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21 August, 2010Fourth Dimension; Divinity; Healing & More on the 13 Vortex/DNA Strand1816

Kara Schallock

20 August, 2010The Heat of Transmutation4367

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

20 August, 2010When Nothing Seems To Be Working 7345

Sonia Barrett

18 August, 2010Do we Create our own Future?4787

Leonard Jacobson

18 August, 2010We call them Moments3320

Neale Donald Walsch

18 August, 2010Questions and Answers / Part Three7355

Ancient Wings

18 August, 2010Flower Of Life Meditation9233

Michelle Coutant

17 August, 2010Negate Any Part of Yourself and You Negate the Universe230

Brenda Hoffman

16 August, 2010The Eye of your Personal Hurricane3379

Shanta Gabriel

16 August, 2010Finding Work - Three ideas to earn income5050

Cheryl Richardson

16 August, 2010Losing Hope: the final attachment8229

Lauren C. Gorgo

16 August, 2010Secret of the Expanding Universe 6275


16 August, 2010The Future Comes Around The Corner Of Time To Speak To You3544

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

15 August, 2010Unity Consciousness & Pyramid Wholing Energy488

Kara Schallock

15 August, 2010Creating Abundance 2884

Owen Waters

15 August, 2010Is Your Heart Available For the Magnetic Power of Love?4114

Circle of Light

15 August, 2010Heaven #3543 Learn to Be Happy2147


15 August, 2010Dealing with Changing Energies9561

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

14 August, 2010What does "well" look like?3170

Neale Donald Walsch

14 August, 2010Pray With Certainty469

Ann Albers

13 August, 2010Friday the 13th: Reclaim the power of the 13!12232

Dana Mrkich

13 August, 2010ET’s Among Us: Help for Humanity6222

The Peaceful Planet

12 August, 2010Thank You Thursday: Miracles2829

Hillis Pugh

12 August, 2010Wanna lighten up? Get Your Groove On!4004
11 August, 2010The Power of Understanding1664

Owen Waters

10 August, 2010Are You Afraid of Your Power?233

Brenda Hoffman

10 August, 2010Expectations and Outcomes3773

Stefanie Miller - A Magical World

9 August, 2010Making good things come to life3362

Cheryl Richardson

9 August, 2010Eckhart Talks About Presence in Conversation6845

Eckhart Tolle

8 August, 20108:8 Stargate: healing the great divide6476

Lauren C. Gorgo

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