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28 April, 2010Do not miss out on the fun4464
25 April, 2010Letting go of sadness4676

Neale Donald Walsch

1 April, 2010The Divine Constellation4738

Kryon (South Africa)

14 April, 2010Aries/Taurus 2010: Mar 20 (Spring Equinox) ~thru~ May 1 (Cross Qtr/Beltane)4779

Karmic Tools

12 April, 2010My Initiation with the Archangels4837

Shanta Gabriel

26 April, 2010A Clarion Call For World Servers4892

Ronna Herman Vezane

4 April, 2010Your Ascension Process4945

Goddess Light

28 April, 2010The Simple Message of Wesak5159


12 April, 2010Buttons Pushed5176

Cheryl Richardson

9 April, 2010The Next Wave of the Cosmic Tsunami Arrives5186

Karen Bishop

13 April, 2010Playing it Safe5450

Sonia Barrett

4 April, 2010The Energies for April 20105720

Starchild Global

24 April, 2010Illuminating Your Shadow Self5848

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

1 April, 2010Walking Into The Light of Your Future6114

Ronna Herman Vezane

30 April, 2010Welcome to the Void6167

Sarah Biermann

21 April, 2010Recent Radical & Cellular Healing6258

Lauren C. Gorgo

15 April, 2010The Final Stages of Grounding6267

Lauren C. Gorgo

17 April, 2010Eckhart Talks About Morality6648

Eckhart Tolle

24 April, 2010The Relationship To Gaia6978


5 April, 2010Enough With This "Blissed" Out Agenda!7904

Sonia Barrett

19 April, 2010Blue Ray 2012 Cosmic Pulse Alert: Heavy Mutating & Profound Cellular Healing 33312107

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

13 April, 2010DNA Revealed12507


5 April, 2010Earth Changes Update88093

The Peaceful Planet

9 April, 201013 - 33 - 333 Number Sequences - New Earth Codes119974

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

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