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Ann Albers > A Moment is Enough

It only takes a moment... In one moment of opening to a higher vibe we can receive some life-altering guidance. Today the angels talk about making that choice to improve your mood.

Ann Albers > Are You Settling?

This week the angels challenged me to look at areas in life where I was settling vs. creating. It was an interesting exercise and dramatically improved a few things that had big impact...

Ann Albers > Are You Letting Love In?

Today the angels continue their discussion about the value of our feelings and how they are barometers for our relationship with ourselves. I'll share some examples of how viewing feelings this way...

Today the angels talk about the three-step process of letting the universe's energy work for you. While they've said it in many ways, this one will keep clarifying the process and bringing it down to earth. 

Ann Albers > Things Are Not as They Seem...

Today the angels talk about how things are not as they seem – how love is flowing so strongly these days and how we can tap into it. I'll talk about some experiences I've had as well as a profound story of a...

Ann Albers > Accepting Where You Are

Today the angels talk about how acceptance of our present without judgment or guilt allows us to move forward in love. I'll share some ideas and tips as well. We need not feel bad for feeling good...

Ann Albers > Opening to Love's Flow

Today the angels talk about releasing the pressures that build up when we resist love, and how we can allow love flow through us. I'll share some more thoughts, and tips as well as some resources for helping our human family...

Ann Albers > You are SO Worthy!

Today the angels talk about how we are being the best version of ourselves in a given moment and how we deserve love no matter what. I'll talk about self-acceptance and share some pointers.

Ann Albers > Finding your Heavens

Today the angels talk about finding heaven in the here and now. Sounds good to me :) I'll share some stories of my experiences and how you can find and feel your heavens too.

Ann Albers > Focus, Feeling, and Happiness

Today the angels talk about how to take care of our focus, feelings, and, therefore, happiness, whether the world makes it easy. I'll share examples, tips, and thoughts as well!

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