Sacred Earth Keepers: An Activation of the Sacred Rose & Sacred Sword of Nobility

A Lion's Gate Gift for us all....

There are many ways to activate everything. This is but one way for those who resonate and would like to utilize this to open portals and accelerate this sacred passageway (anytime) from within themselves. ♥

Sacred Earth Keepers:
An Activation of the Sacred Rose & Sacred Sword of Nobility, Courage and Wisdom

Birthing Nobility through Sacred Breath

A Noble Earth Star Tribe

United through Love and Unified Sacred Consciousness

One Sacred Breath connects us all.... 

Within is birthed/born

The Breath of Plasma Liquid Light

Weaving and Connecting ALL


Rising from Our Sacred Earth

Descendants from/of the Stars

Universal Consciousness

Within Physical Form

Power Once Known

Now Returns Once More

A Soft Power stronger than any other perceived

Never to Leave

Continues to Grow

♥ Pure Love ♥

A Unifying and Binding Force

When Utilized through Purity and deep inner-connected strength

Draw on your POWER

Held DEEP within


A Unified State

Power in Numbers

Erases, Clears and Balances the Slate

Returning Power to the Virtuous

and those with the immense Courage to Stand

Peace of the Dove

Awareness and Steadiness of the Wolf

Unites our whole land... 

As Hearts Burst Open

Allowing Pure LOVE to Flow

All is returned

Through radiance and glow

Hearts beaming

Joy Streaming

ReJOYce and Celebrate

as Remembrance is returned.... 

as You/All hold your highest state from within... 

Imprisoned no longer

Free as Your SOUL

Repressed is of the old

Breaking those constraints

of illusions no longer believed

Deep Sacred Respect, Unity and Love is our way... 

Energetically taking hands to Unite

Forgiveness replaces hurt, hate and spite

Acceptance allows all to move on

and let go of the stories that bind... 

Separation divides

Love Unites

So clear those emotions representing prisons

The beliefs no longer true for you... 

Embrace your Spirit-Soul fully

Live as your Purest Aspects of You... 

Let the war and battle within you end/dissolve/fall....

Allow your purest heart to lead all

Let PEACE be your Guide

and your higher selves too

where simple replaces complicated

because your heart is now more powerful than your head....  

Listen to your heart

It will show you the way... 

Trust above all... 

For you do already "know" everything.....

deep within you....

the place you protected, buried, tucked and hid away...

and saved for "that rainy day"... 

yet now the sun is shining

and it's time to be free

and come out to play..... 

REMEMBER your innocence... 

and let everything else fall away.... 

Have the COURAGE to honor YOU

LOVE YOU and RESPECT YOU.... fully.... 

and each other as an Ancient Elder Race family here.... 

Together you/we create

a whole new Earth World

One where Prosperity comes

through unity, sharing and caring

and breaking completely away from all of the old unconscious ways... 

Reach out your arms

Lend a Hand or Ten


The Gateway

The Portal

Shine the Light So All Can See and choose to join too

BE the Light in Every Way... 

Hold the door open

Hold those gates open


Together EVERYTHING is possible, available and already done

Now it's just for each to "do" what it takes for it to become a "physical" one....

Unity activates and calls forth

All that you truly desire

open your HEART and allow

Put down your SWORD of fighting inside

and you'll no longer need to fight "outside"

Pick up your Wand of Light

and forge a path as LOVE

That SWORD can be used to cut cords of attachment and the old

If you wield it not to hurt

yet to free all from the entanglements that bound all to versions of old earth.... 

Magnetize all through Light

Through the Divine Essence of your Pure Soul

Remember your Star Lineages

and Wisdom as Ancient Elders

and AS the KEEPERS of this Heavenly Earthly Realm...... ♥ 

With Divine Love and in Sacred Service as Love,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

WE all BREATHE as ONE Sacred Pure HEART ♥


Chanti33 8th August 2019 12:23 pm

You speak to me/my heart/my soul...Thank you dear sister, blessed you BE!...


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