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Today the angels talk about the importance of feeling good to feel and flow God. I'll share some ways I constantly use to recalibrate to love and some thoughts to help you give yourself permission to do so.

Ann Albers > A Moment is Enough

It only takes a moment... In one moment of opening to a higher vibe we can receive some life-altering guidance. Today the angels talk about making that choice to improve your mood.

Ann Albers > Are You Settling?

This week the angels challenged me to look at areas in life where I was settling vs. creating. It was an interesting exercise and dramatically improved a few things that had big impact...

Ann Albers > Good Everywhere!

Today the angels remind us that the world is not spiraling downhill despite how it has looked the last few weeks. It has been a wild ride, but we can still choose to create absolute happiness and magic. It just takes a little practice!

Ann Albers > Are You Living in “Reality?”

Today the angels talk about the "reality" we are living in. What is "reality" anyway? How do we choose ours? And how can we best live in the deeper "reality" of love? I'll share personal stories, tips, and mindset to help you choose a loving reality, no matter what "reality" others choose.

Ann Albers > Controlling Your Inner World

We can't control our outer world... but we can go within. The angels advise us to enjoy our inner realities and to control the mind. I share how I use ice baths to increase my ability to focus in my inner world, and easier ways you can do this for yourself... in comfort!

Ann Albers > Do your Personal Rules Serve You?

Look at the personal rules you follow by rote. Do the "rules" you learned decades ago resonate with you today? Does it always feel right to eat your dinner before dessert, finish your work before play, or make nice instead of speaking up? 

Ann Albers > Nature's Nurture

This week, the angels talk about Mother Nature and how she freely shares so much with us. They talk about how to enjoy her help as we attune to the higher vibes to experience a better reality.

Ann Albers > Release Expectations/Keep Intentions

There is a very big difference between intentions and expectations. Intentions create an energetic commitment to your desired outcome. Expectations are constructs of the human mind trying to figure out how your intentions will come about.

Ann Albers > Are You Letting Love In?

Today the angels continue their discussion about the value of our feelings and how they are barometers for our relationship with ourselves. I'll share some examples of how viewing feelings this way...

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