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Dearest Ones, this channel comes to you after requests from Lightworkers to understand the nature of the energy right now, and why you are finding it so difficult to cope with life. Nothing seems to work anymore. You feel unsupported and abandonned in many cases. You are exhaused and anxious, and you feel as though you cannot go on any more. Well, this is quite true. You cannot go on any more living in a way that is primarily third-dimensional. The Earth has made her transition and is now firmly anchored in the Fifth Dimension. And yet most of you continue with your third-dimensional lives as though nothing had happened. We know that most of you are expecting that you will wake up one day and see and feel the changes. But no, part of your role as lightworkers is that you will create the changes yourselves. It is up to you to start living the truth and the reality of the Fifth Dimension.
The shifts happening within our planet, are releasing ancient knowledge from the times of Atlantis and Lemuria.
Dearest Ones, we watch with appreciation and interest as New Earth takes shape among you. Slowly you are waking up to the fact that you are fully in the Fifth Dimension. You are beginning to understand more fully who you are at this time. You are the Creators of your own Reality.

Ronna Herman > A golden opportunity

Beloved masters, the Earth and humanity are on the verge of the greatest awakening and transformation since the fall of consciousness into the density of the lower realms. It may seem as though the elements are out of control and destruction abounds on Earth; however, we ask you to please remember, ''Out of chaos comes new Creation''. Many dear souls who are not yet ready to graduate from the wheel of reincarnation and karma are transcending into the higher realms in preparation for an 'upgrade in consciousness' as they prepare for a new and better cycle of experience in the physical/material worlds of expression. As we have told you before, because of what you, the Legions of Light, have accomplished, it is assured that no other group of souls will ever have to experience the deep level of suffering, fear, negativity and deprivation that you have experienced during your many sojourns in this galaxy and especially on Earth.

Greetings and Salutations My Beautiful Beings Of Light. Your participation in reading these messages is so very wonderful. The messages through this channel are encoded and communicate to all your levels, dimensions and aspects.

Dearest Lightworkers and Human Angels of the Fifth-Dimensional Earth, you are truly blessed! It is time to gather all your energies and to begin creating the New Earth. It is time to open your hearts and to understand that the foundation of the New Earth, its founding energies, will be Compassion, Love and Creativity. As you connect with and manifest these energies, so the New Earth will be created through your work.
Dear ones, in these dark and difficult days we wish to bring you a message that may shine light into your darkness. So many of you who are lightworkers are struggling financially. You wonder what has happened to the abundance that you were taught to expect would be yours. Instead, many of you are tired and dispirited, your lives limited by financial necessity. The energy of economic flow on the planet is out of balance. The laws of universal energy flow no longer are able to work as they used to. But, we wish you to understand that in 2005 this situation will be corrected. It will be one of the miracles you will perceive as you look back on this time.
Beloved masters, never forget for a moment that each of you is a keeper of the Sacred Flame of Creator Light. Your radiance may be dim or blaze brilliantly, but you cannot extinguish the Life/Light within your Sacred Heart. You were designed to be a Bearer of Light which contained the refracted Rays of Creator Consciousness, and you were programmed to go forth and take part in the creation of the multi-universes and all therein. It was always intended that you would have access to all the virtues, attributes and qualities of the Supreme Creator and the ability to reach inward and outward in order to tap into the primordial life substance needed to manifest anything you could imagine or desire. Never forget that you are a Spark of the Divine and a beloved Sun (son or daughter) of the Supreme Creator and our Father/Mother God.
Greetings & Salutations My Beautiful Beings Of light we meet yet again to share the energies of the most High and fill your hearts with love.


Welcome to 2005, dearest human angels. You begin your year in a time of great turbulence and upheaval. It is a sad time, as you contemplate the devastation of a portion of your planet, after the Tsunami in December. The cost in human lives has been great as many, many souls left the planet very suddenly. But, dearest ones, did we not say to you in our 11:11 Stargate message, that together as a planetary people you had chosen the path of rapid transformation, and that this path would be turbulent and difficult for a while? In this first message for 2005 we would speak to you firstly of what these developments mean for you, and then share with you some of the exciting and miraculous events that you will see in 2005. Finally, we will share with you the significance of the Planetary Alignments that you will experience in January 2005.


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