Emerging From The Dark: October's Libra New Moon

The depth of darkness to which you can descend and still live is an exact measure of the height to which you can aspire to reach. ~ Laurens Van der Post

To me every hour of light and dark is a miracle. Every cubic inch of space is a miracle. ~ Walt Whitman

For many children, joy comes as the result of mining something unique and wondrous about themselves from some inner shaft. Thomas J. Cottle

Underground issues from one relationship or context invariably fuel our fires in another. ~ Harriet Lerner

In isolation I ruthlessly plow the deep silences, seeking my opportunities like a miner seeking veins of treasures. In what shallow glimmering space shall I find what glimmering glory? ~ Jamaica Kincaid

Beauty is also to be found in a day’s work. ~ Mamie Sypert Burns

Now if I tell you that you suffer from delusions You pay your analyst to reach the same conclusions You live your life like a canary in a coalmine. ~ Sting

The Libra new Moon on October 4 in the US and October 5 in Australia, is on an interesting degree that speaks about emerging from the dark, dropping the difficult attitudes and coming into the light. We may find that we have had difficulty breathing from the sheer pressure we've been under, but as with coal, with that pressure we can mine a diamond - we can find that many faceted, beautiful, precious and worthwhile part of ourselves that may have been buried or out of plain site.

This new Moon is square Pluto and opposite Uranus, so this is a very powerful, challenging and stirring lunation. The lead up to this new Moon can feel like a build up of energy that needs to pop, perhaps something like a boil that needs to be lanced... certainly it can feel implosive as well as explosive. Some people are being pushed to their limits and many are tired from the amount of work that they need to do just to keep operating. 

The Sabian Symbol for the new Moon is Libra 12: Miners Are Emerging From A Deep Coal Mine. 

‘Miners Are Emerging From a Deep Coal Mine’. They’ve been working hard, and now the siren has sounded and their shift is finished. Coming back to the surface, they can take a deep breath and feel themselves infused with fresh energy. Even if the Sun is going down at the end of the day, it and fresh air can bring a new awareness and wonder at being alive. The ‘Miners’ are free for now and finished with the day’s work.

It may feel as though you’ve been operating in the dark, or in some kind of underworld. When we’ve been submerged in work, deep issues or spaces for a long time, we often end up feeling suppressed and worn-out. Thoughts and emotions can be clouded with doubt and fear making them difficult to plumb or discover. You may feel like you have been in some kind of hell, perhaps you’ve had to go into the depths in the search for something.

A feeling of breathlessness can erupt from not being able to understand what’s happening. Take a deep breath and learn to relax! Delving deeply can bring messages from the subconscious that reveal some surprising things. However, it is often not enough to merely find the message; there’s also a need to bring any realizations into the clear light of day so that you, and others, can benefit from this passage and learn to breathe more freely.

Imagine coming back to the surface, taking a deep breath and feeling yourself infused with the energy of fresh air and the sun. Look carefully at situations, for it may take time for your eyes to adjust to the new light. Even if you need to go back within, into the ‘Deep Coal Mine’ in the near future, having faith and acceptance of being able to operate and see in “the dark” will assist you with any problems you may encounter. If you are ‘Emerging’ with others, this can lead to a ‘Deep’ sense of camaraderie, as people realize that they’ve been through the same straights and have come out okay.

Keywords: Release from arduous labor. Stopping work. Coming into the light. Deep subconscious healing. Hypnotherapy. Going into dark places. Claustrophobia. Memories from the past or out of nowhere. Things dark and “gothic”. Lung and breathing problems. Persephone emerging. The labyrinth of the mind. The mind flooding. Tunnel vision. Caves. Mines. Digging for answers. Relief and time off. Ghost stories.

The Caution: Gloomy outlooks. Not seeing potentials. Emerging with a “blackened face”. Difficulty breathing. Earning a living being a life and death situation. Working hard for small rewards. Emotional loops. Things hard to escape. Fear of confinement or capture.

This new Moon is at 11.56 Libra, which means that it flips onto the next degree very soon after it is new. 

