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31 July, 2012Heaven #4267 The Emblem of the Heart2509


31 July, 2012The Love and Compassion I See Angels Showing For Us4555

Lorna Byrne

31 July, 2012Happy Sparkling New Life to You!420

Brenda Hoffman

30 July, 2012In A Silent Hour, A New Inspiration That May Change Your Life: August's Full Moon In Aquarius4258

Lynda Hill

30 July, 2012The Continual Shifts of Ascension497

Kara Schallock

30 July, 2012Listen And Learn456

Cheryl Richardson

30 July, 2012Coming, Going or Somewhere in Between?3223

Sarah-Jane Grace

30 July, 2012The Week Ahead: Soul Force Engaging3211

Rev. Angela Peregoff

29 July, 2012Weekly Forecast: July 28 - August 4, 20122688

Karmic Tools

28 July, 2012Love is ever present...1740

Ann Albers

28 July, 2012Your Life Is Not About You4667

Neale Donald Walsch

27 July, 2012Heaven #4263 Beautiful Light-Maker2142


27 July, 2012A Powerful Opportunity - The Olympic Games629

Era of Peace

27 July, 2012Taking Care of Business5139

Eckhart Tolle

26 July, 2012Weekly LightBlast: Accessing Doorways of Grace2579

Jamye Price

25 July, 2012The Story of the Fall of Consciousness - Part 35098

Jim Self

25 July, 2012The Third Way3956

Pamela Kribbe

25 July, 2012Still Don't Know What Ascension Is?5720

Center of the Sun

25 July, 2012You Are Ever Flowing3431

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

24 July, 20127th Inning Stretch - Getting a Second Wind5971
24 July, 2012When Did You Begin to Fear Change?492

Brenda Hoffman

23 July, 2012How To Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Emotions16946

Dr. Judith Orloff

23 July, 2012The Week Ahead: Awakening The Internal You2967

Rev. Angela Peregoff

22 July, 2012So Sensitive: Are You Tired of Sucking it Up?4783

Cheryl Richardson

22 July, 2012Weekly Forecast: July 22 - 28, 20123075

Karmic Tools

22 July, 2012The God Particle 2647

Owen Waters

21 July, 2012No Worries2864

Ann Albers

21 July, 2012A New Consciousness 3344

Sarah-Jane Grace

21 July, 2012Why Can't I Be Happy?53217

Neale Donald Walsch

20 July, 2012Your Antenna for Truth3285

Shanta Gabriel

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