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1 January, 20092009 - An Emergence Into Sacred Connection6274

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

1 January, 20092009 Angels' New Year Message12686

Doreen Virtue

8 January, 20092009 at a Numerical Glance 4092

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

5 January, 2009A Mighty Fine 2009!634

Cheryl Richardson

6 January, 2009A New Year’s Message from Jesus2414

Circle of Light

24 January, 2009A peaceful transition of power2607
6 January, 2009A “Bad Economy?”: A Mind Program or an Opportunity to Expand?729

Sonia Barrett

21 January, 2009Aligning with the Cosmic Pulse 778

Lauren C. Gorgo

15 January, 2009Becoming Aware of Becoming Aware2896

Jim Self

23 January, 2009Beyond the Veils: Endings and Beginnings3045

The Peaceful Planet

26 January, 2009Body Talk: What's your body telling you? 974

Cheryl Richardson

31 January, 2009Changing Consciousness of Man3975

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

17 January, 2009Choices3952


16 January, 2009Cosmic Particles of Truth ~ The Re-birth of Earth 3927


5 January, 2009Creating Heaven on Earth3581

Karen Bishop

21 January, 2009Deep and Profound Change for our Planet on many levels2601

Starchild Global

8 January, 2009Energies of 20094545

Sarah Biermann

17 January, 2009Enlightenment and How to Achieve it15345

Neale Donald Walsch

29 January, 2009Experience the New Earth 2653

Goddess Light

18 January, 2009First Initiation of Christ Light - Heaven on Earth7247

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

13 January, 2009Having It All3655

Wayne W. Dyer

3 January, 2009Heaven #2962 Golden Light and Golden Love1851


4 January, 2009Heaven #2963 What If You Loved?1859


9 January, 2009Heaven #2968 First You Have the Dream1377


21 January, 2009Heaven #2980 Make Room for New Thoughts1459


23 January, 2009Heaven #2982 Let Go of Lists of Errors1898


29 January, 2009Heaven #2988 You Are a God Being1508


10 January, 2009In the Light of the Silvery Full Moon: Just Let It Be2590


14 January, 2009Indigos, Self-Love and Past Trauma11730

Doreen Virtue

12 January, 2009Inspiration: Great ideas to stay motivated902

Cheryl Richardson

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