The Sabian Symbol for Libra 13 (the Quest Symbol for the new Moon) is Children Blowing Soap Bubbles. How different an image is this from the Coal Miners degree!? With the Coal Miners, we can have blackened faces, worn out bodies and hearts and the Children Blowing Soap Bubbles is the young at heart, perhaps covered in soap, wet and playing and happy. The Coal Miners need that 'Soap' to cleanse and lighten things up. As an aside, I was washing my hands just after typing this and soap bubbles floated up and hang in front of my eyes - a lovely omen to remember to 'play'. 

‘Children Blowing Soap Bubbles’ is a wonderful image of playfulness and fun. The ‘Children’ are having fun ‘Blowing Soap Bubbles’, they love to watch how big they can make them, how long they can last and how high they can go. The swirling colors of the ‘Soap’ along with the fact that they can pop at any moment add to the fun and the fascination.

With this Symbol around, it is through fantasy, simplicity and imagination that you will find solutions. Saying things for the sake of saying them, doing things for the sake of doing them, or doing things with no real thought of the outcome is fun, and perhaps what’s needed to lighten things up-as long as nobody is offended, led astray or hurt in the process!

This is not a time to be too deep and meaningful, for it will be in fleeting moments of pleasurable wonder that you will find the answer to what’s needed. However, this can also show someone not being “real”, not taking things seriously and not wanting to take responsibility for any outcomes. Perhaps there’s a feeling that the things that are being said aren’t substantial-more like mere cartoon captions.

Fantasy can intrude on reality and what’s being said can sometimes be forgotten in a minute. It’s almost like these issues didn’t ever exist. Sometimes, however, something that is said in a fleeting moment, a mere throwaway line, can have a permanent and positive effect on others. Whilst there is likely to be fun and joy here, there may need to be a consideration of whether it will produce anything substantial, permanent or real. If this situation is one of short-term rewards and enjoyment, it may be wonderful, but relying on anything real being produced may be unrealistic and disappointing. Whatever, enjoy the moment, and the display of fun while it lasts.

Keywords: Spending time being creative with children. Drama. Carefree or superficial. Finding joy in pure abstractions. Captions in cartoons. Pollyanna attitudes that can lead to fun or nowhere. Not caring about the future, only the moment. Rediscovering the simple joys of life. Toys and playing. Soap and bubbles. Comic book heroes. Being easily amused.

The Caution: Never growing up. Frivolousness. Daydreaming. Resenting people who don’t have serious work. Upset over the loss of things that don’t have lasting substance. Not meaning what’s said. Making light of the serious. Moving on without completing anything of lasting value. Dislike of chitchat. Gullibility. Impractical behavior.

I often see the Soap Bubbles degree as captions in a cartoon - like the comments on Facebook. We can be delighted when people agree and get upset if someone disagrees, but surely it is all rather like a game. 

The planetary ruler of this new Moon is Venus on Scorpio 27: A Military Brass Band Marches Noisily On Through City Streets. This can be where the 'military', the government or the authorities, can remind us of their power, their presence, their imposition or the ability to protect and provide for us. How you feel about it will be reflected in how you're seeing your government supplying your needs and the needs of your society. Do they protect or do they just strut and make a lot of noise?  

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. ~ Thoreau

Military justice is to justice what military music is to music. ~ Groucho Marx

Keywords: Making music to rouse people from complacency. Noisy announcements. Demanding attention. Trumpeting achievements. Reminders from the authorities that individuals are often not in charge. Celebrations of past battles. Corporate advertising. Peace rallies or war marches. Marching and drills. Precision movements.

The Caution: A lot of volume that can be too pompous. So much volume that the true message gets lost. Demanding to be heard. Banging one’s drum, even when others might be unresponsive or not want to hear. Blaring announcements. Warnings to others to follow orders or to be complicit. Big ego displays. Propaganda. Threats to peace.

