BEcoming Pure SOURCE Light

As you become PURE SOURCE LIGHT, your entire body goes through a huge transformation and upgrade/re-evolution process that continues forever...

This is your evolving back, back into all that you forgot yourself to be. This is a process, many of them, continually, and increasing vibrationally substantially. 

Your carbon-based human body was not built/constructed originally for this, therefore it will go through many phases to accomplish this. Returning to purity, to BEing a Light BEing, a Creator, an Alchemist, a Christed BEing, with Crystals throughout your body and an intelligent living bio-organism is an intricate process that was separated/broken down over your separation of time. As you hold more light, this process will increase, as you cease to exist within this separation inside. Your abilities enourmous, your love, your gifts and powers are too. 

Your body is intelligent, it knows what needs to occur. It knows what to do and it will communicate this to you. As you embody your different higher-consciousness-self aspects, your DNA will become adaptive to each aspect, depending on which one needs to be present at any given time.

You will have to "learn" how to function with your new Crystalline LightBodies, as it was not like before. Your entire body is involved in this process. Every cell coming alive, activating in light. Your brain re-maps itself, opening up neural pathways you didn't have access to before. Neural transmitters activate in your body, neural receivers too. All of the stored emotions, limiting beliefs, conditioning, and lack programs of separation will be activated to cleanse your physical each time SOURCE LIGHT is activated, which in turn activates your Crystals/Crystalline Structure and NEW Systems to form inside of you. Your whole body will re-route certain processes, will use this light to repair/upgrade your physical body vessel to funtion in ways that your human/any human cannot logically understand. Evolving into a multi-dimensional, the sun, the stars, the moons, entire cosmos, galaxies, many existences (Mermaids, Fairies, Dragons, LeMUrians, Atlanteans, Angels, Arch Angels, Gods, Galactics), does not conform to anything that makes sense to humans, yet to you, as a higher-self-soul-light-being, you will understand. Inside. You will know all that you need to know to honor the process however is appropriate for you. 

What is important, what you value, loving yourself fully, deeply and intimately is much different than before. You will have a deeper connection with others, humans and souls alike. The only difference is that the human won't understand. They are still trying to apply their human perceptions to what must be experienced fully from a deep Soul/Source connection from within. Sleeping humans are still working to awaken their own connection as PURE SOURCE LIGHT inside. You be the example, open your heart fully, show them it is safe to connect, safe to trust, safe to be their Pure Divine Self too, yet honor their "I'm not ready yet" to know that they need other experiences first. This is a very important part of the process for us all. Recognize your human'ness, for if you go into "saving/fix it mode" then you have gone unconscious too. 

You can provide the space, hold the space, dependent on the roles you chose to come here to play. We love to make it "easy" for human aspects to awaken, yet not all humans choose the easy way. There is great inner work that must occur by each. Each will do this in their own way, and you will not be able to see how their soul chose to experience ever detail of their journey. Your "job" is to focus on you and your own soul's path, journey, purposes, missions and what you are here to BE and DO. All is always exactly as it's meant to be. You align your own reality and allow others to do the same for them. If they are not ready to stand in their POWER FULLY AS LOVE, then there is something they still seek to experience. Honor this while you honor you all. 

Now, when you need to BUILD YOUR CONNECTION inside, you will find yourself needing to pull away and be by yourself. Your SOUL needs alone time with you. Your body needs to tune to a higher frequency than before. For awhile, you will utilize the outside world, others/groups, things to help energize your expansion process, yet eventually you won't "need" those things anymore. All will come from inside and you'll utilize the occassional external stimulation to motivate, inspire, activate and expand your consciousness even more. Research for your higher mind, nature to feed your Soul and anything else that opens your heart and activates your Light Energy more. The sun is huge part of this process, other awakening souls along the way are too. Sleep is beyond important for you to transcend lower realm/density realities and clear extensive timelines, programs in your cells, template wiping to occur and anchoring the higher lighter density realms in your physical reality here. 

Sleep and foggy groggy is an important part of your activating/anchoring the lucid dream to walk in. Things will get fluid, bizarre and fun while this occurs. Realities flipping and merging constantly and every moment anew.... the separation of time will cease to exist inside of you and then every moment becomes one continuous moment that just shifts how the energy flows within it. You will be SO present in the moment that you will SEE across all dimensions simultaneously all at the same "time". This is a vibrational existence where realities are created by the vibrations you transmit out and allow in your physical reality world. You will start to understand all vibrationally, feeling and utilizing all of your enhanced senses while working through any distortions that you still hold. These frequencies amplify distortions to become energetically loud. This will continue until you clear/resolve the distortion yourself and allow it to cleanse your physical body and your energy field. 

Everything you allow in your own Field of Consciousness contributes to your reality here. The more disruptive, out of alignment with your own SOUL, the more you will be affected by this. Every person in your immediate reality world (or extended via internet) every physical world thing... these affect your consciousness, the outcomes you experience, your vibration until you Master all from within. The outside world will become your teacher, it will show you all about you. Anytime you desire to know something, just "look out there" and "look inside of you" and see if these are fully aligned to bring you the most exquisite, awesome and amazing reality here.

As a human, you did not have a choice in the realities that you experienced here. This is because you were not conscious yet. As you embody each/all of your aspects, you regain/reclaim the ability (gifts/abilities/powers) to choose the reality that you experience here. Not only do you have a choice, but you have a great responsibility to become fully conscious again and hold the higher vibrationa realities in place.

