Perceptions, Perspectives and Pointers: May's Gemini New Moon Eclipse

There’s none so blind as they that won’t see. Jonathan Swift

“Truth is naturally universal,” said Akananda, “and shines into many different windows, though some of them are clouded.” Anya Seton

The eyes are the window to the soul. Traditional Proverb

Seeing is believing. Traditional Proverb

Meditation is the soul’s perspective glass. Owen Felltham

Nature is the glass reflecting God, as by the sea reflected is the sun, too glorious to be gazed on in its sphere. Brigham Young

Our house is made of glass . . . and our lives are made of glass; and there is nothing we can do to protect ourselves. Joyce Carol Oates

The world will never starve for want of wonders; but only for want of wonder. Gilbert Keith Chesterton

May's Gemini new Moon occurs on May 21st and is a partial solar eclipse. Coming after the  last few Super Moons, this is a powerful eclipse that will have interesting and wonderful possibilities. From Wikipedia: It will be the first central eclipse of the 21st century in the continental USA, and also the first annular eclipse there since the solar eclipse of May 10, 1994 which was also the previous eclipse of this series Solar Saros 128.

It seems that many will be revisiting something that started around 1994, or, something was seeded around that time. As this is the nodal return of that period, we are revisiting old ground here. It may be instructive to look back to see what was unfolding. I feel that this is going to be a very powerful eclipse, especially as its path includes China, Taiwan and Japan and it will be visible in the western part of the U.S. The Sabian Symbol is Gemini 1: A Glass Bottom Boat Reveals Undersea Wonders. It's interesting that the west coast of the States (I am presently in that part of the world, in Tucson, Arizona) is abuzz with talk of 'seeing' the eclipse and the type of lenses you have to employ to watch it. It is totally archetypal that the eclipse -that you have to employ special 'lenses' to see - is on a degree of having the eyes, perception, tools or whatever is needed to be able to see.

From my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom:

This Symbol implies that you can look at issues to do with your situation from an uninvolved and yet observing, knowing, perspective. This may be because the situation is separated, or away, from your natural environment. Take some time out to calmly observe what’s going on around you. Things previously unseen or not understood will become evident. A distant, possibly uninvolved position is probably much safer for you as you can observe from a calm and detached perspective. As you have a special lens at your disposal, like the ‘Glass-Bottomed Boat’, you will see much more than you might at first think. Adopt an attitude of being able to see through superficial appearances to what is actually there and what is really happening. You can get beneath the surface with a little concentration, and there can be incredible rewards if you focus on the task at hand. There are likely to be insights revealed that you could only have imagined before. Things may be revealed in a clairvoyant or intuitive way, with images and thoughts streaming across your mind. Imagine yourself with a new set of glasses or goggles that enable you to see through the apparent surface of things, down into the depths. Marvelous things can be ‘Revealed’ with just a little effort, concentration and focus.

Keywords: Being able to see “within” to forms that are not usually observed by others. Clairvoyance. Observance of psychic phenomena. Connecting with the collective unconscious. Spiritual gifts that enlarge ones perspective. Amusement and wonder at natural beauty. Glass, lenses, refractions of light. Panoramic views. Water. Boats. Vehicles of discovery.

The Caution: Putting up barriers of social safety to avoid involvement in deep emotions. Overemphasis on safety concerns. Watching things from a distance, leading to separation and estrangement. Looking in the wrong direction. Cool, detached attitudes.

Mercury the ruler of this Gemini solar eclipse, is on Taurus 23: A Jewelry Shop Filled With The Most Valuable Gems. This speaks of talent and beauty and wealth and an abundance of wonderful things. It reveals the truth of the beauty that is around us. Combining this with The Glass Bottomed Boat of the eclipse degree brings about a beauty that is there for all to see if they employ the lenses that can bring about a deep perception and perspective into places and corners that may previously have been unseen.

