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Ann Albers > The Light that Never Leaves

The world cannot dim the Light that we celebrate this season. It lives behind and within all things and all beings. Today the angels talk about the constant presence of that Light and how it is waiting for us to receive.

My dear friends, we love you so very much. You are more powerful than you can possibly imagine.With each breath, with each choice you make, you have the power to change the course of your entire existence.

Ann Albers > Keepers of the Peace

Today the angels talk about the easiest way to elevate your vibe, and why it is so important now. I'll share a sweet story of how our good thoughts ripple and how I maintain my vibe.

Ann Albers > Add a Little More Love to Life

Today the angels talk about how love is emerging even in the darkness, and I share stories about how they've taught me to see it everywhere... and how you can cultivate that habit too.

Ann Albers > Receiving Love to Give It

The angels continue their ongoing discussion about how we can and are helping this world. I share a little story about pruning, relaxing, returning to love, and how that applies to our world.

Ann Albers > Have An Authentic Holiday Season

Today the angels talk about enjoying the holidays more authentically by releasing yourself from expectations and choosing the activities that genuinely light you up.

With all the battles on this earth the angels talk about giving up the fight, focusing on the love, and how to stand our ground with love. I'll share some examples and tips from my own life experience. Peace.

Ann Albers > Focusing Out of Fear

Today in honor of the recent Halloween Holiday, the angels talk about fear and how to move beyond it. I'll share some tips and tricks too, and how you avoid getting sucked into the world vibe when you're a super-sensitive empath.

Ann Albers > What exactly is Divine Timing?

Today we wish to speak to you about "divine timing." It is an interesting phrase, for in our reality there is no space or time. In our reality we see all possibilities occurring all at once.

Ann Albers > Enjoy the Light of the Season

In the midst of the darkness, many centuries ago, there came a great light. A humble child was born in a manger embodied a love so pure and surrendered to a light so bright that it forever changed and elevated the vibration of humanity.

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