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29 April, 2013The Recalibration Of Awareness13553


28 April, 2013The Recalibration of Self - Part 112072


4 April, 2013Energy Forecast - Reclaiming Our Power10520

Emmanuel Dagher

5 April, 2013Are You an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)?8962

Carrie Hart

10 April, 2013New Realms of Angels to Assist Your Ascension8573

Shanta Gabriel

9 April, 2013Parallel Lives and Alternate Realities 8358

Dana Mrkich

17 April, 2013Changing Your Past, Recreating Your Future - Part Two8348

Jim Self

18 April, 2013Being The Bridge To The New Earth7662

Jeshua Channelings

22 April, 2013The New Earth Energies April 20137658

Starchild Global

1 April, 2013Monthly Astro-Forecasts April 20137348

Sarah-Jane Grace

5 April, 2013Uranus/Pluto Square (2013 – 2015): Daring to Dream & Taking The Veil7239

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

26 April, 2013Brief Messages from The Star Elders7199

Center of the Sun

26 April, 2013Transformational Eclipse Cycle Leading to a New Template for Life6810

Sarah Biermann

3 April, 2013Your DNA is Unfolding6583

Brenda Hoffman

7 April, 2013Everything is Opening: DNA, Time, Ancient Cultures6513
9 April, 2013Why You’re Afraid to Claim Your Power6220

Brenda Hoffman

17 April, 2013Why You Can’t Connect With Some5963

Brenda Hoffman

8 April, 2013April 2013 Monthly Visions: Living in the Waves of a new Ocean5828

Dana Mrkich

23 April, 2013The Eclipses: God Time 5680

Dana Mrkich

20 April, 2013Pushing Forward - An Energy Adjustment5610

Karen Downing

25 April, 2013The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of April 25, 2013 5601

Kara Schallock

19 April, 2013Hold On To Your Vision and Make it Your Reality5535

Wayne W. Dyer

15 April, 2013Meteors - The Seeds of Life 5486


23 April, 2013It Is Not Fate versus Freewill, It Is Fate and Freewill5271

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

15 April, 2013Moving into our Power 5241

Dana Mrkich

23 April, 2013Looking Towards the Partial Lunar Eclipse on the 25th April5213

Starchild Global

1 April, 2013The Secret Voice5042

Alan Cohen

16 April, 2013Feeling at Home on Earth4884

Jeshua Channelings

2 April, 2013Combat Toxic Energy & Rejuvenate Your Emotional Life 4799

Dr. Judith Orloff

27 April, 2013Your Future Starts Now4772

Ann Albers

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