Hormonal System Re-Writes in Progress, Huge Integration Day...

Aloha love family!

Today is another powerful anchoring/integration day... thus far... so honor your body/you as you complete the immense process of all that came through yesterday and blasted us from within ... in massive Light.

I have a HUGE writing to share, yet for now... this whole last week, these focus on DNA through a HORMONE SYSTEM RE-WRITE.... that works through every particle of y/our Systems and Glands and organs.... so HOW your body works will be very different.... 

DNA REWRITES work on a Core Level, a Quantum Level, a genetic and cellular/molecular level... and your own understanding will come as you TUNE INTO YOUR Physical LIGHT/BODY COMPLETELY... listen to it, literally... listen and you'll hear new words, new explanations... that don't yet make logical sense, because this is VIBRATIONAL and not an old linear logical experience.... 

TUNE INTO YOUR ENERGY BODY.... what does it tell you it needs? Has it built itself so high that you can transmit Light with great ease? Is your ENERGY BODY DEPLETED and need rest, need rejuvenation, replenshing space/time? 

YOUR LIGHT BODY works on your own Pure Source Light. How you use/SPEND your ENERGY will matter in every way. What you INVEST your ENERGY in.... what you allow in your own VIBRATORY FIELD.... this is beyond important as well. 

As you start to PAY attention to what you allow.... you'll actually start to SEE and UNDERSTAND everything... in all new ways... and how IMPORTANT your Energy/Body is.... and how your own LIGHT dictates all..... 

YOUR body has to re-write, re-structure, re-code, re-calibrate constantly, clearing dense programming where it was held/HOUSED in your Sacred Temple Body.... your own little Light Ship..... your NEW EARTH BODY.... are you giving it the love, attention, support and CARE that it requires.. to actually live and exist in multiple dimensions easily?

Right now, lymphatic systems, adrenals, pituitary/pineal, estrogen and testosterone levels are substantially being re-coded/re-worked....Every gland, every secretion, every bio-electrical impulse and chemical in your body is being de-densified and re-working itself through a much higher intelligence than any ego aspect can understand... so have patience, love, respect and listen to your body...... It has to awaken fully and come into/evolve back into full consciousness too. 

If you will listen to your body, it will tell you everything you "need" to know. If it doesn't, then your ego's in the way and 'knowing" will actually create an energetic disruption in your process. There is a huge learning-curve to this process... one where we all "learn" that we will understand as we allow ourselves to TUNE IN FULLY, be silent and listen.... observe.... see through our hearts and higher mind consciousness, which is very different than our human mind.... One is receptive/all knowing, the other is pushy, insistent and impatient... and interrupts actually listening/hearing.... 

DNA RE-WRITES are off the charts on a daily basis now. We are in acceleration processes that make all previous ones look minimal.... Actually sit with this and ask yourself: What do I expect as my DNA completely re-writes itself to something new? What do I expect my body to do as my Higher Selves "move into my body" (descend) and "take over"? Because your ego doesn't like this part.... yet as your LIGHT EVOLVES, you evolve into your own highest aspects of WHO you TRULY are.... your own SOUL and your ego dissolves.... 

This is a BEYOND POWERFUL "time" (COSMIC ALIGNMENT PHASE).... where entire hiSTORIES are re-written anew. Where all that you do desire comes forth, as you transcend your own ego aspects of you. 

Your human mind will create resistance and "slow" all down. Surrender your human mind by opening your heart fully, so that your own higher mind can come online easier.... 

I will share more in detail about the entire LIGHTBODY SYSTEM RE-WRITES, as soon as I get it all written up to share. ♥

P.S. Each dimensional LightBody phase experiences all differently, and everyone is in THEIR OWN PERFECT PLACE.... not always the same.... There are so many different vibrational timelines running now... every dimensional experience relative to each's LIGHT HELD.... focus on your own Light...your actual physical reality is dependent on this. 

I love you! ♥

Have a most magical and amazing day anchoring more of your own Dreams into your physical experiences too! ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Toni 8th September 2018 8:55 pm

:thumbs: Nice...accurate info... no capital hang ups.

Meg 13th September 2018 12:09 pm

Thank you so much for this Lisa. So helpful.


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