exist in the manner that you imagine them. There are Universal constants to which you can align to make your journey upon the Gameboard more joyous than you thought possible. We tell you that each one of you on the Gameboard have the right, and deserve to feel good during the game.

As the vibrations rise within each one of you, the collective vibration of all humanity also rises. The higher vibrations support a higher truth than do the lower vibrations and therefore truth is more of an evolution than a constant. This is easily seen in your own laws that have guided you in your governments. There are no laws that do not need adjusting as the pendulum of human advancement swings. Likewise, it is the laws that are scripted to allow for change that are most likely to provide a base for the empowered human in the higher vibrations of the new planet Earth. The truths of your parents and grandparents do not always work for you, even though they worked quite well for them in the lower vibrations of humanity at that stage. The quest of reaching for higher truths is what is at the base of your advancement and is facilitating your own human evolution. It is this global search for higher truth that has opened the door for the evolution of humanity and your step into Plan B.

The Flow of Universal Energy

From the time we first began offering this information, the information has focused to help humans learn to live in the higher vibrations of the new Planet Earth that you are rapidly creating. Re-uniting with your true power while still in biology has set this evolution into motion. Incorporating this information into your daily lives will not only make your own transition into the higher vibrations easier, but will also hold the door open for those to follow. We tell you that the basis of this information is all about learning to move in a manner that emulates the flow of Universal Energy. The Universal Flow of Energy is always seeking balance through blending. Make space for the blending through change in your lives, and you will place yourself in the Universal Flow. Resist it, and you will be opposed at every attempt to move forward. In your field of polarity you see yourselves as separate. You are not. In fact, you are all one and connected to all. The Universal Flow of Energy is in motion to accomplish that Unity.

When you agreed to play the Game behind the veil, you hid from yourselves your connection to your higher source. From that higher perspective, it is possible to see when you are in the flow of Universal Energy and when you place yourself in opposition to it. Learning to connect with your own Higher Self and walking with that power will soon enable each one of you to re-gain that vision. For now, we will offer you some practical ideas on how to sense that flow of energy.

Indicators of Alignment

The circumstances in your daily lives are usually the first indicator of your relationship to the Universal Energy Flow. If your daily life is fulfilling and you are able to experience at least a minimum of joy and passion, this indicates alignment to the Universal Flow. Also the ease with which things flow to you is also an indication of your alignment to the blending energy. People in your field are often indicators to your alignment. There are times when they act in a way that make no sense to you. Perhaps they even attack you without provocation. This in itself is not an indication of your alignment, for there are times when you are simply a player on the Gameboard. It is your reaction to these situations that is an accurate reflection of your center of energy.

Your biology is also an indicator of alignment to the Universal Energy Flow. Restrictions and misdirections of energy will eventually show in your biology. These misdirections of energy are the origin of what you call dis-ease. In the lower vibrations of humanity it was entirely possible to place yourself against the Universal Energy Flow for very long periods without consequences. Now, as you move into higher vibrations, your own biology will react much quicker and more harshly to energy rubs than ever before.

Release and Reset

The Universal flow of energy is always seeking to find balance. Much the way you find the tides of your oceans flowing in and then out again, so it is also with the flow of Universal energy. Place yourself within the natural flow of energy and you will enjoy the ride as your co-creations manifest easily and effortlessly. Set your intent to go in opposition to this flow and all will be a struggle. The most effective tool we can give you to allow yourself to be in the Universal flow is through the Release. In the river of Universal Energy, many of you are clinging to the shoreline with your belief systems. Even though those beliefs may have gotten you this far, they can often keep you from advancing further down the river to the higher truths that await. Many of you have carved out very familiar places along the shoreline from which to play the game. Some of you have accomplished wonderful things and found much success from such a place. Therefore it is difficult to move on when the time calls for you to reach for higher truths. These familiar places can even contain a great deal of pain, yet you cling desperately to them because they are familiar.

New Motivation - - - Setting Intent

Now you ask for your new Plan B contracts to open and cling desperately to the familiar, which effectively keeps you from moving forward. The familiar is a strong attraction to humans as the ego has been motivated by a need for survival. The prime motivation of humanity is now shifting as you step into higher vibrational levels. You are moving from a motivation of survival to a motivation of re-union, or Unity. Your desire to unite with your spiritual self will be the base motivation of all that you experience from this time forward.

We re-mind you that the easiest way to change your environment is to shift the point of view from which you perceive it. Embrace the higher motivation of Unity and release the old belief systems that tie you to survival. Set your intent to be open and to re-evaluate even the truths that have served you thus far. Make your choices consciously and with spirit on your shoulder. Embrace change and understand that all change leads to a higher vibration. Have the courage to release the strings that hold you to the old energy and watch as the tide magically turns. Have the courage to release the pain and reach out to those around you. It is impossible to be alone in Unity consciousness. Embrace those of like vibration that you will encounter. Be there for them and allow them to be there for you. Set this intent and then watch as things you have attempted with no success in the past, suddenly begin to work effortlessly.

New Tools for the Higher Vibrations

As you advance, moving from a motivation of survival to a motivation of seeking Unity, you will also find that many of the old tools you have used, no longer work in the higher vibrations. The tool of judgment that you have used to get you to this point, has served you well. Now as the prime motivation shifts so does your need for the tool of judgment. Reach now to the higher tool of discernment. Discern everything as it enters your field but release the need to judge it. Choose carefully what stays in your field and if it does not add to your own vibration then release it in love, without judgment.

