Universal/Cosmic Balance is BEing Re-Stored Through YOU

Your Light Encoded DNA: Each Collective Dimension Experiences this Differently (Based upon Density/Light Held = LightBody)

This Universal/Cosmic alignment process is a huge one, that occurs vibrationally and energetically across all dimensions/Space "Time" dependent on the density of each Dimension/Plane of Existence... which is vast compared to "before" (on a physical level). Our early years we were "bound" to just a few, because we were all waking up to higher consciousness and we didn't have "books" to tell us "how" any of this worked... we had to "learn it" through our own experiences here. 

I speak in linear "time" to make a point, as a reference.... as it's how our human mind correlates many things, yet this is not a linear time thing. This is a vibrational, energetic, cosmic, quantum "thing"...... This is an entire evolution of our species BACK INTO what we forgot ourselves to be, back into our highest aspects, back into that which we maintained disconnection from, while living beneath the Veils of Amnesia (in a coma) in 3D... waking up through 4D to return to a 5D Level of Consciousness and Living...

We wake up/woke up in different collectives.... which grows vaster every "day". This is a UNIFICATION PROCESS, a merging process, through dissolving/resolving our own separation and duality within us... therefore in our own physical reality world as well. The vaster and more expanded we are, the more we are able to understand, access, see..... Observing various dimensions and collectives is a part of our Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper roles, as it's how we guide entire collectives and assist entire collectives through their own awakening and returning processes here. For the sake of this writing, which is fully Light Encoded for all... I will touch on a few topics, relative to various dimensions/timelines, to assist with shifting, expanding and resolving more as Love. 

The denser our physical bodies, not a judgment, yet a molecular/particle matter kind of thing... the more emotions we hold of the denser realities, the more condensed, suppressed, held and the more we have to clear.... Now, clearing is a tuning process. A cleansing/purification process of everything... it's not a small process at all. It's not done over a weekend or a week or two or even a year, it's done every moment that we breathe here. Yet "how" is different for each. The amount of Light we hold (LightBodies) will determine "how" this occurs for each one of us, the templates that our bodies have built/constructed/hold in place will also determine this. If we are operating with a human body template, then we hold immense distortions/discordant frequencies/programs within us on a cellular level still. This is just the way it works. The "how" is relative to how open we are to "something different" that doesn't "fit into the old linear belief systems" and works on a DNA LEVEL..... on a Quantum Level of Consciousness....  As our LightBodies activate, our higher intelligence DNA is activated, which activates our much higher consciousness ASPECTS to awaken within us too. For awhile, the more human, the more there is an ego fight to maintain "control" over "who occupies your body"..... sounds ridiculous when I write it, yet this process is your higher selves (YOU) becoming more prominent, audible, feel-able... from within you... more recognizable by your human you.... so that you can tell the difference and CHOOSE which aspect you are going to BE.... and this will correlate to what your whole body transmits out, to return a vibrational experience.... 

All of this is about holding your highest states of Consciousness so that your DNA can activate fully and bring your BODY on-board/on-line with our Christed Grids, our Energetic Grids and our NEW Earth grids... which occurs inside of your body as you "learn"/allow your body to relax and sleep to access other/higher dimensions, clearing out the "lower/old/unconscious ones" and activating your higher dimensional ones too.  

Your LIGHTBODY, your vibration, your ability to integrate fully becomes priority.... so that all can become much easier here for you/all..... Your LightBody does not function like your old body does.... yet it's "housed" within your physical body, which means that you on a human level have to "learn" (by way of connecting) how to listen, how to honor, how to maneuver, how to navigate, how to stabilize, how to HOLD the immensity of your LIGHT and how to manage all, while having a physical reality too. This alone is a balancing act, a thing to Master as Love, an experience that will "teach you" how all goes, not the other way around... 

As these Cosmic Codes, these Universal Codes, these Quantum DNA Codes activate 24/7 now, they re-write everything to all new codes. All new understandings, all new everything... nothing will be like it once was. That's the point. 

These Cosmic/Universal Codes transition you over to a/your NEW EARTH REALITY, transition you out of your old and into your "new", they restore Universal and Cosmic Balance on a Global/Multi-Dimensional Level.... back to purity, back to peace, back to Love, back to Unity and in the process all is restored through your own deep sacred connection to All/as All from within. Your REMEMBRANCE will be profound, subtle and not like your human "thinks". It will dredge up all kinds of emotions, often after a deep sleep or expansion process or experience to "jolt" you awake. 

