Energetic Update: Ascension Gateways Have Opened...

It's been days of Rainbows and Rainbow Bridge Frequencies .... days of Powerful Gamma Light Upgrades... days of gravity going/dimensional shifts, days of all things beautiful through Pure Presence, lifting... expanding... and energetically observing entire collectives experiencing their own individual Ascension processes....

Consciousness first. There are years of density clearing, years of realignment processes, years of DNA activations.... so that while holding highest states of Consciousness as our Pure Soul, the physical body can accomplish everything that it needs to in order for Physical Body Ascension to occur. This is when the re-writing/re-creating/re-alignment of every reality by each begins. (6th Dimension.)

Earth's Merkaba kicked in strongly last week and built daily.... I've been in the middle of writing ton of articles and before I could complete them all today, the "Gates of Heaven" and Ascension Gateways opened completely up....

This will be tons of Souls choosing to exit (Mass Exodus) the earthly plane/body, as they have concluded their earthly experience now....

This will be those who have been consciously dedicated to Embodying their own Soul Light and Powerful Divine Essence fully, fulfilling various service roles for humanity and consciously clearing out heavy duty programming from the physical body template. 

This will be a Spontaneous Expansion of Consciousness and for some, present as a "near death experience" to see/activate/understand all, to then contract back down into the density of the physical body form and go through the processes of the entire reconfiguration of the physical body and physical reality to start to align all as LOVE.....

Each's experience with each expansion is different.... as there are infinite facets to how all occurs....

Right now within the field is pure silence within the barrage of ultra-high-frequencies that envelop all.... So beautiful, so soft, so powerful... all.

THIS is a game changer... as more Light BEings will walk the Earth now.... as the Crystalline Grid grows stronger with every BEing that lives from this and holds this energetic grid in place with their whole body/BEing/field too.

Continue to honor and integrate and hold expansion for as long as your body will allow.... bring it all inside and emanate all out. ♥

This is what many have dedicated to and worked so hard for (through all the heavy duty programming/clearing processes).... and will remain open for all others on this path and holding Pure Light within their Hearts fully too....

A Massive Collective Shift.... A massive Collective Quantum Jump.... and more anchoring/living NEW Earth Consciousness and NEW DREAM CODES re-writing "reality" completely too.

With love,


p.s. The other articles/sharings have different information ... Today, it's not important. It's about the PURE and SACRED EXPERIENCE and REMEMBRANCE........... the profoundness, the simplicity and the magnitude of all .... ♥



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