View from the Top

Perception also dictates the view of a truth. Those hanging on to old ideals are moving through life walking backwards. They can only see what is behind them. This has worked quite well in the lower vibrations of humanity yet now the same actions that brought success and support are clearly misdirections of energy and most often hold people back from moving forward. Such is the case with the oppressed and the governments that continue to oppress them. You will see this type of action continuing until these oppressed people become fully responsible for their own choices. Take your stance as citizens of Planet Earth. The imaginary lines you have placed on the Earth to empower you, are now beginning to hold you back. Blend these lines and make it easy to reach across to them. Emulate the Universal Energy as it seeks the Unity and find the common ground with all of your neighbors.

Changing the point from which you view something changes the reality. You have much more control over your environment than you can see at this time. Set your intent to view everything from its highest perspective. Develop good habits of first perception. Seek a daily attitude that will allow all energy to find its own balance and blend naturally of its own accord. See yourself as being the player in the Grand Game and allow yourself to enjoy every move on the Gameboard. Each move you take in this Grand Game is the equivalent of a choice. Your expression of the Universal Energy is in the choices you make every moment. Much the same way that we tell you there are no wrong moves on the Gameboard, so it is that there are no wrong choices. Working Hard - - - Working Effortless "PLURK"

With the shift of human motivation, also comes a change of perspective in your core truth about your work. On the Gameboard the word "work" had a similar meaning to the word "hard." For a time everything of value on the Gameboard was achieved only through toil and struggle. The value of anything was determined by the amount of difficulty it took to attain. Now, your prime motivation is to achieve actualization and Unity consciousness. This brings with it a new perspective to that which you call work. Now you are finding that your success is directly proportional to the amount of passion you experience on a daily basis. A new sense of effortless fun opens doors that were previously only opened through hard work and struggle. You have moved through the many ages of human evolution. The most recent was the Information Age. Now you stand before the door of the Age of Empowerment. The new stage of human development brings with it a new relationship with that part of life you call work. You are moving to a time when all will be effortless. This is the way of Home. Until that time you are in between the worlds. In this interim stage it is still effective to work hard yet it is becoming imperative to only work hard in the areas you are passionate about.

The Keeper has a teacher who uses the word "PLURK." This is a combination of Play and Work that very effectively describes the new paradigm you are creating. Finding your passion and placing yourself in areas where you can Plurk will open the doors to walk into a higher reality.

Speaking your Truth

Speaking that truth at all times will help to develop your truth and with it, your own vibration will increase. Your truth is only in the ethereal until you ground it with the vibration of your own vocal chords. Speaking what is in your heart and standing firmly in your own truth, grounds the energy and provides a foundation for your own growth. As you attain a higher vibration you also search for a higher truth. This search for a higher truth is what has led you here. The search for a higher truth has changed the face of the Gameboard and has finally brought about the beginning of the new Game. You have done well with this grand Game. It is we who are honored to be here with you as you speak your truth and move into higher dimensions.

Speaking your truth does not always mean it is the truth for everyone. All you are saying is that this is your truth at this moment. Develop the habit to speak what is in your heart for that is always your truth at that moment.

Accepting Responsibility

This time on the Gameboard is presenting opportunities for advancement like never seen before. You have created opportunities for yourselves to move very quickly to higher levels of vibration. For this work we love you dearly. Because of the vast amount of energy you have moved it is now a time to step into your own empowerment and carry your power. Understand that the opportunities that now lie before you also come with a responsibility. This is the responsibility for creating your own experience. This is also your responsibility to balance your daily life as you step from the third to the fifth dimension. We tell you that this time on the Gameboard is exciting because you may now choose your every experience. What we also tell you is that you are responsible for those experiences. If your choices are not bringing you the experiences that you desire, it is fully your responsibility to choose again. This may sound simple, yet your natural resistance to change would have you stay in life circumstances that do not serve you.

The higher vibrations bring many new wondrous gifts for the creation of Heaven on Earth. At the same time the higher vibration will no longer support life circumstances that do not feed you. In the lower vibrations of humanity that existed even a short time ago, it was quite possible to endure a job you did not care for, or a relationship that did not feed you. In the higher vibrations it is no longer possible to stay in situations that do not add to you. In the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth, your success will be directly equal to the amount of passion you incorporate in your daily life. Incorporating joy and passion into your life is your responsibility. You owe it to yourself and the others on the Gameboard to be the highest use to all. Your highest use is attained from being in your passion. Your responsibility is to be in your passion.

It is our deepest honor to present this information to you. Please understand that what we present is always for your own discernment and empowerment. Please take what resonates within your own heart and leave the rest without judgment. It is presented to you as information only. It has no real value until you take these words and apply them in your experience. It is you that holds the true power. We are here only to help re-mind you of who you really are and the power you hold. It is our highest honor to be able to present this to you and to bring you these re-minders from Home as you reach for higher truths. It is with great love that we re-mind you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together. - - - The Group

When I began my awakening process a very special teacher came into my life. Those of you who have attended the Quill of Re-membrance workshop have heard me tell of her. Her name is Norma Delaney. Among many other things, she is the one who taught me that I could change my reality by changing the way I viewed it. Norma is the one who used the work "PLURK" as a combination of play and work and so effectively defined the new work ethic. She is the healers healer and if you would like to reach Norma in San Diego, please e-mail me and I will forward it to her. Norma, this is for you!

Big Hugs and gentle nudges

Steve Rother



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