Venus also moves onto the next degree immediately after the new Moon - it moves onto Scorpio 28: The King Of The Fairies Approaching His Domain. This can speak things ranging from finding a place to be, to live and to love and flourish all the way to someone thinking they are the 'bees knees' and have the authority to 'lord it all over' others. 

Lord, what fools these mortals be! ~ William Shakespeare

The king is the man who can. ~ Thomas Carlyle

Keywords: Imaginary worlds. Finding a place. Feeling comfortable. Taking command of life.Leadership and its responsibilities. Feeling like a dominant leader and that one has a doting populace. Being welcomed. Midsummer Night’s Dream. Returning home. Web domains. Finding one’s true vocation or purpose.

The Caution: Imaginary worlds and dependence on trickery. Ridicule aimed at those that don’t have their feet on the ground. Someone acting like a “hot shot”. Feelings of superiority, which can alienate others. The fear of approaching the unknown. Never finding a real place to settle down. Fairy tales about how life could or should be. Lording it over others. Being bossy and commanding. Being impotent. The fear and loathing of having to accept one’s true place. Not taking command of one’s life. Loneliness. Feeling locked out.

Mercury is on Scorpio 8: Deep Sea Divers With Special Machinery. This, and the degree following it (which the Moon's north node is on) are two of the most psychic, perceptive and insightful degrees of the zodiac. This Symbol speaks of getting down beneath the surface to see what's really going on. Negatively, it can bring up the need to remember to breath as we can sometimes feel 'out of our depth' or a bit deprived of oxygen in some manner. 

Keywords: Studying unconscious energies. Uncovering wonders. Breath meditations and techniques. Plunging in. Seeing things that others don’t. Having the special insights, talents or technology to affect healings on deep levels. New levels of experience seen and felt. Atlantis and Lemuria. Breathing apparatus. Getting “the bends” and cramping up. Inner space.

The Caution: Pretending to plumb the depths, but only for show. Escapism. Going over the top emotionally. Being unreachable by shutting off to the outside world. Feeling gloomy. No light, no oxygen. Losing touch with reality or the real world. Feeling like you’re in a bubble. Isolation and dark thoughts. Not seeing the full picture.

The Moon's north node is on Scorpio 8: The Silvery Moon Shining Across A Beautiful Gem Of A Lake. The Moon's north node is conjunct (together with) Mercury. This can bring up issues to do with communications and the media and how our minds work. This is an interesting degree in that it is the degree of the Sun on Halloween and this image, the Moon on a lake, is often seen in Halloween cards and posters, etc. 

Issues to do with water and purity come up with this degree. In Australia, a professor has called for calm around gas fracking. Calm?! Yeah, right. It's not as though having fresh, clean, clear, unpolluted water is a priority or anything. 

Keywords: Reflections. Mirrors. Things mystical and alluring. The ‘Narcissus’ story. Picturesque scenes. Picture postcard images. Peace and beauty. Halloween and magic. Escapism. Placid emotions. Peace and quiet. Contemplation and meditation. Having a reflective nature. Photographs. Psychic abilities. Hypnotic charm or manipulation.

The Caution: Acting out of moodiness. Losing the plot. Projecting one’s self onto others. Narcissism. Looking at one’s self and others as if in a mirror. Not wanting to see the whole picture. Being superficial. A lack of depth. Seeing everything as a reflection of one’s self.

Mars is on Leo 24: Totally Concentrated Upon Inner Spiritual Attainment, A Man is Sitting in a State of Complete Neglect of His Body. This degree sounds a little severe, but it doesn't have to be. It may be that we are reminded to take more care of ourselves, it can be a realisation that we don't move around physically enough or that we have put our needs on hold while we attend to those of others. It can also be a realisation that we've been a bit lopsided in whether we've attended to our physical needs - like the yogi that sits in meditation - this can be a wonderful thing or it can lead to a terrible case of pins and needles. 

Keywords: Issues of how we view and value our bodies. Fixation on exercise and nutrition at the expense of more spiritual or emotional issues. Eating disorders. Gymnasiums and physical fitness issues. Spiritual gurus. Yoga and yogis. Living for the future. Extreme states of meditation. Total concentration.

