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This month of October has been a time of discovery. Discovering the way that you relate to yourself and to others. Many of you have been forced to face how you relate to those closest to you and are seeing for the first time the patterns of abuse, neglect and pain that have been so much a part of your relationships.

In this month we experience two significant astrological formations called "GRAND QUINTILES" as well as a partial solar eclipse at the NEW MOON and a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE at the FULL MOON. These patterns and movements in the sky are messages to us to be aware of the energies and the opportunities that are being brought to us this month. The GRAND QUINTILE formations on the 1st and 28th October represent intense DNA activations which are explained by Archangel Michael in the message below. The Partial Solar Eclipse on the 14th at New Moon will fall in LIBRA, and will allow for the entry of New Energies around the issues of Partnerships and Contracts between individual Souls and Soul Families. Please read our article on this topic for this month. (Click Here).

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The New Earth exists now as a reality. Thanks to all of you who gave of your energy in this week of the 18-25th September in all the Global Meditations and Ceremonies that were organized. Together you have fully activated and energized the new Crystal Grid System! You, as lightworkers, have together as a group, set the intention for the New Earth into the Crystal Grids - Love, Peace and Harmony. It is done!. We want you to think of your current reality in this way. The Old Earth Thought Form of the Third Dimension still exists, although it is now anchored in the Fifth Dimension. The New Earth Thought Form exists side by side with the old. All who are ready have transitioned into the New Earth Thought Form this week of September 18th -25th.

Dearest Human Angels, we in the Higher Dimensions feel your sadness and your outrage as those who seek chaos and destruction on your planet have presented you with horrible images of death and violence involving children.

For many centuries now most of you have been too fearful to allow for the full range of emotions that you are capable of feeling. You have learnt from past experiences and from many past lives that to be fully connected with your heart and your emotions is too painful.

Dearest Crystal family, this is an important message for all of you who have shifted into the Higher Dimensions of Light. Today, the 12th of August, completes the transitional journey of the Planet into the 9th Dimension, and your own journey into that Higher Frequency Space. We want you to know that very shortly you will need to work very hard to hold that energy and that light. We have mentioned earlier that the energy that pours through to the Earth through this stargate is powerful and creative. It is intended to advance evolution and create more light in the Cosmos. But, as we mentioned, there are those who, knowing this, seek to subvert this energy to their own ends. They seek to use it to create negative and destructive patterns on the Planet, and so to hold on to their own power and privilege.
Dearest and beautiful Earth Angels, you are passing through a time of intense personal and planetary healing in the first moon cycle of this month. Please be aware that these are challenging times for you all, but the rewards will be great. So we ask you to persevere and know that you are being held in love and supported from the higher dimensions in love. We will speak first of the Personal Healing Cycles that so many of you are now experiencing, and then we will explain how this relates to the greater Planetary healing that is now under way.


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