11•11 Passageway: Cosmic Remembrance

Aloha beautiful Soul-Star-Light Family,

Our Sacred Passageway now fully underway... so very much available for integrating, processing and activating/applying by each.

I spent the entire morning (again) decoding and transcribing the immense data streams and Light Intelligence/Quantum Information as it became available, yet putting all of this into form (formatting) is a much bigger task, as it means taking all of the codes, geometrics, mechanics and data (Quantum Language Skills) and restructuring it in a way that's cohesive/transmittable/receivable with ease. (I have volumes and volumes of data to put together and share as we go).

For now, I'm sharing these captures with a few notes on each. This is a beyond important passageway...


TODAY..... in amongst everything else ... expanded information on our Planet's evolution as Comic Earth and how it correlates to solar activity, cosmic activity, photon belt, our atmosphere, our physical LightBodies/DNA and templates for more NEW Earth realities.....

Here's a small overview of what this 11/11 - 1/11 Passageway leads us into:

• UNLOCKING sleeping/dormant Earth Star & Soul Star Codes (for these to constantly MERGE into one). It's technically a Trinity Merge: Soul-Star-Earth Codes

• An immense Cosmic Restoration Process

• Upgrading each's "Processor" rates (required whole body and immense down time/away time-space/silence/BE time-space to honor the body template to complete each in conjunction (Unison) with Gaia and Cosmically too.

• "New" versions of Galactic/Cosmic "history" (previously forgotten) coming forth through each's own REMEMBRANCE and Sacred/Divine/Pure Heart Connection .... (these present as current versions of "nows" instead of "past" or "future" as there is no separation of time references when all occurs simultaneously.......

• "NEW" Knowledge/Quantum Technology to be applied through natural/organic existence

• Cosmic Light Codes that awaken where all was "Seeded"/StarSeeds within Gaia and each's physical body as well....... This linearly "goes back" to "billions of years ago" where we "seeded" our planet for "these times" now....

• (There's tons of info on the planet and our bodies, yet this is going to take so much more, so just be sure to honor you/what you need and embrace/honor from your highest place your/our all new realities always preparing to come forth (as each completes the integration process and the codes "lock-in) for each to restructure, realign, build, create, unite, share.... more.

* Mercury's transit was super important for this... as this additionally provided/opened up Quantum access/capabilities and "new hows" for each to unlock where all is held deep within. 

With love ♦ Keep shining sweet Star-Light-BEings! ☼



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