The Caution: Not enough attention to the body or physical needs. A lack of focus on more immediate issues such as food and exercise OR forgetting spiritual, emotional or mental concerns through a focus on the body or physical aspects. Too many things on one’s mind. Obsessions leading to imbalance. Not eating or drinking.

Jupiter is on Cancer 19: A Fragile Miss, Representative of Proud Old Blood, is Wed in a Marriage Ceremony by a Priest to an Eager Youth of the New Order. This Symbol can be about marriage, but like all Symbols, it doesn't have to be literal. I see this degree as the issue of bringing people together, and especially with Jupiter on it, it can be about bringing people of all creeds, nations, colours and lifestyles together.

We can be united or we can divide and feel separate and alone. Gay marriage has been in the news a lot lately and there will no doubt be more, bigger, better, happier or more relevant stories of people belonging together and being together to come yet. 

Keywords: Wedding ceremonies. Sanctified unity. Expressions of loyalty and allegiance. Making sacred vows. Commitment to a person or project. New ventures involving a lowering of accepted standards. Breaking social norms. Integration of heart and mind. Bridging generation gaps. Marriage guidance. Contracts signed and honored. Handclaspings. Hatch, match and dispatch ceremonies. Celebrants.

The Caution: Rigidly following established rules at the expense of new ways that may have greater personal relevance. Forcing people to come together. Bondage to social expectations. Arranged marriages. Taking risks with partners. Conforming to the expectations of the others.

Saturn is on Scorpio 11: A Drowning Man Is Being Rescued. This degree Symbol, especially with Saturn on it, can add to the feeling of needing to get a breath. There are three Symbols in this newsletter that speak of the need to keep breathing - and I see people commenting that they need to breathe... it's been a bit of a catch phrase this week - "...breathe...!"

You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there. ~ Edwin Louis Cole

If a man is destined to drown, he will drown even in a spoonful of water. ~ Yiddish Proverb

Keywords: Resuscitation. Regaining one’s breath. Finding life renewed. Asthma, bronchitis, breathing difficulties. Finding help in moments of crisis. Needing a hand. Being rescued. Salvation on any level. Ventilators. Breathing equipment. Oxygen. Dependence. Last minute reprieves.

The Caution: Panicking in order to draw help rather than learning how to cope. Constantly finding reasons for losing control of situations. Getting into deep water on a regular basis.

Uranus is on an interesting degree when one considers the news both in the US and in Australia where a lot of political discontent is happening. But, of course, this speaks of us being in charge of, or regaining control of, our own lives. 

Uranus is on Aries 11: The President Of The Republic Or The Ruler Of One's Country

It is a strange desire to seek power and to lose liberty. Francis Bacon

To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life; and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right. ~ Confucius

Keywords: Developing willpower. Inner power, discipline and integrity. Discipline of thoughts, emotions and actions. Leadership, power and ability along with their responsibilities. Accepting responsibility for one’s actions. “Calling the shots”. Rulers, presidents, leaders. Taking charge. The need for loyal subjects.

The Caution: Taking control. Lording it over everyone. Being overbearing. Not allowing others to be in charge of their own lives, health or situation. Egotistical and self-centered. Undermining others through a lack of self-awareness or confidence. Being larger than life. Dictators and tyrants.

Neptune is on Pisces 3. A Petrified Forest, An Eternal Record Of A Life Lived Long Ago. This can speak of things such as rocks and crystals, photographs and memories all the way to coal seam gas fracking and issues to do with oil. 

Keywords: Remnants from the past. Stillness. Agelessness. Plastic surgery. Being able to withstand life’s storms. Resilience. Crystals, diamonds, gemstones. Beauty that remains ageless. Wood and lacquered wood. Coal, oil and petrochemicals. Diets. Dependability. Family histories. Keeping records. Amber. Fossils. Geology. Archeology. Ancient remnants. Mental and emotional filing cabinets. Lingering evidence. Petrified wood. Photographs and photography. Stones. Stone monuments.

