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12 February, 2010The Earth Changes6476

Karen Bishop

16 February, 2010The Emptiness and the Wave of Light3939

Karen Bishop

12 February, 2010The Energies for February 20108496

Starchild Global

18 February, 2010The Fisher King Wound5962

Kryon (South Africa)

15 February, 2010The Flow Of The River Of Life2918

Michelle Coutant

4 February, 2010The Law Of Attraction390

Karen Downing

16 February, 2010The Law of Creative Solutions3680

Shanta Gabriel

23 February, 2010The New Normal5448

Center of the Sun

27 February, 2010The Owl Says: Embrace the Unknown3367


15 February, 2010The Pleasure Path: Turn yourself back on3445

Cheryl Richardson

22 February, 2010The Sea Turtle Speaks5702


25 February, 2010The Significance of Life4260

Shanta Gabriel

26 February, 2010The Time for Doing Things Alone is OVER: The Reunion has Begun!6649
14 February, 2010The Unfolding of You2542


23 February, 2010Time Dances Around You, Winding and Unwinding In Precision 4514

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

13 February, 2010Time In The Stillness262

Ann Albers

20 February, 2010Tired of Ascension Symptoms? Here's a love filled embrace7254
5 February, 2010Unquenchable Spiritual Evolution3900

Center of the Sun

26 February, 2010Weaving Peace2546

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

14 February, 2010What is the Limit?2819

Neale Donald Walsch

5 February, 2010Wondering Who You Really are? You Are Becoming Your Own Guide Home4285
13 February, 2010Yes, Us - The Radiant Leaders4252


7 February, 2010You are Born Anew2973


27 February, 2010You are in the midst of a Spiritual Revolution7047

Ronna Herman

8 February, 2010You Might Not Feel What You Want to Feel on Valentine’s Day233

Brenda Hoffman

3 February, 2010You Will Not Fail – You Will Not Fall280

Brenda Hoffman

1 February, 2010YOU, Angelic Star Traveler, the Waiting is Over “Secret Mission Revealed”4640

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

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