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5 June, 2011June's Transformational Eclipse Cycle5633

Center of the Sun

17 June, 2011Last Michelle Coutant's Message12230

Michelle Coutant

12 June, 2011Left Behind2714

Owen Waters

14 June, 2011Lift Your Thinking Upward To A New Plateau Of Creation3135

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

6 June, 2011Listen To Your Inner Wisdom6337

Michelle Coutant

21 June, 2011Making the Choice To Take Your Next Step2906

Circle of Light

5 June, 2011Master Your Mind: Are you a Warrior or a Worryah?2865

Cheryl Richardson

20 June, 2011Meditation for the June Solstice 20117551

Starchild Global

15 June, 2011Mirror Mirror - Reflections of God4216


18 June, 2011Never Give Up On Life's Dream5143

Neale Donald Walsch

7 June, 2011New Earth Rising: Mastering Time and Embracing the Energy of Love & Support13041

Starchild Global

14 June, 2011Not Everyone Wants You to be Joyful506

Brenda Hoffman

23 June, 2011One Eclipse Left...and counting9975

Lauren C. Gorgo

12 June, 2011Personal Portals and Sixth Gateway459

Kara Schallock

19 June, 2011Pre-Solstice Preparations - Shifting Your View4705


1 June, 2011Prophecies and Predictions 5566

The Peaceful Planet

25 June, 2011Responsibility533

Ann Albers

17 June, 2011Riding The Wave Of Contraction 3076

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

22 June, 2011Seeing With The Eyes of Faith3406

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

11 June, 2011Self Love...763

Ann Albers

18 June, 2011Solstice Empowerment June 21, 20116081

Shanta Gabriel

14 June, 2011Solstice Energies564

Karen Downing

21 June, 2011Summer Solstice 2011 5170

Sarah-Jane Grace

5 June, 2011Surrender & Allow6294

Goddess Light

5 June, 2011Surrender & Allow Q&A745

Goddess Light

16 June, 2011Thank You Thursday: Energy of Love2324

Hillis Pugh

9 June, 2011Thank You Thursday: Finding Self2015

Hillis Pugh

23 June, 2011Thank You Thursday: God2404

Hillis Pugh

30 June, 2011Thank You Thursday: Lows of Life2497

Hillis Pugh

2 June, 2011Thank You Thursday: Taking Action Through Stillness2607

Hillis Pugh

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