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Ailia Mira > A Strange and Beautiful Time

It is a strange and beautiful time. You sit in our own energy, yet everything is unfamiliar. There is a knowing not to worry, to let yourselves be.  If you wanted to push through this fog, the body will hold you back--it needs this time of transition.

From beyond knowing you emerge into being.  Having released all that you were before you enter this new domain of life shimmering!  Luminous.  Transparent.  Radiant, crystalline—carrying codes and knowledge and your own cosmic blueprint—and find yourself newly formed by gravity, heat, light and willingness upon a new frontier. In this land of emerging potentials, the Law of One is the law of the land.

Ailia Mira > Orienting Transmission from the Omni Mind of Creation

Living as begins of light, in form, has always been challenging and had it's difficulties.  In all life experiments which evolve for the purpose of participation with realities constructed of form in bodies constructed of form, there are challenges with increasing the immensity of the connection to the experience while balancing this with the inner connection to that from which you have extended. 

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