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15 December, 2008The Gatekeepers6461

Jeshua Channelings

28 December, 2008The Gift of Creation2340

Robert Theiss

1 December, 2008The Lamp of Service 1767

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

29 December, 2008The Many Facets of Ascension3793
20 December, 2008The Path to Transformation1949
11 December, 2008The Pause between Acts and Crafting Reality2292

Starchild Global

7 December, 2008The Second Experiment: Getting to know you753

Cheryl Richardson

16 December, 2008The Twin Flame Energy and the New Earth Geometries of Light4784

Starchild Global

22 December, 2008The Twin Flame Energy and the New Earth Geometries of Light 25886

Starchild Global

15 December, 2008The Way of Life in the Fifth Dimension3342

Jim Self

20 December, 2008The Winter Solstice: Bringing in the Light1763

Goddess Light

21 December, 2008This Is A Unique Solstice2908

Era of Peace

1 December, 2008Time, Multidimensionality and your Light Self3467

Jeshua Channelings

25 December, 2008What Do You Want For Christmas?1360

Oakbridge University

4 December, 2008Wings...The First Posting41508

Karen Bishop

7 December, 2008You are Family & the Energy Spa1591

Goddess Light

29 December, 2008You Are Not Standing Straight In What You Believe2669

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

25 December, 2008You Are the True Spirit of Christmas1255


13 December, 2008Your Presence Is The Present230

Ann Albers

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