The Caution: Rigidity, immobility, inflexibility. Being frozen. Not letting go of difficulties. Hanging on for grim death. Feeling stuck or frozen. Destroying things that are old. Severing links to the past. Keeping tabs. Memories that destroy the present.

Even God cannot change the past. ~ Agathon

Pluto is, again, on Capricorn 9: An Albatross Feeding From The Hand Of A Sailor. Again, we are being asked to let go of those memories, thoughts, superstitions perhaps, that are dragging us down or holding us back. 

Keywords: Feeding one’s higher nature with good nourishment. Banishing worries, so that one can fly ever higher. Overcoming superstitions or beliefs. Travelers who put themselves at risk in foreign lands or cultures. Talking to anybody anywhere. Sharing one’s bounty. Sailors, boats. Birds. Empathy and sympathy for others. Restoring trust and hope.

The Caution: Manipulating events or people with false nourishment. Having alternative motives for wanting to draw others close. Being extremely afraid of strangers or strange situations. The loss of independence.

Chiron is on Pisces 11: Men Travelling A Narrow Path, Seeking Illumination

Keywords: People “on the Path”. Sticking to one mindset, diet, regimen or habit. Having a cause to follow. Not looking sideways. Awakening one’s base senses in order to progress. Physical ecstasy. Being in the now. Going towards the light. Staying true to self. The promise of light at the end of the journey.

The Caution: Blinded by the light. Not knowing where you’re really going. Disillusionment about what’s been chosen. Being one-eyed about goals and beliefs. The denial of physical pleasure. Puritanical behavior. Distractions that stop forward movement. Narrow mindedness.

I don't usually, but this time I thought to include the Moon's south node - this newsletter is epic in length without it... but, as you'll see, it is totally apt for what's going on around the world, but particularly in the United States where many have been sequestered and who knows how long they will have to go without their wages. Many are feeling the pinch of not having enough. 

The Moon's south node is on Taurus 8: A Sleigh Without Snow. This Symbol speaks of having the juice, but not the vehicle, or having the vehicle but not the juice. Whichever way you cut it, it can speak of having to let go of the feeling of not having enough, of not having the fuel to get what you need or to get to where you need to be. This is not an easy Symbol, but it can speak about being ahead of one's time, to be ready and available for when the time is right and then striking out towards one's objective.  

Keywords: Independence from outer circumstances. Using the creative mind to work through momentary shortages or problems. Anticipating future conditions. Having the “vehicle”, but not the time, energy or the “fuel”. Improvising things so that they work better or ahead of their time. Gas, oil, fuel. Snow. The value of timing. Lack of resources. "Tyres" that are missing or don't work.

The Caution: Forcing your ideas or feelings even though the time is not right. Lack of support from the environment. Missing connections. Running out of energy. Having the right thing in the wrong place. Ideas without the capital to make them reality. A lack of impetus or propulsion. Feeling stuck, unmoving. Traffic jams. Empty tanks.

Last, but not least, I thought also to include the Dark Moon Lilith as it sits smack on the Sun for the July 4 US chart (known as the Sibley chart). 

Lilith is on Cancer 14: A Very Old Man Facing A Vast Dark Space To The Northeast. I have always associated this degree with Washington DC. And, I've often seen it to represent the feeling of being deserted by the government or the powers that be. 

Keywords: American Indians and other native peoples that have been left in the dark. Losing faith in the future. The dying out of cultures or languages. Washington DC. Staring into a void. Blindness. Searching for answers. Sirius – the Dog Star. Magnetic shifts. Compass directions. Stargazing. Navigation. Faith. The earth’s poles. Astronomy. Vast dark arenas. Wisdom that comes with age.

The Caution: Seeing nothing. A lack of purpose. A feeling of abandonment. Rejection, loss and darkness. The exploitation and abandonment of native people. Myopia. Voids. Emptiness.

This is a very meaningful time, as I guess all times are. Intense is a good keyword. This new Moon falls smack on my Mars. I hope I don't self immolate :) 



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