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27 April, 2012Radiant Relationships3601

Tony Samara

4 April, 2012The Energies of April 20123682

Jamye Price

20 April, 2012Venus Retrograde in *GEMINI* 20123763

Karmic Tools

6 April, 2012It Is Only At A Point Of Emptiness That You Will Become Full3776

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

10 April, 2012Holograms, Realities and ET’s3958

Oakbridge University

7 April, 2012Looking at your Significant Other3981

Neale Donald Walsch

10 April, 2012The Warrior Returns3982

Sarah-Jane Grace

23 April, 2012Weekly Forecast: April 22 - 28, 20124042

Karmic Tools

3 April, 2012Greetings from Venus4074
26 April, 2012Let Me Disappoint You4080

Cheryl Richardson

1 April, 2012Good Enough To Be True4155

Alan Cohen

5 April, 2012The Mount Shasta Solar Eclipse Event of 20124164

Center of the Sun

12 April, 2012New Times, New Priorities 4217


27 April, 2012Are You Tired of Clearing Yet?4487

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

12 April, 2012Q&A with Gaia and Pepper April 20124573

The Peaceful Planet

1 April, 2012Monthly Astro-Forecasts April 20124632

Sarah-Jane Grace

13 April, 2012Your Are Meant To Enjoy Your Life4933

Lorna Byrne

24 April, 2012Secular versus Religious Spirituality5064

Eckhart Tolle

30 April, 2012The Week Ahead: What Grows Between the Full Moons5246

Rev. Angela Peregoff

11 April, 2012April 2012 Monthly Visions: Re-booting, Re-wiring and Recalibration5480

Dana Mrkich

20 April, 2012Downloading the Programs for our New Solar Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love5571

Era of Peace

3 April, 20122012: The Event Horizon Awaits5633

The Peaceful Planet

20 April, 2012Wesak - Its Importance in 2012 5677


29 April, 2012When it's Time to Say Goodbye 5777

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

10 April, 2012Where Are You on The Path of Ascension?5798

Ronna Herman

15 April, 2012Evolution ~ The Year 2222 6076


25 April, 2012This World Belongs To Everybody6084

Kryon (South Africa)

18 April, 2012No One Is Supposed To Take Their Own Life6151

Lorna Byrne

21 April, 2012Real Love Comes From Within 7049

Ann Albers

5 April, 2012April 2012 Energy Forecast: Death to the Dark, Forgiveness for Freedom8336

Lee Harris

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