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It'so been a week of sending/radiating blasts of love and tons of light to peeps as their own lack of self-love/respect shows up in their world, as their separation, unhappiness, anger and everything not at peace inside surfaces....

The other day in the post office, one woman walked in, so angry at everything...it was so apparent that she had no idea about what is going on on earth and she was venting out all of her own separation and frustration at others...Everyone in the post office, in a different place, most happy, light, conversing in the long lines, chilling.... with a few caught up in their heads and emotions that bubble up/boil when suppression no longer works anymore....

It reminded me of the days when I would go to huge public places and intentionally generate soooo much light and just blast/emanate everyone just through presence, walking around, connecting our fields.... encapsulating the whole place in this huge bubble of love ..... Now it's just a way of existence and we do this wherever we are. Yet, it seems that our intentional massive expansion is being called upon again.

So, I just raised my already happy vibration even higher ... super mega high and I did the same this time. Sending pure love and the highest pure light to her and everyone there. She left (as this will make them uncomfortable, because of built in protection mechanisms that are diminishing/coming down). Everyone was happy and having a blast as we stood in the long lines..... peacefully... with kindness... and respect.... and a bit of fun thrown in there too!

These frequencies are collapsing "inner worlds" for unconscious collectives moving into consciousness in their own world, which correlates to their outer worlds too. These mega high frequencies are activating a "frenzy" of panic and "trying to hold on/project/control", some venting outwards not realizing unconscious programs....

We are the strong foundation of Love.... and there is a Peace within that is not shake-able anymore. Used to be, duality would come into play, yet that's not even a consideration these last many years. All is visible and we are able to resolve all as love, sometimes strong love, yet still love.

Yesterday, a pre-cursor to our 12/12 StarGate activations, (which I will share the post soon (as I'm booked solid with sessions and classes). What used to be huge for us is now minimal, yet huge to the human aspect still... and we've only "just begun".

These frequencies COLLAPSE unconscious realities, shake human aspect's inner worlds to their core.....They strengthen Conscious ones as the Foundation of NEW Earth. Each's actions/re-actions will show which is which.

This is a passageway, and initiation phase that will continue as we move further into the Solstice and 12/21..... Every StarGate re-alignment that occurs will "shake" old stuff out, literally and literally "dial a different reality" for each to work through/resolve anything that needs to be cleansed, purified, transcended and resolved back into love inside.

I've been observing "frenzies" of panic, loss of control, outside worlds spinning in chaos and more for those who still maintain "disconnection" as their primary state. EVERYTHING OCCURS to open the heart for each to CONNECT BACK UP to/as the entire UNIVERSE and Source again. Anything less will become visible.

The activation of each's Divine Masculine gives each the POWER to BE LOVE and stop the old in it's tracks. There's no fight/battle with this. There is Sacred Respect and Honor. Period. Duality went out the window when we Embodied Christed Consciousness and all became ONE again.

So, get ready loves... WE ain't seen nothing yet. Where is your foundation located? In the old or the new? One is represented by fear/judgement/control and the other is through purity, peace, unity and the POWER OF LOVE above all.

We are still on the threshold as super high frequencies work through our bodies strongly in every moment now. ?

Have a super magical day! Love and love and love to you! ?

Here's yesterday's post on our StarGate Activations since 2012 to now: http://spiritlibrary.com/lisa-transcendence-brown/121016-stargates-activ...

Lisa Transcendence Brown ?


Saint 13th December 2016 9:42 pm

Love it.. You pump them out fast..

It's just been a hundred different things to process all at once the last few days, when is it never like that, but now even more.. Stargates, new star lines, magnetic light pole activations, shifting through photon belts, plasma light all this and it's not even lunch time, ffs..


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