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Ann Albers > Melting into God...

Nothing like sitting to channel angels and feeling the presence of God take over. Wow! Enjoy the beautiful energy and learn a few ways you can connect and feel this bliss too :)

Ann Albers > Choices, Choices....

Your life is filled with choices from the moment you awaken until the moment you fall asleep. You decide, for example, to open your eyes or not when your alarm rings. You decide if you will get up, get out of bed, and go to work or get to your day’s tasks.

Ann Albers > Who do you Trust? How do you know?

In a world with many truths, it is important to examine the questions, "How do you know when to trust?" "Whom do you trust?" This is especially true now that you have access to such a wealth of information and opinions on your Internet social media.

Ann Albers > Guidance - Are you Listening?

Life is in a beautiful, harmonious dance if you listen to your guidance in the present. Learn how and enjoy my story of peeking outside of space into my future journey into the light... and don't forget the ending! What a beautiful dance of delight!

Ann Albers > The Answers are All in the Ocean...

The angels always offer simple solutions. Reconnect with oceans of love to solve all your problems. If that seems too easy for a runaway brain... enjoy the playful exercise in tip #3.

Ann Albers > Bringing Order into Chaos

There are times in your life when it seems like everything is going crazy. There are times upon your earth where you feel the same. Yet in the midst of the so-called chaos a greater order is emerging.

Ann Albers > Are you a Control Freak?

Control Freak? Me? I used to be! Here's how and why to kick the habit... even when you don't know you have it. Freedom and miracles await!

Ann Albers > Do You Choose Your News?

Grab a cup of coffee or tea. This one is longer than usual. However it is jam-packed with tips from the angels and I about how to improve your life, the world, and to heal even what we don't think can be healed.

Ann Albers > Reclaiming Your Natural State... and a hike in heaven!

There's a reason we say we must "become as a child to enter the kingdom of heaven." The angels talk about returning to our natural, innocent state of being, and I'll share how becoming like a child really did lead me to a day in heaven!

Ann Albers > Rescues in the Caverns of Your Soul...

The world watched the rescue of the boys trapped in a cave. Meanwhile the angels encourage us to dive into the caverns of our soul and rescue the lost and trapped parts of ourselves. Dive in...

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