Keywords: Great talent, wealth, rewards and gifts. Beauty that brings joy. Materialization of perfection. Judges of worth. Things that shine. Jewelry, stones, gold and silver. Shops, especially those that have beautiful displays. The rewards and bounty of the natural world. Treasure of any description. Purity. Genius. Crystals. Security guards. Window shopping. Personal Adornments. Things that glimmer.

The Caution: Wanting more than one’s share of rewards and spoils, even if there is plenty to share. Things for looking at, not touching. Always wanting more. Being dazzled by possessions. Greed. Stealing or wanting other people’s valuables. Superficial displays. The need for security. Jealousy. Theft. Beauty that covers up a lack of worth, talent or depth. Faking authenticity. Having to have bars on the windows. Longing for ownership. Objects of envy.

Venus retrogrades last 40 days (and 40 nights) and Venus has just gone retrograde this week. The issues surrounding this retrograde include getting along with others (or having to), cohabiting or issues of space and freedom versus co-dependent relationships, relying too much on others or generally having imbalances around relationships of all kinds. There's can be the feeling that one has to tiptoe around others, perhaps like that all hell could break lose at any moment, or that one has to 'listen for cracks'. The Symbol is Gemini 24: Carefree Children Playing On Ice.

Keywords: Getting around difficult situations by making the most of them (or evading them). Skating over problems. Finding creative and childlike solutions. Testing the boundaries. Considering consequences. Tiptoeing around problems with family. Responding quickly to every type of situation. Knowing how to maneuver tight situations. Observing one’s center of gravity. Being keenly aware. Testing the waters. Being alert.

The Caution: Rushing before checking that it is safe to do so. Living only for momentary pleasures, without thought of any ramifications. Getting away with things through acting naively and childishly. Taking risks that put others lives on the line. Going too far too fast. Lack of warm clothing. Frozen atmospheres.

Saturn is bringing some form and discipline to Venus through a trine from Saturn in Libra to  Venus in Gemini. Saturn is on Libra 24: A Third Wing On The Left Side Of A Butterfly. This Symbol is about finding a balance, not going too far either left or right but staying centered, rooted in one's being not being thrown o off kilter. Saturn can bring rewards in this measure and it can be quite a steadying force in Libra and it sets the retrograde off to a good start. However, how one fares will depend on the concentration, discipline and application that one puts in.

Keywords: Creative overbalance. Bodily impairments and handicaps. Being light, flippant and fluttering from thing to thing. Over-sensitivities. Oddities. Beautiful imperfections. Idiot savants. Imbalances. One side of the body being more perfect than the other. Wings, arms, legs, feet.

The Caution: Unrealistic reliance on being different. Obsession with strange things. Feeling useless and out of place. Flapping around and not getting anywhere. Restlessness and nervousness. Lopsidedness

Mars is on Virgo 11: A Boy Molded In His Mother's Aspirations For Him. This, of course, can be about either gender. It's about feeling like one has to live up to the expectations of others, or, it can show the desire to have people live up to our expectations. Who is fitting into the picture in the correct way, or, perhaps, bucking against the grain of the pressures of family and responsibilities and inheritances (of all kinds, not just monetary)? What's happening around the issues of children or parents?

Jupiter, the planet of good luck, abundance and expansion wants freedom (and, also, expansion) as it's on Taurus 25: A Large Well Kept Public Park. There's a need to look after one's space, to keep things neat and tidy and well kept. There should be room to move for everybody and the ability to have privacy and fun at the same time. This may be a challenge for some as Venus will retrograde over Gemini 23 very soon after the eclipse. The Symbol for Venus is Three Fledglings In A Nest High Up In A Tree. This speaks of getting along with others, living together, sibling love (or rivalry), people sharing and caring (or, trying to beat each other to the rewards or spoils). How are people getting along? How are people about their 'territory'?

