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31 January, 2009Changing Consciousness of Man3970

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

30 January, 2009The Time Has Come For Divine Intervention4286
30 January, 2009Its All About Your Private Reality/Universe 1109

Sonia Barrett

29 January, 2009Experience the New Earth 2652

Goddess Light

29 January, 2009You Are the Glowing Wonder of Greatness1676


29 January, 2009Heaven #2988 You Are a God Being1508


28 January, 2009Reconnecting to our Cosmic Origins2276

Spirit Pathways

28 January, 2009Leadership, Service and Spirituality...does it matter?2631

Starchild Global

28 January, 2009The Grace of Living Inter-dimensionally1188

Lauren C. Gorgo

26 January, 2009The Solar Eclipse and the next step Forward into the energy of the One2675

Starchild Global

26 January, 2009These Are Very Powerful Eclipses3312

Era of Peace

26 January, 2009Body Talk: What's your body telling you? 971

Cheryl Richardson

25 January, 2009New Moon Solar Eclipse - Chinese New Year of the Ox3139


24 January, 2009Moving towards the Solar Eclipse - Strange energies and our Health2795

Starchild Global

24 January, 2009Unity Within The Diversity of Love243

Ann Albers

24 January, 2009The Emerging New Reality2580

Karen Bishop

24 January, 2009The Heart of Humanity Speaks2418


24 January, 2009A peaceful transition of power2595
23 January, 2009Beyond the Veils: Endings and Beginnings3043

The Peaceful Planet

23 January, 2009Heaven #2982 Let Go of Lists of Errors1898


22 January, 2009You Deserve It All1557


21 January, 2009Heaven #2980 Make Room for New Thoughts1456


21 January, 2009Deep and Profound Change for our Planet on many levels2599

Starchild Global

21 January, 2009Lifting The Thin Blue Veil2540

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

21 January, 2009Aligning with the Cosmic Pulse 777

Lauren C. Gorgo

19 January, 2009So Sensitive: Are you tired of sucking it up? 806

Cheryl Richardson

19 January, 2009The Expansion of Our Hearts1799

Stefanie Miller - A Magical World

18 January, 2009The shifting energies2325

Nancy Leilah Ward

18 January, 2009First Initiation of Christ Light - Heaven on Earth7235

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

17 January, 2009Enlightenment and How to Achieve it15291

Neale Donald Walsch

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