What you "put out" (transmit) is important, for this is what creates. Where you come from matters, for if you come from your "little self" (separation), then you will create separation to experience here. Separation from SELF AS SOURCE, this is what you came here to transcend. To return to UNITY/CHRISTED Consciousness and to move into God/Galactic Consciousness too. With each aspect you activate, you will go through a "trial and tribulation" phase, a test if you will, to see if you can always ACT and DO as that higher-self-aspect of you. Where you go unconscious, you shrink down, go small, separate off into your little "I" self, you create a reality to clear this separation energy until it's all gone. You will do this repeatedly with every aspect of your life, every particle of your being, every thing that you think you are...

Deep inside of you is THE SOURCE of WHO you truly are. This re-connection with you finally, it is subtle, so subtle that others will have no clue, yet it is so profound that it will shake your entire world, from the inside out. Once you re-connect, nothing will be the same. Once you FEEL the profound peace, the purity of LOVE and the POWER of your Light, what matters will dramatically change. You will find that everything must now FEED, FUEL and IGNITE the Light of your Soul. You will realize how asleep you really were. You will see and come to understand how limited, separated and how you forgot. You will go through phases of clearing huge energies about humanity and releasing all that no longer matters anymore. You will have PURPOSE inside of you, a drive and determination that wasn't there before. This is a part of your Kundalini activations that cycle through your chakra systems activating distortions and old unconscious programs of "lack of self love" to play out. In their place, this DEEP PROFOUND LOVE will come from within. For all things as one, them as you and you as them. You won't be able to go back to the old ways. Your human will want to, your higher self you will have no desire to ever again.

The Battle of Armageddon will occur inside of you. For those unconscious, this will play out in the outside world too. Purgatory/Bardo, all of these phases are a part of transcending duality from within. "Returning to the Light", all of these phrases that meant something else, will have new meaning to you. They won't just be words spoken intellectually anymore, you will FEEL them and understand them throughout your being, which is very different than before. 

All of a sudden, fulfilling your SOUL'S dreams and desires means something different too. All is done through Unity, Love and deep sacred respect that humans don't have access to. You will start to understand/see/realize more in every moment when you go inside and stay there and don't separate off. You start to know instantly when separation starts to occur. You feel it inside and your ability to shift back and stay there gets easier with each experience, every exchange, every opportUNITY to study yourself, what affects you and when you go unconcious and how to come back into full consciousness again.

To Build Your Light, you must honor you. Above all. To maintain this deep sacred connection, you must not disconnect again. To create your realities intentionally, you must constantly be aware, in-tune and fully conscious of you. 

This is never about their consiousness, its about yours. Your abilities, your focus, what you allow and don't. This is about your ability to Master ALL Realities from within. As Energy. As you Master all things energy you Master the Phyiscal too. You have the capability to bring anything open and ready into consciousness with you. The physical is YOUR CREATION and it responds vibrationally to you. 

As you achieve the ABILITY to remain conscious at all times, your purposes will shift to how you are to fulfill your own Soul's purposes and missions here. You will have concentrated on your light and achieved maintaining expansion to no longer contract back down into limited dimensions again. What you are here to BE and DO will take precedence for your Crystalline LightBody is fully online with the Christed/Christic/Crystalline Grids of NEW Earth and your ability to do and be more will expand dramatically too. You will need more space/time for you to honor your higher vibration and your external will have to support this fully for you to complete these important tasks that you came here to do.

You will also start to understand what sharing means and that it's how you support each other here. For those who do not share, then they will not have support when it is time for them to step up and try to fulfill these things here. Sharing is a key-code built into Christed Consciousness. Everywhere you hold back is your lack and it plays out in your physical reality world for you to see this. You must DO for no reason other than to activate a higher vibration for all here. You must learn to share and support as a higher consciousness family, team, partnership. Humans play the "that's mine/just for me". Here, everything is to support us fully, yet we will not contribute to any human separation. We re-educate and we allow each to come together to support/share. Where they cannot yet, this is understood, not judged, yet seen as "I'm not ready yet". We understand they need more experiences to open their heart, mind and energy to want to really be a part of our NEW Earth realities here. Human's do everything they can to hold onto the old until there's nothing left to hold onto. 

AS you embody light, you UNIFY all inside, you resolve all from within and you transcend the limits of physical realities here. As you hold light, you vibrate into a multitude of realities and activate more to come to you (materialization). As you function AS Pure Source Light and all of your Higher Self Aspects, all that you need/desire "arrives" to support you. Fully. 

You were your own limit. You believed your realities into truth. You believed the stories that you had going on inside of you and the ones you saw with your eyes, instead of the reality that existed deep inside of you. As we go higher, all of this changes. What was true before is not more, what you desire changes and what makes you happy, as a soul, is much different than it was before. Yet without polarity you would not know what this is. As a human, you require "the opposite" to Light Your Fire/Ignite the Flame, drive you in the other direction. You require money to be a "leash" that you created to keep you on path. For given true abundance you would waste it and not understand why you actually have physcial world things. This whole process is to "teach you" (help you REMEMBER) fully again. So that you understand and actually DO IT DIFFERENTLY this time around. As you truly get it, the constraints are removed/dissolve. As you stay on path (in-alignment AS your Soul), as you utlize everything for the purpose it is meant for and the gift it truly is, then you will receive more. Not before. Your true abundance depends totally on you. It always did. You just forgot, went unconscious and separated off so far, that you needed every one of these experiences to assist you with REMEMBERING fully again.

Open up loves. Fully. See through the purity of your Higher Heart & Mind. See what you were not willing to before. Take the blinders off, let go of that judgment, separation, duality/fight inside. Surrender your human to your higher self. Merge with your Divinity, your Purity, the Love that you truly are and get ready for more aweomeness to come as it's just "floating" around you preparing to arrive as you are truly ready and achieve the vibration from within. ?

Love from my soul to yours, 


Sean Patrick 20th December 2016 4:05 pm

I would... . I did.. ... three times .... .. . might even read it again!

kbimler12 21st December 2016 1:34 pm

Beautifully written. Thank you.


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