Keywords: Discovering a whole new sense of being. Teaching. Safety. Living in small spaces. Wanting room to move. Privacy. Staying in the ‘Nest’ versus leaving it. Resisting change. Providing room and board for others. Sharing flats and houses. The battle for survival. Being different, therefore breaking the mold. Brothers and sisters. Expecting to be looked after and fed. Growing spirituality. Sibling rivalry.

The Caution: Wanting to leave home before one’s ready. Wondering if one’s needs will be met. Arguments about the pecking order. Psychological immaturity. Feeling dependent on external influences for survival. Feeling trapped by circumstance. Insecurity. Feeling exposed to danger. Co dependence. Not knowing or realizing one’s place. Falling out. Bickering over space.

Neptune is square this solar eclipse from Pisces 4: Heavy Traffic On A Narrow Isthmus Linking Two Seaside Resorts. People are likely to be running around, driving back and forth, going over old ground perhaps, doing a lot of thinking, linking and communicating and generally finding themselves on the move. Sometimes, when we rush about a lot, we lose our perceptions and perspectives; we don't have time to sit and look through the lens of 'the glass bottomed boat'.

Keywords: Going with the flow. Running back and forth. Having to move continually. Pollution and car exhaust. Rush hour and road-rage. Plans for arrivals and departures. Public holidays. Traffic jams. Traffic banking up. Having trouble making left hand turns. Detours. Packing and unpacking. Luggage. Travel itineraries. Impasses. Nervous systems. Urine therapy. Constant phone calls. Switchboard jams. Heat and smog.

The Caution: Creating barriers. Constant traffic stopping the possibility of real human interchange. Claustrophobia. Feeling like there is no escape. Exhaustion due to everyday hustle and bustle. Running out of fuel. Accidents. Taking the long way round. Blockages.

Uranus can have us feeling off center and out of alignment. It's on Aries 8: A Woman's  Hat With Streamers Blown By The East Wind. This degree can throw us off-kilter, especially with Uranus there, but it also issues the challenge to be changeable when it's needed, to be able to change course or tactics with someone or something. It's about reading what's "in the wind" and acting accordingly.

Keywords: Attuning oneself through Eastern philosophies. Protective guidance. Balloons and hot-air ballooning. Compasses. Weather vanes and wind chimes. East meets west. Being adaptable to the moment. The winds of time and change. Shifts in the ‘Wind’ bringing shifts in attitude or direction. Hats, scarves, streamers.

The Caution: Only accepting solutions that satisfy selfish or social needs. Insincere and easily blown around. Fickleness. Being tossed around by momentary patterns in the “weather”. Conflicting ideals. Forgetting things in a moment. Being easily distracted. Changing course midstream. Being blown off the path, thereby losing ones center or way. Breezes that disturb ones equilibrium. Losing yourself in other’s opinions

Pluto is asking that we let go of old superstitions and worries and adopt a better, freer attitude. Although it can be a challenge, it's by letting go of some of the stories that we've surrounded ourselves with that we can achieve far more than if we sit with our concerns, fears and worries. The Symbol is Capricorn 10: An Albatross Feeding From The Hand Of A Sailor. We can trust, or, at the other extreme, we can continue to have the 'albatross around our neck' - holding and weighing us down and making everything way more 'smelly' than it need be!

Keywords: Feeding one’s higher nature with good nourishment. Banishing worries, so that one can fly ever higher. Overcoming superstitions or beliefs. Travelers who put themselves at risk in foreign lands or cultures. Talking to anybody anywhere. Sharing one’s bounty. Sailors, boats. Birds. Empathy and sympathy for others. Restoring trust and hope.

The Caution: Manipulating events or people with false nourishment. Having alternative motives for wanting to draw others close. Being afraid of strangers or strange situations. The loss of independence. Fear of intimacy.

This is a very interesting eclipse and a very powerful one. How are you going to 'view' it? What lenses of perception do you have at your disposal? How can you fine tune your perspective so you can see into far reaches?



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