Balance is RE-STORED as you are able to awaken fully and hold all from within you. This vast process is by way of clearing heavy duty emotions/distortions and fixed/limited/linear beliefs.... Balance is restored within you, as you come to PURE PEACE INSIDE... as you open your heart so fully that your Ego no longer has control.... Balance is restored as you Awaken to Remember what you forgot before... Balance is restored when you hold balance within you and how you live your "new life" here... as Peace, as Love, as Kindness, as the PURE SOUL/SOURCE LIGHT that you ARE... as Full Consciousness in an ever-evolving, ever re-writing, ever-recalibrating, ever-recoding physical form...... 

Balance is restored when you are not acting from your fractaled/distorted ego versions of you. Balance is restored when your whole life is aligned on a Soul Level, instead of an ego/dualistic one. Balance is restored as you hold yourself to a much higher place through all. Balance is restored through UNITY... which can only occur when you are functioning as a UNIFIED FIELD OF LIGHT..... 

This Cosmic/Universal Balance occurs for each individually and entire collectives now. Each dimension/density will experience this differently. The more Light Codes embodied, the more Source Light held, the more the entire experience is a Quantum One, where the physical reality is a vibrational/energetic RESPONSE.... 

Quantum Existence is actually very simple. Your heart is simple too. Your ego complicates all... all of this occurs inside of you. Quantum States of Consciousness are very different than unconscious linear ones are. Neither is right or wrong. That's a duality game. One is simple, easy and fully aligned and the other is not. One is built on a foundation of purity, unity and love, the other is not. One considers all in the equation, how all will be affected, how energy transmitted out creates... one is unconscious to this and lets their ego "get in the way" (run the show).  

We are in a 12D Template completion process/project... that takes us through these December Gateways in huge ways. For each dimension, this will look different... 

Inner peace, inner connectedness, inner balance... this is KEY. If you are not at complete peace inside of you, living your JOY, sharing you/your Light/ and all in the most magnificent ways, radiating love and fulfilling your highest everything here... then something inside is not fully aligned, something inside is out of HARMONY, something inside is having a "battle" ... This will be your ego and your own Universal Higher Selves.... This will BE you out of tune, you not open/listening/observing and seeing what you are supposed to see... This will be your own separation, your own duality... the fight within is between your higher realms and your lower realms/aspects of you... It is that easy. ♥

Make your LightBody, your Vibration, Love and Integration your own Priority.... and everything will start to shift as you do. Make your own deep inner connected state your number ONE and align all with/from this SPACE inside of you. Be ready to step up, step forward and into much higher roles here. You do not get to play small (ego games) anymore... that's not why you came here. ♥

When you understand how the outside correlates to the inside, you will understand the POWER you hold too. When you no longer "fear" your power, fear opening up to pure love, fear the stories you keep telling yourself are true, then your heart will open all of the way and your highest version of you can come through..... ☼

Balance is being restored across all dimensions/times.... as these Cosmic Harmonics Synchronize all through Purity and Love and Light. The "imbalance" is the extremes.... which grow vaster every day that one holds separation from within. The polarizing affect is more prominent when there are distortions present.... this polarity is resolved when/as all is tuned fully from within. ♥

I love you. This 11•11•11 Gateway shall kick all into a much higher gear than before. It's always beginning, gateways are always opening, we are always aligning... the "day" is a marker point of alignment/convergence/more... yet occurs vibrationally, so the more in-tune all are, the less the date matters, as when the gateways open through your own LightBody DNA/StarGates/Heart/Cells.... you are not bound to time or location... it occurs within you AS THE STARGATES OPEN and come online, as the NEW Earth Grids charge up, as Harmonic Synchronization occurs... which is not linear in any way. Everything is on a Quantum Scale here. ♥ (p.s. Gateways opened yesterday or the day before, I can't remember).... everything is a "marker point" for "the next". 

p.p.s. The human aspect will always be trying to "get back to or keep the old ways", because it doesn't like change or that which it can't perceivably control. We are bringing forth the new. We are the "new". We anchor all new through us and bring it forth here. The human ego doesn't like "change". Kinda not how this works.... every nano-second is "new" here. ♥ New ideas, new information, new ways... new new new. NEW Earth. All higher dimensional.

♥ Love ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



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