May's Reality Shifting Quantum Codes Thus Far:

Aloha LOVE family,

We have a LOT of POWERFUL Codes that have enumerated our cellular bodies/fields/planet this month.... continually increasing and changing the frequency/geometrics of all.

It's important to realize that there are Cosmic Frequencies running all day every day that dictate/change everything... and that which each experiences/sees is relative to a massive vibrational alignment process, a massive restructuring process, a massive re-everything process and all that occurs is a part of this.

The sacred and powerful LIGHT CODES that have activated on a Quantum Level "work" to bring all into/restore balance, "right the wrongs" (playing in duality for this part to explain) and clear immense karmic/unconscious programming that was hidden deep within each.

I have a few new writings to post/share, yet the codes have to be broken down and decoded/transcribed into geometrics that provide the dynamic/spectrum of each. These are not "simple codes" (they are, yet not how we have to explain them), as Quantum Photonic Light Codes are a multitude of many frequencies and immense information in data-streams that have to be broken down and then put into a constructed sharing for each to be able to easily and fully utilize, activate to, integrate and then apply to "life" for shifting/encompassing/living with greater ease.

While all of these codes are so completely flooding through 24/7, there are specific ones that affect individually in certain ways and collectively in other ways... and depending on where each currently functions from, the "how" is different for each.

For now, I'll share these few and expand upon them more in another writing/live event/sharing for all. ♥

  • May 1st began "What goes around comes around" energies... increasing the "return" of what all hold and consciously/unconsciously transmit out....
  • May 11th: Crimes against Humanity --- this one we've all "known", yet when the actual code comes through, this means it's activated to start to filter through densities in actual realities in all new ways. This one is not only as each would "think"... yet, yes... this one is exactly as it says.
  • May 11th: Justice Codes: This one was like WOW. The absolute strongest and most powerful I've observed/heard/seen/felt thus far. Instead of a few minutes, it pummeled through for over a 1/2 and hour. This one means for all to "get just inside" and is an extension of the "Crimes against humanity" codes that came through earlier in the day....
  • All of May: Ancestral clearings that are inner-twined through each in various ways. These will correlate to every reality where there is hurt and wounds still not "healed" (unresolved within).
  • May 8th: "Down the Rabbit Hole" we all go.... for all to be brought fully into the Light. Yes, the next phase of this has just now begun....

Now.... many things may "appear" to get worse before they get better. There's a lot coming that needs to be reconciled and cleared within each. Still too many not wanting to hear/see/listen and place blame "outside" and see the battle, yet are unable to see the full picture, which is a part of the greater whole .... while others stepping up huge to fulfill higher service roles more.... bringing peace, balance and holding the new in place as all are ready to transition over to unite/join together and work together as Love.

We have every polarity occurring, as photonic Light "distorts on purpose", so all can those buried feelings, suppressed emotions, old stories and de-valuing, dis-empowering beliefs and externally focused misplaced trust and blind loyalty can dissipate and clear.

I've been observing (for years) masses unaware that they perceive "the Light" as a threat. This program gets "twisted" and reflects back the opposing polarity. I'm finishing an article to assist with dismantling this program for those who desire to consciously shift this.... I'll work to post it within the next day or so as well.

This is a HUGE TIME for all. Many move into their "throat chakra/vortex" of speaking out, standing up and no longer playing out those submissive roles of hiding their power and light like before. Unity in numbers as the WE grows, as Light grows and as Light SHOWS what all didn't want to admit/see before.... as well as infinite new options/possibilities through heart expansion and the application of Light. ☼

While not all is as all perceives and everything is multi-dimensional and often opposites, the one way for all to understand is to go deep within and reconnect with their own Divine Guidance and Sacred Knowing and learn to listen to and honor this fully, in order to bring all into alignment consciously and through the Purity of Love here.

Many now starting to realize the magnitude of all... deep hurt, betrayal and earth-shattering realizations shake many to their core, in order to awaken and shift to a whole new timeline/reality from deep within. There is always so much more than each can see, so it's important to see all as new awareness for empowerment and not to get fixed to anything that creates the "loop cycle" again....

LIGHT IS WHERE EACH'S HOPE IS... and it's also where all answers/solutions are. So tune in, open up and listen to your own Universal/Cosmic Heart and Higher mind intelligence and then ACT from this place/space and hold yourself/your energy in an expanded state until your entire reality is fully vibrationally aligned......

I love you and hang in there if you find yourself challenged. To understand separation is important, as the "how" changes as we do. This is the time of different choices, diving deep into the immense inner work necessary to facilitate an entire reality shift and also shifting your allegiances, as what each vibrationally align with, becomes reality/experiences here.

Everything is relative to dimensions/different densities and frequency bandwidths and the application of unlocked codes....

With love and the utmost respect,

Lisa ☼

p.s. I have a really long article on the "ugly part of awakening" that may assist with transitions as well. This is a part of the breakdown/breakthrough processes/phases that many are in right now. I'll work to get all out in a flow that supports these next collective shifts entering into these phases now... ♥



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