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Ailia Mira > Open the Inner Door to the Divine Being that is You

More than ever, at this time it is important that you utilize the resources available to you, and that you know work for you.Each of you will experience this great awakening in ways that are divinely timed and ordained from a soul level and yet all of this requires your cooperation, your permission your conscious willingness to allow yourself to remember and reorient your ways of being.

Ailia Mira > The Pathway of Reflecting and Choosing To Make Meaning

Today I began to see one of the ways my presence is opening up the hidden, mystical, aspects of life. I deeply glimpsed again, a new, multidimensional way of relating to the world. I was given clarity that hinted at this before but today it came into a view which I could absorb more. A sense of how life is changed

So we begin a new month, and this month we are orienting to the availability of the New Earth hologram and each of us is invited to place all of our focus on the emerging New Earth and ground our light there and within ourselves. After sharing the channeling about the 5th World of Prophecy is Fulfilled, I received an unusual amount of email.  In all of this, only one person asked if anyone else was "disappointed."

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